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Cracker Barrel / food quality, quantity and price

1 544 N Belair Rd, Evans, GA 30809, EVANS, CO, United States

Items ordered and illness afterward
1. Kids tender - 3 pieces of 1.5" long chk. brst for $5.69 with no taste and half cooked.

2. 6 Oz. tasteless Sirloin, NOT grilled over fire, but in pan style. Burnt/black outside and Rare inside, instead of MRare. $12.99. It came with two side dish. I would rather eat much better stake at T-Bonz, Logan's, OutBack, Long Horn and many more that gives bigger portions, cooked right and very tasty and juicy stakes than crappy Cracker Barrel ("CB") for similar price. My wife's favorite is Outback, while mine is Long Horn and Texas Road House.

3. Chk.Rice Bowl - server came back to say, did not have, changed to Veg. soup - was coup size. enough to fit 2 very small bowl that CB's sample butter is served-in (as wife and I shared equal portion), $4.99. We would rather go back to Panera and many other local places and get varieties…

4. Kids burger - very small, very dry & thickness like a cardboard, in 5 small pieces because it was scraped off the pan grill and broke off into pieces (killed to death), tasteless, no condiments, no tomato, no lettuce - nothing on/with it - $5.19. Even as bad as McDonald kids burger is, it is much better than the crap at this place (CB). At least MCD has some crap on its burger and is not cooked to be a cardboard.

A side dish was ONE scrambled egg for 1.60. I buy fresh ORGANIC dozen of eggs for $.99 every day locally.

Now, let's see. If I would have gone to Golden Coral, I would have paid the same exact amount and got to eat whatever we wanted and if we did not like sample of something, we could have gotten something else- unlimited stakes, chicken, soup, and much much more. Let's say, forget Golden Coral which is fresh, quality and quantity.

Cracker Barrel shares parking lot with a Burger king that serves many tasty, juicy burgers (to include 2 whopper for $5 -6.00). BK's Kids burger of the same size as what cost me $5.19 at Cracker Barrel, comes with stuff that makes the burger tastes good and is not dry like cardboard. It even comes with drink and fries. Better yet, BK's Kids burger is double Order (meaning 2 tasty Jr. burger/same size - on piece meat broiled (not pan dried like cracker Barrel), with 2 fires and 2 drink for only $3.99. Let's say forget Burger Kingh, because CB cannot compete with it by NO STANDARD (no taste, no quality, no price).

Soup and Salad places in town for the price of $5.99 to 7.99 offer unlimited different/varieties of QUALITY soups, salads, bread and deserts that Cracker B. can never compete or compare to.

Let's see if there is any restaurant in town that Cracker Barrel can really be compared to:

Oh yes. Price that Cracker Barrel can be compared with Bee's Knees. However, there are major differences between CB and any of the ones names above.
They are:
1. Quality in which Cracker Barrel (CB) extremely lacks.
2. Quantity again CB badly lacks.
3. Price, in comparison to what was served at CB - extremely high.
4. The other restaurants' food did not make my family sick. But Cracker Barrell's did - even though we only eat a portion of the food brought to us. My wife and I both had diarrhea until afternoon the next day and could not eat breakfast because of our stomach/cramping.

Most importantly, our two toddlers 2 years and 3 years old both got fever of 104 degree Fahrenheit and 102f respectively and we had to spend a good portion of the day before Christmas (Christmas Eve) in Emergency Room.
By the way, we brought the rest of the food home and kept in fridge to have a reminder sample of how bad the food in Cracker Barrel was.

I finally used collective reasoning and narrowed the common denominator to the fact that- we all had a piece of CB's Roll and a portion of its tasteless dry cornbread -which caused us to get sick. Because, my kids would not taste the soup, my wife had a small byte of stake before she pushed her portion aside, no one touch the tasteless chicken strips and my son eat a portion of the cardboard -with a lot of water, because he loves burgers.

The server asked IF we wanted to speak with the manager. After hearing my wife being so displeased and angry that we could not eat most of the food, she started speaking aloud which caused the other customers to turn our direction; hence, I told server "No, not at this time" and I tried to hurry and leave the restaurant area.

The next day, between being sick and managing the kids' sickness and fever, I called the restaurant several times to speak with the manager, after going through the options (any option - order food, ... speak with customer service), all options rang about 10 times then, went back to the greeting message again and again. We will never look back at another Cracker Barrel and will share our terrible experience with friends and families.

What I did not share previously in other sites is the fact that we sat with two very hyper-active toddlers for 10-15 minutes and I had to finally ask for any portion of the food that can be served quickly for the kids - in order to get 4 small roles and 3 corn break cup cakes.

Dec 25, 2018

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