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CPS / Where is my money going?!?!

1 Irvine CA, United States

I purchased my vehicle in 2007. I had my car 2 weeks when they were already threatning to repo it. They tried saying I lied on my employment status. Of course I did not and had her call my HR dept since the person CPS talked to had been a guard at my place opf employment. (###s!) So of course that problem got solved. On my 32nd day of having my vehicle they threatened to repo AGAIN claiming that I had never got insurance for my vehicle. Well you can't leave the car lot without insurance so I informed the lady on the phone that if she wanted the information right away- to call my insurance rep herself since I was at work and could not waste anymore time on people who didn't do their job to begin with. 2nd problem solved! After that they had an issue with my bank account since I was set up for them to withdrawal the money monthly- they didn't do it- couldn't give me a reason why- and wanted to charge me for it, they still to this day have not sent me a payment book which I have requested over and over and over again, I started making my payments through MoneyGram at no cost to me they said. YEA RIGHT! Anywho it's been a year and half later and I still have not seen a pmt book, I got laid off from work and called them to make arrangements and they kept giving me the run around. Now I find out that my last months pmt was used for some late fees from months ago that I had no idea I had. When I asked when these late fees are from the lady on the phone said she could not tell me. Hahaha ###. Now they threatened to repo my car, report it stolen or what not and even called my Mother to ask her to pay the bill. I am now going through an attorney since they did not accept my pmt and infact used my car pmt to pay something else. I would advise everyone- EVERYONE who is looking at CPS to not get involved with this company they are crooks and are looking at a lot of problems soon.

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