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One 2 separate occastion I have had similiar problems with this pharmacy. I am here from RHODE ISLAND with my 2 children, taking care of my sister whom is having neck surgery.The first incendent took place somewhere around the 5th or 6th of aug. My 22mth old daughter had gotton pink eye and her physician called in a perscription for her to this pharmacy I went there to pick up the perscription to find that is was not called in .SO THAT IS WHAT I WAS TOLD. so my daughter went a night with out medication for her eyes which were really bad. The next day my sister called the pharmacy to see if it had been filled and at that time she was informed that the prescription had been filled under another first name with the right last name . MICHELLE was the name but my daughter name is NICOLE ??? So then the prescription was corrected I let it go. The 2nd issue was on aug 18th I had called the pharmacy to ask if I could have a prescription transfered from RHODE ISLAND for my self which is a very inportant medication for me.I was told by a gentleman that it would be taken care of .so today aug 19th at aprox 8:45 pm I called the pharmacy to be sure that my prescription had been filled and I was informed that It had not been done . I then asked for it to be done and was told that they would call the Rhode Island Pharmacy .So I waited to find out if they had in fact contacted them at all withen the last 2c days and found out that I was lied too. I spoke with a women at the Rhode Island Location whom was very helpful her name was Debbie and she told me to call them here in cali and let them know she is waiting for therm to contact her. So I call back to #9795 and I was asked what my problem was by the women there ??? I told her i had contacted my pharmacy and that they were not contacted at all by #9795, and she told me that she has left a note for her pharmacist .I told her that the ri store was still open they are a 24hr location, she was like oh it is open ???? Should they have checked on that instead of assuming it was closed which also tells me, I would have been waiting another day for them to even contact my pharmacy in RI ???! I feel that they need to get better pharmacy employees one s who hear what you are saying to them the first time around .This pharmacy needs to be more accurate considering they are working with peoples lives.
Thank you so much Toni Jean Duarte [protected]

One More thing is that my sister had recently had an eye injury and was given prescriptions from her DR. When she went to have them filled she was told by the st #9795 pharmacist that they were over the counter meds, and that they were out of all of them on the shelf .To later find out that they were in fact a prescription, not an over the counter med ...WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE WORKING BEHIND THE COUNTER AT THIS PHARMACY ??????? Sara Lima [protected]


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      Aug 28, 2012

    who the hell would leave their name and number on a complaint message board. are you stupid?

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