CVS Pharmacy / 10 pills short on prescribed amount

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I had three medications filled on 9/23/2014 with one of them being Oxycodone/Acetaminophen 10/325 Qty: 30. When I picked these up they put the 3 prescriptions in a plastic bag and handed them to me. II didn't inspect them individually so I had no idea the Oxycodone was short before leaving the pharmacy. Since I didn't need any of these meds right away, they sat stapled in their bags and inside t plastic bag in my bedroom for about 27 hours. When I opened the paper bags the following evening on 9/24/2014 I noticed the bottle of Oxycodone was too light to have 30 pills. I opened the bottle and counted 20 pills. I counted 3 more times... I was astonished to find such a mistake from the pharmacy. This was my first time filling this med there so I was thinking is it possible that this pharmacy has a serious problem going on with narcotics? So I automatically called and spoke directly to the pharmacist (Syed A Arshad) who filled it the previous day. He bluntly said "no you're wrong" and "I put 30 in there." I told him no I am clearly counting 20 right in front of me and I am just opening the bottle for the first time. Of course, I didn't expect anything to get anywhere with the conversation because of the negative preconceptions people have on any patient who is prescribed narcotic pain relievers. I told him to check the count in stock to be sure nobody stole them in the pharmacy and he refused stating again that he gave me 30. I just simply let him know that it will be handled properly and I will be sure of it. After hanging up I went t the police department to file a report. They will be paying them a visit tomorrow. I was also sure to let the officer know that I am not trying to get the missing 10 pills that belong to me, that I will most likely need, but am just wanting to be sure nothing illegal is going on at that pharmacy. I understand in the situation that I can't expect the pills I am owed. Isn't that enough to prove my honesty? Pharmacies do make mistakes. I have had the wrong label put on the wrong prescription before, and shorted pills from other medication which of course, was simple to get what I was shorted. I really do hope this is just a mistake on the part of the pharmacist and not illegal activity going on. Too bad mistakes like this happen at all... there is no room for this. Disappointed...

Sep 24, 2014

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