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I am the fiancé of a resident at the Damon House in New Brunswick, NJ.

The judge punished him for violating probation and sent him to rehab, but also put a no contact order for my son and I as another form of punishment. I had a third party write him (not illegal) and also share photos of myself and child (which they accepted.) Now, when my third party shared the news of my pregnancy by sending and ultra sound, they refused to give it. On my custody arrangements, I am supposed to showcase my sons medical information, I had to put my child on anti anxiety medicine at the age of two because if this. The man is withholding my pregnancy from a recovering addict, imagine him coming out to a full blown baby bump, that will send him back in recovery. The paper work clearly says date of conception, and my sons medical is crucial. This "counselor" needs to understand there is a life outside this rehab, and should prepare his client for it. A life altering situation, such as a pregnancy, should be addressed. There is nothing in this no contact order stating I can't speak with the conselour. They intend to drop this order in April, and then what? I don't know what triggers my fiancés impulses, if his counselour spoke to me and let me know how he is progressing, it would be beneficial. He basically said "my kids my problem not his dad's." I am outraged. I don't know who to write where to go what to do, but I am just so shy from writing the news about this. How dare they treat the family like they don't matter. How dare he blame my 2 year old for my fiancés 15 year addiction. They say it's a trigger, my pregnancy, but it wasn't a trigger to bring up me saying "if he's blaming my two year old I'm taking him out of this house and moving." They sure let his dad know that part. No contact or not I am entitled to know things. This man is supposed to come home in April. I get no help, I get no one to speak to me about him and his situation, confidential or not in the past my kids dad has given permission to talk to me about his problem. Any one else have this issue with this place?

Dec 24, 2014
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  • Al
      Sep 20, 2018

    Omg I’m pregnant and they are the worst here! They won’t even bend the rules to let me talk to the father. I have to speak of the plan for the after birth. They do NOTHING here. They don’t call back. They don’t help! Horrible place

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