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Listed as one of the worst puppy mills in the United States through the Humane Society;
"Tom and Debra Ritter, Cornerstone Farms, Curryville, MO – State inspectors found dogs with open sores, hair loss, raw skin and fly-bitten ears; website claims cornerstone farm is “AAA” rated by inspectors. In January 2014, a Missouri state investigator documented fifteen violations at Cornerstone Farms, including “a strong ammonia [urine] odor, ” many dogs without adequate space and a litter of seven golden retriever mix puppies who didn’t have any water. When provided with water, the state report noted that the puppies “were observed lapping the water nonstop” as if very thirsty. At a prior visit in June 2013, a state investigator found numerous dogs with health issues, including two dogs with open sores; numerous dogs with “hair loss, areas of red skin with small bumps, cracked and open areas of skin, and scratching observed;” and several dogs with fly-bitten ears which “can be painful and irritating, ” according to the inspection report. The report also noted that several dogs had such long curling toenails that it could cause difficulty walking, many dogs did not have adequate space or protection from the weather, and the kennel’s veterinary records were not up to date, among other problems. However, on their website Cornerstone Farms claims to be “AAA Rated by Inspectors.”
Cornerstone Farms has more than 500 dogs and puppies on the premises, according to Missouri state records. It sells nine different varieties of puppies online at, yet HSUS researchers could find no indication that they are federally licensed to do so. The USDA retail rule, which went into effect in November 2013, requires breeders who sell puppies sight-unseen, such as over the Internet, to obtain a USDA license and be regularly inspected under the federal Animal Welfare Act, yet no federal licenses under the Ritter name nor under Cornerstone Farms were found by HSUS researchers as of 4/18/14.
An eyewitness reported Cornerstone Farms to The HSUS and to local law enforcement. The witness reported that this facility houses hundreds of dogs in substandard conditions. In a statement provided to law enforcement, the witness declared that the operators routinely shoot unwanted dogs and bury them on the property. Local law enforcement declined to take action. Reports about these concerns have been filed with the USDA and the local Department of Agriculture"

Please do not be fooled. These people are bad, inhumane, breeders of over 500 dogs. They cannot sugar coat this any longer. Karma.

Jul 01, 2014
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  • Ry
      Jan 10, 2019

    I would like to file a complaint against Debra Ritter she sold me a sick puppy and will not respond back to me

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