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Curtis Properties / Non-Payment for Work Performed

1 1150 S. Palm AvenueHemet, CA, United States

I have been employed to maintain the property grounds since 2007, and have continuously worked there and have been paid monthly for my work up to December 2008, that was the end of my contract.
Originally the property owner, Helen Rask, had a manager named Peter living at the property. The last month of my contract, I received a phone call from the River Rock Apartments, and a new manager (believe was) named Jose. He told me that he was the new manager, and that he was going to start doing the maintenance, and not to come in for work. I had told him that I was on a contract with the owner, and the contract ended on Dec 31, 2008. He then said ok to complete the work until the end of the year. I continued to the end of the year, and at that time, mailed my monthly invoice to their office for payment. About two weeks later (mid January 2009) I received a phone call from Jose and he said that his wife told him that we were not there doing the work for two weeks, and that they did not want to pay for two weeks of my work. I could not believe that she had said that, and, in turn, told Jose that we definitely were there every week to complete the work. She mentioned this because she said that we were not seen on the property for two weeks. I told Jose that two weeks there was rain, and even with the rain, we were there and did all the work that was possible. Usually in part of our work, that included cleaning the Apartment stairways, walls, walkways, picking up paper in the shrubs and lawn and anywhere, we did everything. The only thing that was impossible to do during the rain was use the blower on the sidewalks as they were washed away from the rain, and this was to remove the dust only. When they finally sent a payment for my monthly work, they paid me for only one week, and withheld Three Weeks of work instead. The main reason that I am filling out this complaint, is that after researching Curtis Properties, I have found that they have many complaints for non-payment of their bills and obligations. Please, anyone that is interested in sending blogs, I would encourage you to send this out to the Apartment Rating Reports so that prospective workers and renters will know about these unethical practices.


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