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I have been an employee at Cracker Barrel for maybe 3 years and we just got a new Retail manager. When she first came I herd she was talking about other employees and then I herd she was talking about me as well. I left for school and came back around February and I was transferred back to work. She said she wouldn't give me any shifts because she was "6 people over staffed". So, she gave me 1 shift to keep my 30 days and it was a 3 hour shift. Then without telling me she transferred me back to the store where I work when I'm in school.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Watertown, NYEven though I told her I was home for awhile due to a family sickness. So then I call to get another shift because the other managers have spouse to of been talking to her to get me in for this month and she said she couldn't because she was going on vacation and she needed the people scheduled and wouldn't move them around. She tells me that I am going to have to get re hired when I go back to school because of her fault for not scheduling me. But, she did get me in for may, another 3 hour shift. How am I suppose to pay my bills with one 3 hour shift a month? Why is she hiring more people when I asked for hours?

May 02, 2017
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  •   May 02, 2017

    As a former Manager for a Retail Chain - I can tell you that New Manager's "DO NOT" like part time workers when they take over, their goal is to try to get a steady schedule with "FULL TIME" employee's and all New Manger's try to be the "BOSS" and seem to have a God complex when they first take over a new position or a store and like to cut former employee schedules and bring in their own employee's ...

    The Best thing you can do honestly without making it sound bad is to "Suck it up" and to take what is offered when you are able but during which time let it reflect your working ethic's meaning show Her or Him that you can be a valuable employee to the company and do the best that you are able while you are working your shift, don't cry about what you are not getting and Thank Her or Him for what they are giving you and just do your best, Go above and beyond while doing your shift and let it reflect your work performance as being a positive one...

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