Cracker Barrel, Shawnee Oklahoma / lousy food

Shawnee Oklahoma, US
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We were tired of cooking for the family on Thanksgiving so we thought we'd go to Cracker Barrel for a good meal in Shawnee Oklahoma. We were taken, the food was deplorable! the turkey and ham were hidden by the gravy and when we got through the tasteless gravy we found the turkey and on one side it looked like it had either been grilled or from the bottom of the roasting pan because it was tough and had a down appearance.
We were herded like cattle and sat in the midst of noise-people loud and disruptive but that is to be expected eating out. And the pumpkin pie was nearly tossed not he table and it was tasteless.
The bill was $64 and change and was a waste of money. Next time we'll go to Embassy Suites or another restaurant that prides itself on good food.
Evidently Cracker Barrel doesn't value it's customers or it would prepare a more palatable product. Complain to Cracker Barrel Corporation and they'll send you a couple of free meal certificates but it isn't worth the effort because the food will still be terrible.

Nov 24, 2016

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