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CPS / Outrageous collection practices

1 KY, United States


In times such as these, compassion should be the order of the day. The people that are posting are not belly aching, they are simply explaining their frustration with a company that does not treat them humanely. That is the shame of it. I have lived long enough to know that anything, and I do mean anything can happen to anybody, at anytime. A sudden illness, unexpected job loss, loosing a home, an accident, anything, that can lay you bare, and open to people whose motives are not pure. Yes I suppose paying your bills should be a priority, but to condone the illegal and immoral methods that some companies use in order to get their hands on other people's money should give one pause for concern. Are people less important than material things? Humans have souls, objects do not. Why do we cherish material goods much more than the human soul? If you are willing to inflict pain whether it be emotional, psychological, or spiritual on someone in order to enhance your profit margin, that in and of itself is tragic. When you help others, when you show compassion for others, when you are willing to lend a helping hand up, instead of pushing people down, that is what will count in the long run. When we reach the end of our lives...we do not ask ourselves how much money we've made, or marvel at the number of cars or homes we own, nor even how much we have in the bank. We ask ourselves, how did we treat others...personally and professionally. Ironically, when people are in the process of leaving this world, they want to be assured that they did not live their lives in vain. They aren't concerned about bill payments, nor their rolex watches etc..., how did they treat others in the short time that they were here? That is what counts, and all the "work" that these collection agencies and other money hungry vultures in other ventures are doing means absolutely "nothing." Money cannot buy back a wasted life that was spent chasing monetary or material wealth. "For what good does it do a man to gain the whole world, as the Bible says, only to loose his own soul?"



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