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Unpaid Wages and Payroll Problems
I truly believe in the original mission & purpose of Cora, LLC – and still do to this day, even though I am no longer there. I too am very upset by the matters occurring within the company. When I first started I thought it was going to be great to be able to have a little extra money in my pocket to help meet the needs of my family. I spent money to create my office space, and had internet service hooked up – and where did my investment go? Nowhere… it left me further behind in my bills and struggling even harder to survive. It took time away from my family and they became upset when I had nothing to show for it in the form of a paycheck. Most people believe that when you get a job and go to work – you get paid – and you shouldn’t have to ask and beg for your paycheck. It is something you are legally entitled to especially when you have signed agreements and contracts to work for the employer. I find it disturbing to think that the CEO of this company seems to think that “no employer owes you a living” - and they can’t seem to understand why people are so upset and making such negative comments. People are upset because they believed they would have a job and get paid on a weekly basis as in outlined on Cora LLC’s payroll/timecard policy statement, and are told during the interview process. Instead people end up being faced with having to beg for their checks and sending in emails crying hardship and destitution to the payroll department- and many of them have gone unheard – as I have spoken to one individual who is owed over $2000 in paychecks, and another is owed at least $1000, for more than two months of work – they sent in emails – and no one has gotten back to them. Oh and another thing – the CEO had the dandiest of ideas to post the employee’s name of who would be issued a check for the week on the company dashboard – what a great way to breed more hostility amongst the employees, as some would get upset because their name was not on the dashboard, and end up bad mouthing their co-worker receiving a check, no matter how big or small that check was.
I really don’t want to get into a tangent here and start “bashing” the company – truthfully I really loved it there – but could no longer tolerate the poisonous atmosphere being generated by the fact very few have gotten their checks. It truly is an awful and sad situation for so many great and talented people that have worked there and still work there. I have been wondering about a comment though in the past few days and that is the comment by the CEO written in words across the internal company dashboard… “Your actions have made me realize, my dream will not be accomplished as I once thought.”… Does the CEO expect people to work for free and not abide by the contractual obligations as set forth and advertised through the vocational rehabilitation agencies across this country? I don’t think these agencies have been told the truth as to why they have paid the $3500 fee per person to be “hired” by this company. If they knew they were paying that amount of money to help one person accomplish their “dream” they would be mad too… The “dream” is a great idea, but people need their paychecks.
My final message here … if you find yourself in the position where you are completely frustrated by Cora LLC, and need some help and don’t know where to turn, I believe I can find help you find the help you need. Don’t become a victim by what has happened here, be strong, and become a survivor… please feel free to email me at . Thank you.

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      12th of Sep, 2009
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    I too was an employee of CORA. CORA made many promises of training, mentoring, and job placement that NEVER happened. CORA also advised they had 100's, sometimes 1, 000's of jobs for us and that NEVER happened. Training was a joke! You can't switch people from one job to the next on a daily basis and expect them to excel. I moved my way through the ranks; Assistant Team Leader, Team Leader, Project Manager, Administrative Assistant, ect. I was privy, first-hand to the disgusting, often abusive treatment that IMS and upper management would subject it's employees to on a daily basis. I became more and more disillusioned as the treatment and expectations grew worse. I expressed my concerns to management, team leaders, and in written form. Then May began and the delay of checks and if you were lucky enough to receive one several weeks would bounce. No apologies have EVER been made to any employees. At first IMS would blame employees saying they filled time cards out incorrectly and that was the reason checks were delayed. Then she blamed it problems with the time card company. Then she stopped direct deposit and said checks would be mailed. I new this meant they could blame it on the mail system (which they did many times, "We cannot control the mail.") Then she blamed it on vendors saying THEY were the ones sending them "bad" checks. Then it was again the employees fault for complaining to their VR counselors about not getting paid and that the states were withholding payments.

    IMS would threaten employees with termination if they went to VR counselors with concerns. HELLO! We followed chain-of-command...expressed concerns in written form on Employee Board, we expressed concerns with team leaders, managers, management...guess what? It is our right to go to our VR counselors at that point! IMS and CORA NEVER addressed our concerns sufficiently. After waiting for NSF reimbursement and several checks, talking with VR counselor, Senator, ect., I gave my notice and was advised that the situation would be investigated.

    You know what is truly sad? I believed in CORA and what they promised. I trusted CORA and IMS to fulfill what she had promised to her employees and their VR counselors. I do know that you can't run a business by threatening, degrading, and humilating your employees. I do know that positive encouragement goes further than negative criticism on a consistent basis. I do know that you must keep new employees in a position longer than a day or week or even month if you expect them to do a good job. I do know that before you get a new client that you should make damn sure you have trained those employees appropriately before throwing them into a position that welcomes failure. You can't train a person in 20minutes to do a good job. Lastly, you must PAY your employees on time as promised! You cannot expect employees not to be upset working for free, while you verbally abuse them and talk badly about others. That's just BAD management. We are now in September and I know for a fact that furloughed employees are owed up to 5 or more weeks of pay and are still waiting. Why do I know this? Because we form bonds with each other and develop friendships outside of work and unlike CORA, we mentor and support each other in a crisis.

    I hope that CORA gets their act together and takes this critism and if they are to survive in the business world assisting disabled individuals, please take some classes on the appropriate to manage and critic your employees without being verbally abusive.

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      13th of Sep, 2009
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    EVEN THOUGH...I still to this day truly love the mission that Cora originally founded itself upon... but there have been horrible mistakes that have gotten far out of control and so many people have been hurt! Yes, the ecomony is bad, and even state and federal employees are being furloughed also to help compensate their budgets - however those employees are paid up to date! I find it incredibly fustrating that "the company" will still try to parade around and pretend like nothing is wrong to the outside world!

    The latest news I saw is that Ilene Morris-Sambur has made the following request to help Neil Romano for an event that he will be lecturing at... JAN’s 25th Anniversary at the US BLN Conference September 15-18, 2009... this was request was written by IMS very recently as follows;

    If any employee has experience making short videos, please contact me immediately at

    We need to make a 3 minute video for Neil Romano to show as keynote speaker at a conference which will include 5, 500 businesses!

    We can use gotowebinar to record if all else fails. Video must be completed by noon tomorow.

    Thanks for your help in advance,



    You have got to be kidding me! The due date from the time she posted that was less than 48 hours away! It takes alot more time than that to put together a good quality 3 minute video! And why was this not planned further in advance when the conference date was posted on August 12, 2009 on the JAN Blog (Job Accomodation Network) with it already set that Neil Romano was going to be speaking?

    Nothing about this company is ever thoroughly thought out and planned and things are always disorganized and requests are always made at the eleventh hour before something important needs to be taken care of!

    Well, I hope this event really helps Cora I really do! But find that the following needs to be addressed at this conference and I hope that someone inquires about it...

    ...Several individuals are perplexed and would like to inquire as to why Mr. Neil Romano has been labeled the CEO for Creating Opportunites by Recognizing Abilities (CORA) for this event? When we worked for CORA we were given the information that Ilene Morris-Sambur is the CEO and that Mr. Romano is the President… even the website advertises Ilene Morris-Sambur as the CEO and founder of CORA and that Mr. Romano is the president of this company.

    Now to report a situation about CORA… CORA has “furloughed” many individuals and CORA has printed many checks with check numbers and not sent these checks out to the employees because CORA claims to have no money. Employees are being evicted from their homes, getting their utilities shut off, even losing a great deal of weight because they can not afford to buy food. This is a very sad and tragic thing happening with this company… and someone needs to shed light on the situation.

    Many individuals are reporting when they try to contact the Cora Payroll/HR department in the form of an email about the whereabouts of their checks (they can also get this information about these paychecks online to see when they were processed) no one responds to them. Some people have checks that have not been sent to them that go as far back as May of this year, and many people are reporting this company and filing complaints to their State Labor Standards Bureau about their past due paychecks.

    We sincerely hope that this event will shed some light and truth on what is taking place with CORA. And we also hope the people who worked for this company will finally get their paychecks that have been processed weeks ago, sent to them.

    Please don’t mistake us for disgruntled employees… all of us enjoyed working for this company… we just want and need what it due to us according to what we have in our records and that is our checks. If Mr. Romano is actually the CEO of CORA – could someone associated with this event inquire about the status of the employees paychecks and why they are not being sent out? Thank you!


    Now I don't know if this will help or hinder the situation at hand... but the people deserve the truth!

  • Wh
      17th of Sep, 2009
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    We have started a support site for CORA Survivors and you are welcome!
    We look forward to seeing you there.

  • Wh
      1st of Nov, 2009
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    Just wanted to let CORA survivors; past, current, and future know that we have a new website community set-up that will allow you to vent, communicate, share, laugh and cry with others that share common-grounds. Share your stories, share your life, share your future...all are welcome!

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