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CORA LLC / stop covering

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To address some of the comments made by jeff, I know for a fact there is more then a few people on a fulough and one of the them was done with out any notice to any one untill the day before. Some of us x employees put are heart and soul in to this and to only have it crushed. You know as well as I do you can train people on one job or project and then turn around and train them on another and think they are going to make any kinda of quotas when they have 50 states to look for what ever projec they are doing have they have look at the state for months and think that they are going to get any where or the times that the porject changed 4 times in one week. Or when you get told one thing and it is never happens. How is it fair that we did what we were told and then find out it was not good enough or to find out they wanted you gone cause you knew to much. Or to get told you to take more meds cause you not thinking right. How is it fair to the vr office when they are told one thing to only find out it is untrue to I was told my lap top would work for cora only to find out after my 90 days that we were have to have 2nd life and you guessed it my lap top could not by up graded and I with my own money had to get a brand new desk top then after you but it get told in an email that there is no work we will send and email I wait for that email for one hold month not doing any thing but waiting. Then to find out they want me back as an ra when I had worked my way up to 30 hours plus and was a project manger and did a great job at it better then they thought I could do listed below is my reason why I qiut. I so had my heart set on this thing too but we are just not a few x-employee upset with cora we are more then I think you will know and one day jeff your day will come were you are not the poster boy you will miss up and you will be furlough with out notice too... Once you start askind the wrong???'s you will be next.

The list of my reasons!!!
You cant promise people the work and the money then pull the rug out form them

May 15, 2009
Ilene morris-sambur
Cora, llc ceo
541 berkshire valley road
Wharton, nj 07885

Dear ms. Morris-sambur,
I am writing this with a heavy heart. I came to work for cora in august 2008. I was extremely excited about my job. I was told that after I proved myself that I would be making $9.00 – $13.00 an hour and up to 40 hours per week. I was to be working making cold calls, to the chamber of commerce in whichever state I was given. After making calls for two days, I was given the position of ra. Within one week I was made team leader. After one week of being a team leader I was asked if I had any qc experience. I stated; that I felt based on my previous work experience that I did have the qualifications. When I was put into the qc department I was made supervisor. I was given 30 hours a week and got a dollar an hour raise. Because qc was only open from 8:00 am – 1:00 pm, I was not getting my 30 hours a week. I was able to make up the hours in the sales department doing research on old leads that had come through before the qc department was established. My job entailed making calls to see if the phone numbers were valid, verifying addresses and contact persons. During all of this time I never received any formal training that was discussed with me and my dvr. My job in qc lasted about four months and the qc department was made null and void, as the company was changing direction.
When the qc department closed, I was made a project manager for the remote worker program. I had to make calls to those that were on hold, due to needing equipment or it access. The people that were able to either work on a computer, at a location other than their home or using an older computer, I would then send emails with the links needed to work. Once this was done my team would then train the people on their new position as an ra. I brought in so many people able to work that we were training on four different addition to the remote worker program being put on hold, I was assisting in cleaning up the database when the furlough was put into place and my hours were cut. They went from 30 to 15 to 0. I was sent an email on march 31th stating “due to reconstruction (cora and projects) there will be no work today. We will advise you later today/tonight for any new updates.” the email came in a half an hour before I was to begin my shift. To this day, the email has never come about returning to work.
I have had several phone calls in the recent weeks asking if I was coming back to work. Each time I stated that I wanted to speak with mary jo or anyone in upper management in the hr department, to find out why things have turned the way they have with no explanation. I did find out that my new position was to be a sales consultant. I went from being head of qc to a project manager to a caller, with no explanation, rhyme, or reason. On top of that no one from upper management will speak to me about this. Being out of work for a month and a half with no explanation has made feel as though the company does not really care about the disabled workers, as they claimed by cora management. No one ever bothered to call and find out if I was doing ok, let alone talk about coming to work.

Because of the lack of communication, financial distress, and emotional hardship this has put on me, I am tendering my resignation effective 29 may, 2009.


Tammy wieting

As for who is another cora surviors is well it is me tammy wieting im not afarid to my name here

For the one that seem to love cora sooooooooooo much and want to down grade the ones that have complained or think we dont the a mind to know what was done to us I want to know have you gotten your checks are you bills being paid in a timely matter and if you have your bill paid for the work you have done then why is that some are owed 1, 000 of dollars from cora and it should not matter what we spend our money on it is our money we worked for it I also know that some of you dont need the money as your have others in the home that help you. So untill you have been told by hr that you have to wait your turn and your turn never comes. You still have pay your bill now matter what they are but you cant cause you have a company that cant even get their story straight.

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      17th of Sep, 2009
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    We have started a support site for CORA Survivors and you are welcome!
    We look forward to seeing you there.

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      1st of Nov, 2009
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    Just wanted to let CORA survivors; past, current, and future know that we have a new website community set-up that will allow you to vent, communicate, share, laugh and cry with others that share common-grounds. Share your stories, share your life, share your future...all are welcome!

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