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cypress farm kennel is wonderful and frankly I am tired of the many repetitive posts made by the same people over and over again in an effort to discredit the amazing work they do for boston terriers and they continue to do. i have taken it upon myself after doing my own research and deriving my own conclusion, not the one the complainers want me to see, to post this "complaint". i have commented the below on several complaints on this page but wanted to make a separate posting so that others that are searching for information on cypress farm kennel are not lead astray because honestly I can't think of a better breeder of colored boston terriers.


"hi all, i just wanted to send a thank you to blake for posting about cypress farm. i hadn't heard of them until my friend was actually posting on this site in regards to a complaint about a local business near where we live. i had been looking for a boston terrier for a while but hadnt found the right puppy because i hadnt found a breeder i was comfortable with. i read your complaint and was shocked! how can a breeder do this to an innocent puppy buyer? i was shocked both because of the situation you were in and to find on cypress farms website that there were bts of color. i couldnt believe bostons came in blue so i started more research on the breed. if it wouldnt have been for your many posts on a multitude of online mediums i likely would have disregarded cypress as a reputable breeder to get a puppy from all together just by reading this page. maybe it was the sheer amount of times you went posting about cypress online that made me delve into them as breeders further? to myself viewing you posting this story anywhere possible gathering comments from all these random individuals in what seemed like an effort to mob and destroy them on some personal level peaked my interest even more. comments made by individuals were obviously made by those who have issue with cypress apart from this parvo thing for whatever reason or sometimes the contents even seemed like yourself agreeing with your original posts? it was because of these reasons i began an interest in cypress and decided to do further research on them. in my search for a reputable blue boston breeder i realized quickly just how far above other breeders of blue Bostons they go to to be sure their puppies are of the best quality and healthiest they can be before they go to their new homes. i was not able to find one other breeder that offered blue puppies for sale at cypress prices who's puppies were not only from health tested parents but also had the puppies juvenile hereditary cataract tested clear, baer hearing tested, and pre-patella tested along with being registered with akc. i decided to complete their puppy application and an hour later we were talking on the phone about my getting a pup. i was very pleased when before going into details about their available puppies for sale they asked if i had looked into adopting from a rescue first. i have never had a breeder try to help me rescue a dog before trying to sell me a dog. we talked for a couple hours that first day. i learned so much about the breed that i hadnt known before. i was very impressed with her diverse knowledge of the breed. i never did bring up the parvo, until she did. yep she did! she asked me if i had read their faqs page, which i had. she asked me if i had read about the events of jan 2011, which i had. she then went through the events over the next hour going over any questions i had about it. the phone conversation was incredibly educational and again, she went above what i expected. i was sold on them being the place i was going to buy my new boston puppy from when i was ready. i am happy to say that i asked to be added to their waiting list and after a wait that wasn't to long thank goodness my puppy was born. the next 8 weeks were horrible waiting to bring him home but they were made so much easier with the tons of updates that cypress farm kennel provided me with during that time. i received 14 video updates, including video of her home and where the dogs all live and play since i wasnt going to be able to go to their home to pick up my puppy. that was perhaps the most comforting. i received a ton of pictures in countless numbers there were always so many pics coming in. i felt like i got to watch my baby grow up from birth in person. it was great! i am very happy to say that i got my lovely blue baby the beginning of march and he is everything i could have ever asked for and now two of my friends are currently on cypress list awaiting their puppies but it sounds like its going to be awhile as the list is lengthy. i truly thank you blake for posting about your experience because if you wouldn't have, i would have never learned about cypress. i want to thank you additionally for posting about it through so many avenues because if it weren't for your persistence to tell everyone about your experience it would have never lit the fire under me to learn more about them and i wouldnt have my gorgeous jacob. thanks again blake! "

attached are just a few of the gorgeous photos that cypress farm supplies of their gorgeous dogs. additionally here is the link to their ever growing youtube channel where you can see countless videos of their adult dogs, puppies, and their home. you can truly see how much they love and care about their puppies.

cypress farm if you ever read this know that you do an amazing job at what you do and i for one am eternally grateful you didnt give up on breeding after the event of jan 2011. =0]

Cypress Farm Kennel Colored Boston Terriers
Cypress Farm Kennel Colored Boston Terriers
Cypress Farm Kennel Colored Boston Terriers
Cypress Farm Kennel Colored Boston Terriers
Cypress Farm Kennel Colored Boston Terriers
Cypress Farm Kennel Colored Boston Terriers

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      31st of May, 2012

    I am not aware that Blake made a complaint regarding this particular breeder of Frenchies. Yes, there were many complaints from several people from January 2011 regarding CFK BOSTON TERRIERS THAT WERE SHIPPED TO PEOPLE PARACITED AND WITH FULL BLOWN PARVOVIRUS. CFK DID NOT BEHAVE PROPERLY! THIS IS A COMPLAINT BOARD! The complaints have been backed with proof. Why not try an apology instead of your constant defensive stance?

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  • To BTsOFCOLOR - Thank you, you are correct. I did not make a complaint regarding "thefrenchbulldogmom" aka Linda Johansen until 6/4/12 when I discovered that the Johansens/Cypress Farm Kennel were breeding and selling French Bulldogs under a different name. I posted a complaint on this board, and reported my experience with CFK parvo puppies to the appropriate agencies last year, in addition to notifiying the airline - since then there has been no apology, no remorse, and no honesty from them to even remove the lies stated on their FAQ page that have been proven by the publicly posted positive parvo results confirmed within 48 hrs of receiving my puppies... Not to mention all of the other details about the incident that they blatantly lie about.

    Complaints Board is not a forum to advertise your dogs, Krystin, post it on hoobly with your real identity since you're banned from Puppyfind. And you are quite welcome for all the "publicity." Thank YOU, Krystin, for being the epitome of why the USDA and other government authorities are taking action to enact legislation to protect animals from unscrupulous breeders and puppy buyers from interstate internet fraud.
    Once again:

    This is a website for complaints. Here is the link to 4 separate complaints from 4 different people about Linda and Krystin Johansen selling sick puppies and their unethical business practices, as well as links to report them to the ASPCA, Internet Crimes Complaint Center, and the Better Business Bureau.

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