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Creditors Interchange / Scam alert

1 United States

My dad passed away at age 92 on 12.6.08 and before he passed away he filed for bankruptcy in August of 08. He had his 341 meeting October 16th and was pronounced terminally ill 10/31/08 and passed away 37 days later. He received his discharge from the bankruptcy court, Southern District of Mississippi in late December 08.

On 10/15/09 I received a letter from Creditors Interchange for an account with Bill Me Later in the amount of $3, 030.94 which was from account he had with (which is also Bill Me Later). The letter wanted to know about his "estate" (which there was none since he died penniless and buried as a pauper).

I did call these people and let them know he had no estate and it was not till later that I realized that this account was on his bankruptcy list of creditors. I both called and wrote CI (certified mail) about this, giving them his case number and date of discharge. I also wrote his bankruptcy attorney.

I did some investigating and called both and Bill Me Later and was told that they had no interest in this account and that it had been written off due to bankruptcy and death. The also referred me to a firm call "ERI" and they even told me it was closed. I also know that Bill Me Later is a part of CIT Bank, but I have not tried to contact them. Nobody at or Bill Me Later has ever heard of Creditors Interchange.

My dad when he decided to file for bankruptcy in the summer of 2008 stated that he wanted to "go out clean" and basically he wanted to make sure I did not be in a position to have to deal with his creditors. Somehow this backfired and now I am having to deal with the one thing I never thought would happen. I am not in good health, having had one major stroke and several light ones. This is not good for me period !!! BTW, I also filed for bankruptcy shortly after my dad's passing. I did this in order to keep living in this apartment and to pay utilities, etc. My only other alternative was the "street".

Now given all this - what is the standing? Since he is (1) deceased and has no estate, (2) has on file a bankruptcy and discharge, finally (3) the original creditor ( was on his list of creditors - does CI or anyone else have a "case" ? Why in the heck was this ever pursued in the first place ?

I know that technically legally I am not responsible for my dad's debts but what is my standing in all this ?

Any helpful suggestions, information would be highly appreciate and would help to ease my pain.

PS: I am a senior citizen, age 64, and have no living relatives.


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