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This complaint is for those of you shopping for Alarm Monitoring Services. If you have counterforce USA on your list, please make sure you read the fine print behind where they automatically renew your service after the 3yr contract is up. I knew that my contracted time was up and I wanted to cancel the contract only to find out from the agent that I needed to send in a letter 30days in advance or they would renew the contract automatically. Now, who remembers all the fine print on the contract after three years. Don't you think that Counterforce could have sent a letter reminding the owner that your contract was about to expire and that services will be continued if they did not receive written notice 3oday in advance. They always send letters to tell you when rates are increasing but not for renewals. So now I have to pay 75% for a year's worth of monitoring when I am not living at the residence. How is that for customer service. Anyway, I am trapped already so what can I say. Its a learning experience but back to ADT or some other firm.

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      28th of Jan, 2010
    Counterforce USA - Harrassment
    Counterforce USA
    New Jersey
    United States

    I notified Counterforce over a year ago that I was moving across the country. They agreed to transfer my service and I never was able to get them to . Now they have sent me to a collection agency and they want $1350. They are unproffesional and scam artists!

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      10th of May, 2010

    Sadly, I too am trapped into another 355 days of Counterforce's terribly customer service and faulty alarm equipment (unless i want to pay $175 an hour to have the "technician" ... someone whom I highly doubt is certified in anything) show up to fix the hardware. This is my fault for not reading every single word in the "service contract" and not doing my research to select a nationally recognized brand-named alarm company like ADT or Brinkman. For anyone considering Counterforce - "Caveat Emptor."

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      12th of Jun, 2013

    They are doing the same thing to me, saying they will notify the credit bureau that I am not paying and that the contract I signed with Guardian 6 years ago had autorenew language in it. He gave the "you should have read the fine print crap" that chaps my hide right there. But what recourse do I have?

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