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Don't ever invest with this broker i am not talking about investing i telling a story of stealing . Begin of the story one of my friend told me about ct-option and he showed me the winning trades and they have good replicator then i received a call from Alaa Karam and he told me that they are licensed company in London and he told me you can make withdrawal anytime and he explained everything about the company then i i deposited 2000$ and after a while he called me at this time everyday and always reply on my messages in Skype and he give me 2 sessions for free with my account i started my first session with Lebanese guy called tony living in united states and i opened another account for my wife and my mother every one with 2000$ so total i had deposited is 6000$ he give me bonus 200$ and they opened trades and they lost from my account 300+400=700$ and they told me before i open my account that the trades they open for me is secured so they give me the lost money as a bonus and it was going fine i withdrawal 400$ before i open the other accounts in the beginning they canceled the withdrawal and then i called Alaa he said that they cancel the withdrawal cause i am your account manager so i have to confirm it then he confirmed this withdrawal and after i opened the 2 accounts and after about 1 month they was making a 100% bonus so i opened another account with my name he told me its good for the bonus you can learn to trade on this account i invested another 2100$ so total i had invested is 8100$ one day i read a review on internet that they are scam and my account manager wasn't answering my calls so i made a withdrawal on my accounts so what they did is canceling my withdrawal and removing it from the system and opening for me trades on this account although i was taking screenshots before they do this so i had to wait until this trades closes after calls and e-mails with no reply another one called me he is name is Hossam Haddad he told me sorry you can't withdrawal money now cause if you want to withdrawal money the free balance have to be 10 times the withdrawal you want to make so if you want to withdraw 400$ you can deposit 4000$ and after this call when i told them that you are thief's and this stuff no calls and replies from may 2015 and there is screen shots for all what i said you can contact me to send the evidence on what i am saying and i opened my account this month i found that they take dormant fee 50$ every month on my account and the available balance is 171$ and they lost my money in another account although i didn't open this accounts for more that 7 months and another account have 1038.96$ so i just wanted to show how they work for any evidence of mails or screenshots i have everything contact me i make withdrawals on my accounts they just leave it pending and after a while they remove it if you need more evidence just rely or contact me Note: 1-all my documents is approved in all the accounts 2-Every word i said i have evidence from my electronic bank and e-mail and screenshot



  • K
      Apr 05, 2018

    i was a victim of binary option scam, traded with 72option and was able to start with a 200pounds investment and then i emptied my credit and debit card all in hopes of getting better return.
    After trying to withdraw some funds from my trading account i could tell something was wrong so i tried charge back but they kept giving me stories. Finally i stumbled across this company calagarysecurity dot org, they did what i never believed in, firstly i had doubts on how they were going to get my investment back but trust me i got about 80% back.

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  • J
      Feb 27, 2019

    I have invested about $27000 and was promised to increase my finances. All was well until a 6 weeks ago, I was unable to log into my account. Tried contacting the broker with no avail, used their customer support still nothing. Emails sent to broker with no response. I done a claim under visa chargeback but it didn’t work for me, I was disappointed and in debt for a while until I came across binaryoptionassetrecovery (, com. I was lucky to find this company who helped me. Feel free to make inquiries with them regarding your issues, its free!

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