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If you or anyone you know are thinking about signing up for one of these over-priced cosmetology schools such as Aveda, Regency, etc... Please be aware of cost and traiing. Community Colleges offer training just as good maybe better than these poser cosmetology schools such as Aveda where you are paying for a name. Be careful of the contracts at these big shot schools as well. Once you complete 50% of your hours at these schools, they charge you 100% tuition, which can be up to $22, 000.00 or more, depending on the schools tuition cost. Aveda Insitutute that I went to told us on a daily basis that they could terminated us just because they wanted to, and they did! If you do decide to train at one of these schools like Aveda etc... and you are wronged, contact the Office of Attorney General online and file a complaint. You have to be persistant with the OIG and let them know you are serious about your being wronged by a cosmetology school. The Department of Education takes these complaints seriously and will investigate for you. Good luck! and a community college is a good place to get a cosmetology certificate.

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