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Dallas BBQ / disrespectful treatment

Pe May 10, 2015
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Phone: 7189423000

Mothers Day eve Comming from watching the ojays at kings theater my wife and I decided to go to bbq to eat. I had a Islamic button on my shirt and told the waiter to give me steak, chicken, and beef ribs. I pecifikly told him 6 times that im allergic to pork so make sure its beef and my wife ordered chicken fingers and rice. When he came back he gave her fries instead of rice and on purpose gave me pork ribs hidden under a pile of onions with the pork juice on everything. I knew something was wrong because he kept smiling like something was funny. I took 2 bites and through up all over the rest room and the manager who said his name is Robert A did nothing but offered me beef ribs before I threw up in the bathroom. On the way back from the bathroom the worker and manager were laughing together in my face, destroyed what could have been a good night for me and my wife and it really hurt me as a man and my wife because it destroyed her mother's day!

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