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CSL / Faulty Sofa

1 Manchester, England, Lancashire, United Kingdom Review updated:
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Phone: 0161 872 5432

I purchased a leather sofa Feb 2008 from CSL. This was delivered in April 08. By Sept 08 the black leather was fading. Their rep came end of Sept 08. They accepted no liability. I persued via small claimes court (Salford County Court) and had a date set for 22 July 09 10am. at 9.15 the day of the hearing a Lisa Merry called from CSL to settle all costs + full amount of sofa. DO NOT GO TO CSL SOFAS.

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  • Sh
      21st of Sep, 2009
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    you were honoured getting a phone call from Lisa Merry, she was too busy to speak to me but could discuss my complaint with another member of staff who relayed her comments back to me!!! CSL are a terrible company. The way they speak to you on the phone is appalling. Once they have your money they are not interested in anything you have to say. We only paid a deposit, but were totally misinformed about the sofa and were not given the correct information on an apparently non-cancellable agreement signed in store even though all staff are fully trained and fully inform customers (quoted by store manager). Whilst I appreciate it is the customer's responsibility to check what they sign, I did not have my glasses and asked what I was signing and told it was just to place the order, nothing about it being non-cancellable. Following contact with Consumer Advice, we were passed on to Trading Standards. They found CSL very good in dealing with them on the phone, surprise surprise and although they had contradicted themselves in their letter to me and would be advising that their staff be re-trained in that area, we could not get our deposit back and Trading Standards thought we had got off lightly as they could have asked for 30% of the total order. So PLEASE PLEASE BE WARNED MEMBERS OF THE PUBLIC, STAY AWAY FROM CSL, THEY ARE NOT INTERESTED IN YOU ONCE YOU HAVE HANDED OVER ANY MONEY.

  • Pa
      26th of Sep, 2010
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    With all the complaints about DFS and CSL, I would just like to make everyone aware of a fantastic place that give you exactly what you pay for, they will make bespoke and traditional upholstery aswell as reupholster your existing suite.
    They are Waterside Upholstery at Lamberts Mill in Rawtenstall BB4 7NX.
    They are exeptional and within the Rossendale Valley they have a fantastic reputation and you will not have a complaint as their upholstery is wonderful and very well made by themselves, they also carry the ROM designer range which again is beautiful furniture.
    You have seen the complaints about the big boys so pop along to Waterside and like us you will be really pleased with your new furniture.
    Thankyou Waterside for giving us just what we chose in our own selected fabrics.

  • Bo
      6th of Nov, 2010
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    CSL - recieve amessega that i won 85'000 pounds
    Cyber cafe

    i got a text-message on my mobile phone 234-807-288-4269 informing me that i have won 85'000 pounds in the Nokia UK promo NHM-7 and i will like to know how i can receive the payment and if the message is true.

  • Aa
      23rd of Dec, 2011
    0 Votes go on there and leave feedback on csl good or bad

  • Pa
      2nd of Jul, 2012
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    csl terrible my settees where delieverd with a rip in the arm the cushion sewn way out of line the second settee reclyners one seat was forward the other back the delievery men reported it there and then the person on the phone said dont worry we will put it right they ordered the parts and came to repair this 10 weeks later when the tech guy came he said nothing could be done with one of the settees so he reported it back to office we then had a call to say if we werent happy go to furniture onmibusmen and she gave us the number we have had many phone calls since must say they have been pleasent but still saying nothing wrong with settee 2 so we said we are going to the onmibusman to which we where told they would put it right all of a sudden they wanted to come and do all these repairs in my lounge i said no so they are supposed to be picking the settees up and taking them i have had these settees since april 24th 2012 and i have never sat in them yet we are living in our conservatory dont feel i want to sit in them till they have been put right we payed cash for these settees i feel now they have our money £2.000pounds its our problem still waiting

  • Mt
      30th of Jul, 2012
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    the biggest mistake i have ever made getting a sofa from csl when it came it was not as seen in shop or as described.
    have complained to csl since it was delivered in feb 2012 but got no satisfactory outcome just that they want me to sine
    that the sofa is fine then they will come and sort it out. i am trying the furniture ombudsman at the moment to get this sorted

  • Al
      5th of Aug, 2012
    -1 Votes

    I too have had the worst experience with CSL, we purchased the LEANNE sofa, with scatter back cushions. The base cushions on the 2&3 seater are different. It is very easy to fall into the back of the sofa & have to hawl yourself out as they are so soft. Not at all like the display model in a 3wk old shop!. They were rude &the Professional upholsterer had an attitude & told us to leave it a few mths to see if it got any worse ?????. Got no where with trading standards. We are now stuck with a 3, 2& a chair costing £1670.00 with the insurance that may need replacing when they are 12mths old. Totaly fed up. Ive resorted to emailing Mr Money at th Sun news paper. Any advise anyone pls ??????

  • Ha
      8th of Aug, 2012
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    bought our leather sofa from csl £2000 worth, had them back in first month to sort a few problems ok, then had them out to a squeaky frame and soggy lumber supports on 2 seater, so so, told us to keep plumping them up but there so bad now you would have to do it every time you got up before you sat down again, now it s gone past the 12 month point they don, t want to know about it unless we pay a deposit, why should we, we, ve already had them out to this problem, the other sette is fine on the lumber supports so why ca, nt they just sort them out and have a happy customer instead of another complaining one.I am now going to complain to omnibus man and a furniture specialist for a qualified opinion

  • Mh
      12th of Sep, 2012
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    i wish i had read these complaints befor going to csl i would not have gone there if i had .i have just had a sofa and chair delivered and there are five faults with them the delivery men wrote them on the delivery sheet and rang customer services about them they are goig to send someone out to look at them .but i dont need them rectifing i want an exchange we havent even sat on them yet dont go to csl the man i spoke in customer services waswasvery rude

  • Mu
      3rd of Oct, 2012
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    i purchased a leather sofa and 2 chairs from csl for £2, 336 in March 2011 and when it was delivered in June the chairs and sofa looked a different leather to each other, I complained immediately and asked them to replace it, they refused, so much for 'like it or exchange it'. The dispute has lasted 15 months during which time, initially I have tried to get a replacement, and then a refund when I found out to my horror that the suite that I had so carefully chosen in the store was ODD MISMATCHED FURNITURE
    FROM THEIR RESERVE WHAREHOUSE, I know this because an independent inspection costing £80 proved that the leather was different batches because the sofa and chairs had been made 6 MONTHS APART. I then asked them to refund my money but again they refused and NOW they offered to replace it. This has been a very very stressful and frustrating time in my life as you feel cheated and unable to get any satisfaction. Their final offer has been £1, 716 and they have taken the furniture back as I want csl out of my life and their furniture out of my lliving room. The reason they say the offer is reduced is because the length of time I have had it. They could have refunded me back in December 2011 . They take your money then they do not want to know.

  • Di
      15th of May, 2013
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    Bought a 3 seater, 2 seater and a stool from CSL (in 2009) with cover for peace of mind. I was reassured at the time that if anything went wrong with the quality of my items that CSL would look after me and repair or replace the items. 4 years later (i.e. 2013), the seams came loose on the three seater and the leather started to come loose. Rang up CSL and was kept waiting on the phone for up to an hour! I was told that their phone lines had just gone down (coincidence?). After explaining the problem, CSL decide to throw the contract back at me and hide behind the 'wear and tear' argument. In essence, the cover was worthless and a waste of money. Instead, CSL start quoting call out charges of £47.00 per hour to just inspect the problem.

    I cannot seriously recommend a deceitful company like this to anybody wanting to buy any of their products. Argos and IKEA have better customer service than these CSL ###s!

    So, now I need to take the matter to the small claims court to settle up.

  • Je
      30th of Aug, 2013
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    I thought I was alone in my quest for justice. I to have purchased a sofa from CSL and have had to pay £47.00 for someone to come out and look at the fault. The guy fortunately doesn't work for CSL as we live outside there catchment area. He looked at the furniture and done a rub test which indicated that the dye hadn't taken. I rang CSL after not hearing from them for 2 days to arrange for them to come and repair the fault I was speechless when the guy said that they were not responsible for the fault as I must have put some chemical on the sofa that has reacted and taken the colour out (really) can you imagine anyone spending £2000 on a sofa and using some kind of harsh chemical to clean it after spending a fortune on there care kit. CSL need to face up to there responsibility or face the consequence
    I will be taken them to court and I will win

  • To
      14th of Sep, 2013
    -1 Votes

    I am looking for people who have been treated badly by CSL to join me in bringing their after sales service to the notice of prospective customers. My wife and I have been treated very badly on two occasions recently. As a lone customer we can't get anywhere but if all come together I am sure we could get CSL to sit up and take notice. I can assure you we are not time wasters so if you want to take up the challenge give us your support please. Watchdog seem to think CSL are running out of excuses believe me they are not. The latest one they have given us is don't use air freshner in the room it could peel the leather off the furniture.

  • An
      17th of Oct, 2013
    +1 Votes

    Me and My husband went to CSL to be stalked into making a decisions on the spot where ever we went the sales assistant was behind us. We made a decision to but the SERENA sofa because she insured us that we would be covered for everything if anything goes wrong.
    We both phoned CSL on different days to be told that we are sitting on the cushions to much and that if they came to us plumped up they should stay that way.
    This company also told us if they listened to all there customers they would be out of business which means that CSL know that they are CRAP and don't want to help replace problems.
    We are at the moment trying to find out what we can do and have had enough of CSL.
    We went to a company to find out how much it would cost to change the cushions and they quoted us over £700. We are sitting on a sofa that has not only sagged and in poor condition but we dont know what to do.

  • Ga
      29th of Nov, 2013
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    We bought a sofa from CSL, worst thing i have ever done!!! I bought the sofa 6 months ago, still havent got a trouble free sofa. First one the material was sagging on the arm, seat cushions rippled, little cushions bobbly and mis-shaped. Several visits from tech support, if you can call them that. Cushions need a bobble brush and sagging was due to the cold from my front door!!! After many calls to the call centre they agreed to replace. I then visited store for a replacement, order a different sofa as last was rubbish. 2 weeks later head office rang informing me i havent order a replacement! They spoke to the store and they informed them i havent been there!! More fun with customer service, they ordered me one on the phone 72 hour delivery great. Waited for a call for delivery never came, rang them again, was told the sofa i ordered in store wasnt due to be delivered until 15th December!! Funny thing they said i havent been to store. Then they realised the mistake and gave me date for my new sofa. All good it got delivered... No the lead for the sound had the plug missing. They ordered a new one, was told within the week it will be sorted. 2 weeks later he turned up to fix all good... No there was a part missing inside!!! Now its going to be at least another week. I never known a company like this dont make the mistake i did avoid!!!

  • Ve
      30th of Jan, 2014
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    I am having huge problems with csl. During my pregnancy, we decided a new sofa would be a good idea, for comfort for when the baby arrived. Sofa arrived (3 months ago), as did our baby (1week later). Arriving home from hospital, I found I could not sit on the sofa, because each of the seats were uneven. It would tip you to the side. Lying down on it was impossible and causes physical pain.
    I called to explain the fault. Someone came out. It was explained to me that the sofa came from china and had been packed in / squashed, and that sitting on it for 6 months should sort it out. I explained that I couldn't sit on it, it was causing me pain. I also had been advised by my physiotherapist not to sit on it, because it was damaging the alignment of my hips and pelvis (Imagine sitting on a slope, with one hip higher than the other)
    I called to dispute their findings and pleaded with them to replace the sofa. They finally said they would, but at a cost to me! The Sale of Goods Act 1979 says that goods that are not fit for their normal purpose are not of satisfactory quality and you may have the right to return them to the seller and get a refund.
    By their own admition there is a problem with the sofa due to incorrect storage in transit, but the solution is for me to pay for a replacement, or cause myself physical damage over a period of 6 months (which by the way, I very much doubt would solve the problem) in my opinion, the seat cushions are unevenly stuffed. After infuriating conversations with their customer service team, I have no choice other than tofollowing up with an ombudsman, which I fear will take an age to resolve.
    I'm currently on maternity leave, and desperately want to cuddle up with and enjoy my new baby. Instead, I'm sitting on an uncomfortable dining chair looking at a £2, 300+ sofa, that we cannot sit on. I am astonished by the poor quality of the product, and their insistence in defending said product and greatly distressed by their appalling customer care.

  • Ya
      9th of May, 2014
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    we bought the naphier corner suite in january 2012 and paid extra for 5yr warranty we made a claim in sept 2012 because one of the kids spilt juice and stained the seating cushions at first they disagreed then when i phoned head office they agreed to replace, thinking we will be sorted before xmas we were very wrong i kept having to ring up n chase up for the next 6 months they kept telling us that theyr coming from China and its the chinese new year WHAT for the next 6 months any way when they arrived they didnt look right to me and my partner was just glad she got them but i wasnt happy the material looks cheap and the foam just isn what it should be i now sit on it and i can feel the frame of the sofa i know theyr not to the standard of what they should be i wouldnt be surprised if they fail the fire safety standards im thinking of contacting them sometime soon and see what they think, after watching the fake britain program on sofas and matresses it gives u alot to think about especially imported furniture from China because it all failed the safety standards on the show

  • Ph
      23rd of May, 2014
    0 Votes

    Purchased a 2 and 3 seater settee from csl in Feb 2013 which are now creaking when anyone sits on them. £47 later someone comes to look at them and says its just general wear and tear !!! I dont think so in something thats only just over 12 months old. Someone supposed to be ringing me from head office but no call yet - dont think there will be either as they know their suites are rubbish. Anyone got any advice to point me in which direction to go next ??

  • Ke
      29th of Aug, 2014
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    I purchased a corner suite /chair from Sofa works used to be called CSL. After waiting 12 weeks it arrived in June 2014 was damaged> The delivery driver reported it over the phone and customer service said they could not send anyone out for a fortnight. We then asked for a refund.

    IT took endless phone calls with promises of call backs by customer service which there were none. Returned to the shop and the salesman disappeared. The manageress told us we will just have to wait and she was not going to argue with us. We then quoted paragraph k at the back of invoice. Which say if sofas damaged and is reported on the same day you are entitled to a replacement/repair/refund to which she answered that is not what it means.

    Sofa works never once offered us a replacement nor a refund only a repair. This sofa was never sat on and cost 2, 600 still had label attached. All the customer service said to me was we have the right to repair and we have all these conversations recorded. We continued to fight and sent recorded delivery letter to manager in head office. Still no reply We phoned head office complaint and the lady told us they never received any letter so go back to the post office and find out who signed for it. After about 25 minutes I received a call saying they had the letter.

    We were offered a replacement and we declined and asked for refund as we have lost all trust. Hurray we got the refund.
    Never again sofa works you are hell on earth.

  • Tr
      17th of Nov, 2014
    0 Votes

    Cel/Sofaworks they don't seem to of learn't from the watchdog broadcast, 15 months on and consumers like myself are still receiving faulty furniture such as peeling leather, their favourite saying is its WEAR just after 2 months!. Visit the sofaworks review centre it says it all the only happy customer are those who have been treated nicely when paying for their furniture but had not yet received it

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