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Dallas BBQ / customer service

1 3956 BROADWAY, NEW YORK NEWYORK, NY, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 212 568 3700

On 1/30/12 my family and I attended dinner at the 3956 broadway new york new york location. I had one of the worst experiences ever at that location. We stood for over 10 minutes waiting to be seated the hostess that was on shift was sitting down at a booth and we had to sought after her to get seated. Then we waited another ten minutes until our server named patricia p. Came to our table and that was just for drinks. We barely seen her the entire time we had to keep looking for her when we needed additional napkins and extra condiments. What ended up happening was other servers had to help us with our needs. She never came back with our ticket we then had to hunt a manager down and they were no help. Another server had to find patricia p. And in the and she over charge me on my bill. After I explained to her the incorrect charges she then takes off three dollars when in return it should had been six. She walks away again and another server had to take my payment. All the while two managers where right there talking while this whole problem was going on. I would like to speak with someone immediately about getting my credit back on my bill. Thank you

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  • Ru
      21st of May, 2016

    I went to the Nostrand and Flatbush Ave Dallas BBQ, yesterday at around 2:15pm.. We was seated pretty quick, it wasn't crowded. We got this muscles looking black man, with noticeable long black Dread Lots hair, as our server. He was very friendly, . He ask us if we wanted cocktail, and we asked for two waters, and since I don't drink, my friend had the large mug glass drink, with the big bottle of wine, plunged in the middle. ( mango, pineapple, and a parasol sticking out on top). I order from the state menu, the sweet and spicy crab cake, and then ordered, the quarter rotisserie chicken, it came with my choice of side salad, and corn bread. My friend order, the salmon, and strimp grilled combo, the salad was her side, no corn bread. Our waiter brought out the water, and the big drink. Then about ten minutes later, another server brought out our main meal.( quarter chicken, and the strimp combo ). We asked for some tartar sauce, and the other server said, he will be back with my Bbg sauce, and tarter source, in which he did. Then I asked him about my spicy crab cake starter. He looked bewildered, he said that he will be right back. The our dread lots, muscles man, original server, came hurrying up to our table, he stated, " I am sorry about your crab cake, he said, due to a mixed up, then he asked, do u still want the crab cake?" Since we had out meal, already on the table, I said " ok you could cancel the crap cake" he said that he was sorry, and we will get one dessert free, for his mistake. After we was finish, we was wait for him to come and ask us, if we waned some dessert, I didn't want dessert, but we would have shared, the free dessert, that he promise me. Then he showed up with the bill, and these two small cup cake. I know that they give out these small cup cake to mostly everybody. I have been to Dallas Bbq, all around the country, and NY State, I live upstate NY. I asked him about the dessert that he promised me, for the crap cake mixup. Then he got kinda coy, with the stupid grin on his face, he said, that this is the dessert that he was talking about. I said, they give this to everybody. He had nothing to say after that. I wasn't mad, about this, but I felt that he was playing me as a fool. Then the bill was $48, and some change, we waited about ten minutes, and we was so in gross about the server foolishness about the dessert, I didn't even looked at the bill. I gave him three twenty, $60.00, he gave me back $11.00 and some change, but no check receipt. I left him $10.00, tip. As I was driving upstate, toward my home. I though about the bill, and the the $48.00. Then it hit me, $48 dollars, he charged me, for those Crap cake stater. My meal was $8.00 dollars (Quarter chicken), my friend meal was $14.00, and the big drink, was $10.00. That was it, plus 2 waters. The total should have been around $32.00 dollars, before taxes. I didn t get my slip, therefor I have nothing to check back on. Now, in or due fairness, do your include gratuity on the checks upfront? If you do, then he was correct, and I just didn t realized the upfront tip on check, and he got another 10 dollars on top. But if your don't calculate tip on the checks upfront, then they are pulling off scams, on some customers, in which, I have a big proplem with. Therefoe your management sould address. Thank you, please write back.

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