CTM / CTM Pinetown does not assist black customers

1 United States

I went today to buy some things with a friend of mine, when we got there there was a guy at the counter with a customer and he went on the speaker and called somebody to help us and then he proceeded to help his customer and nobody came, we stood there for a sweet 15 minutes and then my friend started walking arround to see if there was anybody but there was nobody at the floor and then a lady came to the counter and ignored us, there were white folks there by this time and she assisted them and when a guy came she yelled at him and told him to go and help the other white lady that was there and then when we told her we have been waiting for a long time she yelled at us now and told us somebody will come or we should just go and get what we are looking for oueselves and obviously we couldn't because we don't work with tiles and when the guy finally came he was irritated and was frowning at us and then told us he didn't have change. i am black and proud to be black but to be discriminated against and to be unattended was just uncalled for.

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