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Cricket Wireless / sales rep

1 7421 B Goodman RdOlive Branch, IL, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 662-892-8767

I went in to this store on 6/11/15 to look at phones as I am eligible to get out of a contract. The sales rep shane came up and started immediately talking about how bad sprint service was. I agreed. So I guess he thought it was an open invitation. I had my phone in my hand I was texting my husband where I was. He said, "can I see your phone"? I thought he was going to look at the model. He took it and said, "i am going to put it in the drawer here so we can talk about the galaxy phone. " I said, "i need my phone back I am talking to my husband". He said, "don't worry about him we will get to him later". I am like wow... So I looked at the phones.. He looks at my 9 year old son and asks, "do you want a phone"? I said, "we are not here for him". He begins to talk about how the phone has a great gps for keeping up.. I said, "i am the gps, I keep up with him". We are not here for him. So he says... Let's see how much you qualify for. I don't know why but I applied to see and he sees how much I qualify for and tries to sell me three galaxy phones and I kept telling him I am only here for me and I need my phone back. So finally he gives me phone back. He seems irritated with me cause I am asking how much just for me. "i am telling you it is cheaper to go ahead and get all three phones". I just asked him to write down the prices on the card and I will discuss with my husband because that is how marriages work. You discuss things like big purchases. " I walked out. I will never be back. I tried to call the store this morning to talk to the store manager and he was "off today" according to rico. Then he asked if he could help and I said, "no only the manager". Anyway, a minute later my home phone rings without an id cause I have caller id, so obviously they star 69ed my phone. Some female asks why did I want to speak to the manager. I asked her who was she to call me to ask, was she a manager? She said no wanted to see if she could help. How dare her call my number like that. I didn't ask for her to call my number. I couldn't believe the brazen disrespect high pressure sales of these people. I said can you help your sales rep who took my phone last night and tried to pressure me into buying three galaxy phones? No, don't call my number again I am reporting you to the bbb. They are vultures and if you aren't strong you can be taken into their horrible selling techniques. I tried to chat with online and got no help. They said they will only give me an address. I would never do business with people like this. They only concerned about selling not what the customer wants. I told them I will give them bad reviews. To think I just went in to compare price shop. I want a new phone for my birthday coming up. Ugh...

Jun 12, 2015

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