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CORA LLC / Employees haven't been paid in nearly 2 months, CEO threatening to fire people for complaining about the company.

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This company only hires disabled people to work remotely for many of us this is our only chance of employment. The CEO says it's a privilege for us to work there and be paid. The president/CEO of our company is Neil Romano, who is the former Assistant U.S. Secretary of Labor Neil Romano, who has never once stepped in to intervene, or even address anything going on in the company, in fact no employee I know has ever seen, heard, or spoken to the man. In the past when the CEO(Ilene Morris Sambur) was angry at employees she stopped sending checks for at least 2 weeks. None of the employees have been paid since early June, and the issue wasn't even addressed until 2 weeks ago, most of us have had bounced checks. We were told people who left complaints on our quickbase site would be terminated, and also if you asked too many questions, or emailed about paychecks, and other company problems that you would also be terminated. Since we haven't been paid, they continue to hire new employees through vocational rehabilitation offices every week. During a webinar with the entire company after someone’s check bounced, which bounced their own checks, she said she shouldn’t have to pay that person back because they were buying frivolous things from a specific store, which is absurd we should be able to spend our money on anything we want because we earned it, but she acts as if we didn’t even earn the money, but she had to pay us. They finally put most of the employees on furlough until further notice, but expect employees to work in volunteer positions. It is insisted upon that we have good company morale, and if we choose to go against this she threatens termination. Since our paychecks started bouncing, and we stopped receiving checks she continually tells us that this is a normal course of business, and not to tell our vocational rehabilitation counselors (their biggest client). These people are taking advantage of the fact that we are all disabled and most of us can't even employment, or unemployment, some of us can't even get disability. Ilene Morris Sambur told us while we're on furlough to apply for unemployment, which is ridiculous, because she won't let but a few employees (the higher ups) work more than 15 hours a week, and in most states you can't get unemployment at such low hours. We were promised that at the end of our 90 day training period that we would be placed in positions, however there weren't jobs to put us in, so instead she put us on furlough (but some of us haven't worked in 2 months) while every Monday she starts to train a new batch of people that the company is paid $3, 500 a piece from the government vocational rehabilitation department. During this time of furlough we are expected to attend daily webinars, one of which is a prayer meeting for a terminally ill employee, and wants us to work on a volunteer basis in the meantime. She treats her employees, and the business itself as if they are there to benefit her and her alone, disregarding any ill effects of that her actions have on the lives of her disabled employees. This does not just effect me this effects hundreds of disabled destitute individuals, their children, and their families. We can't put gas in our cars, food on our plates, buy school supplies for our children, and so far no organization that has been contacted has attempted to assist.

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  • Jg
      10th of Aug, 2009
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    My name is Joel H. Goldstein, and unlike the commentator that wrote this horrific description about CORA, LLC, I am not afraid to enter my name here...rather than hide behind the "black mask" of any pseudonym. Its so very easy to "throw stones" when you are a disgruntled worker who has been treated justly by an employer that isn't satisfied with your work ethic or work product. The facts are somewhat different when spoken by an employee, such as myself, who has been treated well because I have established myself as a valued asset to the corporation that employs me. CORA, LLC is an excellent company for whom to work. While it may be true that CORA is experiencing the same economic problems that the whole country is suffering through, it is far from the "ogre-driven, uncaring or fraudulent" corporation that this "RaggedyAnn" has described it as. Its CEO is Ilene of the kindest, most caring, intelligent woman one would ever want to meet. Her credentials are impeccable and unimpeachable, her behavior is well within the norms of any corporate head trying hard to keep their company fully functioning while battling government cut-backs that have greatly impacted it. Neil Romano is the President of CORA, and I have personally spoken with him on several occasions since he came "on-board" several months ago. The fact that "RaggedyAnn" hasn't is merely a demonstration of the non-administrative position that this individual must have held in the corporate structure. I am one of the many employees that have been recognized for my abilities and have risen through the ranks to a point at which I've had the privilege to speak with Mr. Romano...who is a true gentleman and a pleasure to know. CORA's issue with payroll is a direct result of a slanderous campaign to sully its name by people such as "RaggedyAnn" which have resulted in some State Vocational Rehabilitation Agencies to withhold their funding from CORA while these matters are "investigated". CORA functions at a VERY, VERY low profit margin. Virtually ALL of its funding goes directly to the Disabled individuals it employs. CORA represents the cutting edge in Remote Telework...not everyone that is referred to us can handle the intense use of computing technology. These are people who have used outside help to pass the screening procedures CORA uses to identify people who will not succeed at this type of employment..."RaggedyAnn" is apparently one of these persons. His/her failure to remain successfully employed is undoubtedly behind the comments left here. If you want the truth about CORA, LLC ask someone who is not ashamed to put his name on his comments. I can be reached at

  • Al
      10th of Aug, 2009
    -2 Votes

    Hello my name is Alida Gamberella, I work very closely with Ilene Morris Sambur. What the complaint fails to mention is that the daily webinars are company updates on how far we have come in getting payroll updated. Its not mandatory eveyone attends. But it is used to answer most of the emails that flood us daily. Instead of taking 6 hours to answer each email, Ilene addresses the questions all at once. Now we can stop the webinars and answer the questions one by one, even though they are the same questions over and over again, and spend our entire day on that, or we can give it to you all at once and get on with getting the company running smoothly again.

    The webinars for the terminally ill employee is also voluntary not mandatory, which the complaint concerning that, clearly demonstrates the ability of the complainer to follow directions and actually listen to whats going on. Bluntly : They can't.

    As far as accessability to Neil Romano. This complaint also clearly demonstrates the limited experience this person has in the corporate world. Unless you are on the board of executives you don't encounter the president of the company.

    Payroll issues: Our payroll issues are being addressed daily, hourly, by the minute, and every second. We have requested that employees with medication issues, utility issues, and rent issues to email payroll with details, But we are not going to help someone pay for victoria secret.
    Yes you can spend your money anyway you like, but if you decide on a clothes instead of food or medications then thats your responsibility. CORA is not responsible for making it's employees responsible.

    Vocational Rehabilitations Counselors: What is being told to the employee's is. Complain to us first, If you are not satisfied then by all means tell your counselor. Every employee has access to Quickbase employee communications site. They list their complaints there and they are then addressed on a personal level.

    Volunteer workers: Its just that. Volunteering. No one is expected to do it. It is given as an option, nothing else.
    Again this clearly shows the inability of the complainer to LISTEN.

    Distitute employees: To our knowledge no one at CORA is destitute. If there are, they didnt say anything. Again we have requested people with these types of issues to email payroll.

    Those of us who work the long hours do this for each and every employee. Not for Ilene Morris Sambur. She is a wonderful Lady. But the concept behind CORA is to create opportunties for those disabled individuals who cannot work outside of their homes. And we are doing just that. Yes we have hit some snags lately. But honestly what company hasn't in these times.

    As far as morale, we try to keep morale up so our employees do not get discouraged. When someone starts spreading malicious and hurtful things, they dont realize who they are actually hurting. Yes its CORA to some extent. But you are also taking away alot of people's last hope.

    So If anyone has anymore complaints or questions please feel free to email me at and I will gladly answer them.

  • Ad
      10th of Aug, 2009
    +1 Votes

    As a ex-employee If I had the chance to work there again I wouldnt even for VERY HIGH pay. I personally wouldnt recommend it to anyone. I didnt have to say anything the companies actions speak for itself as many employees have said and spoken. Here is mine I know I asked many times for help and instead of being treated like "sure let me show you how its done" (note im one who learns quickly and was even noted for it). Many times I was treated like I was wasting things or a total screw up. Anyone here can say they dont do that. Then you tell me how many times the CEO walked away from these wabinars angry. How many times she dumped things on people when they already had overbaring amount to do and was expect to do the job of many people when its easlily known they will not get it done. I saw personally several people I worked with overloaded in work and were in fear that they would be fired. This is not how you work with disabled people. If its about money and it takes more to run the business then sadly less people will have to work. I dont even want to get into the times we have gotten to work and been told were going to be off for weeks, or days. Then they just expect us to come back and be ok. Everyday was like coming to work drawing from a hat as to who and what were going to be doing and if we didnt magically know something we never did "ohh it was burn in hell", I experienced it and I seen many others to. Its been written more then enough times about how this was. People and myself being written up on jobs for my first time and had never done it before.

    I can remember going to training and being told by the lead "to do it this way" then go to the room and its told to to it another way. Then the next day its go back and the next its something else. I can remember I wanted to scream "WHICH WAY IS IT". I can remember starting to make friends off work time and soon and we would all talk about the same problems and all of us (some very experinced in the work force) could not believe how crappy at times we got treated. While I was never anything special, I didnt expect to be treated special I just was happy to work and finally able to do something again. I really thought it was going to be something, I was wrong.

  • Sl
      10th of Aug, 2009
    -2 Votes

    My name is Shawn Lehrke. I've worked for CORA since November 2008, and this is my story.

    I am visually impaired. In my case, what you see isn't always what you get. Before I came on board with CORA, I hadn't worked in years. There really wasn't anything I could do outside my home. I don't drive, and rely on my family for much support. Working for CORA has been a privilege and an honor. During the good times and the bad, CORA has been there for me, as I have for it. CORA gives me a sense of accomplishment, a drive to do better, and a reason to get up in the morning, as it does most people in my situation.

    You might ask why I stand behind CORA and its CEO, Ms. Illene Morris-Sambur. I'll tell you why. It's simple. I believe in what CORA stands for. Mark my words...some day very soon, RaggedyAnn, you'll be regretting your words here in this forum. CORA will rise from the so-called ashes, and be a household name. CORA will be making money hand-over-fist, and you won't be a part of it.

    What CORA is doing is more than helping disabled people. It's much bigger than that. CORA is helping AMERICA! CORA is helping America regain it's pride and independence. We are bringing work back to our country, and proving that it can be done much better, and much cheaper than offshore. You wait. It is happening as I type this, and when all is said and done, it will be people like you, with nothing better to do than slander others to make yourself feel better, who will be begging to come back to get your piece of the pie. But, it will be too late. CORA doesn't need people like you. CORA will thrive because of people like me, and Joel Goldstein, and Alida Gamberella, and most of all, because of Illene Morris-Sambur herself. People like us work hard to help others, not hurt them.

    I'm not going to defend the issues with payroll, or the webinars that are not mandatory, or try to change your mind about anything you've complained about above. It really doesn't matter what your opinions are. Everyone has them, and is entitled to their own. What I will do is tell you that despite what you've tried to do here, CORA will succeed. There will be many, many more special needs Americans to come through the doors of CORA and find employment. Some will succeed and some will fail, but that is expected with any job. You either have what it takes, which obviously you did not, or you don't. It's that simple.

    One last thing: I challenge anyone who might have a complaint about CORA, to stop being cowardly and post your names with your complaints. Stand up for what you believe in. My guess is that most of the complainers will not put a name to their post because they really don't have a leg to stand on.

  • Ba
      11th of Aug, 2009
    -2 Votes

    My name is Barbara Poe, unlike Raggedy Ann and Advil PM, I am proud to put my name here. The statements Raggedy Ann put on her comments is a FLAT OUT LIE!!! I'm not sure where she got her information, but she certainly didn't get this information from the Webinar's, that CEO Ilene Morris Sambur has held everyday, to keep everyone informed on all areas of Cora. As for the comment about not talking to your counselor, ALL COUNSELOR'S are invited to listen to every webinar Ilene has had. I have been with Cora for 1 year now, and have worked in all area's, including training and project manager. People like Raggedy Ann, and Advil PM, DON'T follow instructions. Which is why they have all the facts wrong. I know this because of the comments that were made by both of them.

    I work very hard everyday, by listening and folowing instructions. Why does people like Raggedy Ann and Advil PM, think Cora is any different then jobs they would work in a brick and mortar building. Cora has experienced set backs, like many Companies today. The only difference, Cora is not getting a hand out from the Government, and working long and hard hours to fix all problems, including resolving payroll issues. Ms. Sambur, and Management continue to work long, and hard hours to address all issues, and make Cora even better then ever. Raggedy Ann, did you follow instructions and apply for all the open positions that are available? Did you go to one of many interviews? Advil PM, I noticed you stated you were an EX-EMPLOYEE OF CORA...that tells me everything I need to know.

    Cora will continue to grow, and be bigger and better then ever. I am proud to say I will still be here, and glad people like Raggedy Ann, and Advil PM will not. We need people who can help resolve problems, not create them. But you can read about us, or watch us on your TV screen. Ilene Morris Sambur has a dream...I'm just glad to be apart of that dream!!!

  • Ad
      11th of Aug, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I wish to respond since my situation has been questioned. I was not fired from Cora, I stated ex-employee as I no longer work there. I choose to leave after speaking with my VR counselor about my situation. I actually talked to them (VR counselor) twice, a month into working and they (VR counselor) told me Coraworks was growing faster than it expected. It would take some time but things were to be better in the long run. Then after sticking it out cause I really wanted to work (and needing money). I was moved all over and over and having basically no training, these quick webinars didn’t do it. I can remember so many times people (me included) after webinars saying "she did it so fast how do we do it again". I even remember we had people who didn’t even know much if really anything about computers/internet and id see team leaders having to help them the whole day. While I would want anyone to be able to work as again this Coraworks is a GREAT idea, I saw too many times it fail and to be honest it came from the boss’s cause of a lack of a better system.

    I wish also note if my name is John or Jane what would it matter. It still doesn’t answer anything that is taking place within the company and how it’s being dealt to people. You spend more time complaining about "people hiding" then solving the issues at hand which is the main Coraworks issue, attacking rather than resolving as even I tried to do with no answer. I would send stuff to HR and would get well get back to you. Somehow I would be forgotten. I did get a reply once and was told they are VERY busy and would get to me when they could. It never happened. I’d go to the HR chat room and be told to go to my regular room till they had time. It never happened.

    When I left it was sad, I lost many people I enjoyed working with. This really seemed like the only good thing that came from Coraworks. I am now working part time in a job that treats me MUCH better. I am happier to not feel the questions of am I doing it right and stress of being written up if I’m not doing good enough when I’m REALLY TRYING. They trained me well and even gave me a person to call during work and off work that I could talk to if need be. While every place is different and I am very lucky. The example I’m seeing here can be used at Coraworks by attitude and learning.

    i don’t want Coraworks to fail, and if you feel that’s all I want then you are not looking to solve the issues. I want Coraworks to make it but right, but not like it is. Serious changes are needed and many things need done. I know it’s going to affect many people. So my question is how Coraworks expects to fix things like. Training? Attitude? Payroll? Jobs?

    Blame on it on who you want but it does nothing, only serious actions will speak louder than words.

  • Jm
      11th of Aug, 2009
    -1 Votes

    My name is Jeff Muilenburg. I am a quadriplegic and have been employed with Cora for almost a year and a half. I feel it's sad that people have to go out and complain about certain situations, such as what I have seen here. When you do this I feel you do more harm than good, not to the company itself but instead to other individuals currently working and looking to be employed by that company, especially when you don't fully understand the situation.

    In the situation, it appears that there are a couple of disgruntled people that feel they were mistreated by Cora. Instead of looking back at the situation and addressing it in an appropriate manner they chose to use slander and badmouth a former employee of theirs that is currently helping hundreds and will help countless numbers of people find and fulfill their dream of employment within a difficult work force. Just like any other company not everyone is going to be happy. Unfortunately, for some people, instead of trying to move on and make things better for themselves they choose to badmouth and speak ill, non-truths, about their former employer.

    Have things been tough at Cora? Sure at times, but with Ilene following her vision and her determination to keep this company going in a positive direction Cora is going to succeed, no matter what complaints come about. Cora is currently going in a slightly different directions and will continue to give those that are willing, to go through a rough patch or two, a great opportunity to succeed with finding employment.

    Cora did have to furlough people, but this was done to better the company and to help them get the payroll situation caught up. All of these furloughed people now have the opportunity, again, to work in one way or another with Cora. It may be a commission only project or it may be one of the many new opportunities that open up each day. Keep in mind that not all of these employees can be brought on at one time, but the current management staff are working extremely hard to get them back working as soon as possible.

    As far as some comments about not making quotas, every company needs to have certain guidelines to follow and have certain expectations of their employees. It is unfortunate that not everybody will be able to meet or exceed expectations, and it is also unfortunate that some people feel that they need their handheld through every step of the process. Even after they have had substantial training certain individuals, unfortunately, feel that they need to be catered to every step of the way even though there are numerous other employees that need assistance as well. I truly wish that everyone that came to Cora would succeed but sadly that will not be the case, as we have seen.

    Cora has turned my life around for the better and I am truly grateful for that. I will continue to work with Cora no matter the negative remarks that may come about by disgruntled employees, because I know the side of Cora that truly cares and wants to help people succeed in a difficult time within a struggling economy and work force, as much as they can. That time complaining and making negative comments may be better spent by trying to find situations that better fit their needs.

    For those of you that may have read the negative comments in this post, and are currently employed with Cora or considering future employment with Cora, I hope you look at your needs and your situation to determine what is best for you. It would be a shame to let a couple of disgruntled employees make up your mind for you, as Cora is full of happily employed successful individuals.

  • Br
      12th of Aug, 2009
    -2 Votes

    My name is Bryan Corum and I work for CORA. I am disabled, and I have been for nearly three years. I have learned a lot in that time. Some of the things I have learned or seen more clearly in this time: It's okay to struggle. It's okay to have and face problems, daily. We need adversity to learn and grow. If life were perfect, it would be boring.

    Because of a bewildering quirk of human nature (which we all have), sometimes I forget some of the following things that I have known for a long time: It is not okay to be angry. It is not okay to maliciously create discord. It is not okay to hold grudges. Negative energy is not healthy.

    If you have made a decision to move on, please do that - move on and find your peace. Don't dwell on what has been; focus on what will be.

    Last year I wrote the words below for our youngest daughter on the occasion of her high school graduation. They seem apropos here:

    To see a thing for what it’s not
    And not for what it is
    May change its nature, change its spots
    Then what it’s not, it is

    To be in dark, with airy light
    The mind illuminates
    A buoyant flare ignites new sight
    The spirit levitates

    To vindicate, requite, avenge
    A grievous injury
    Ease up, relax, reduce, unhinge
    Set free with dignity

    To hope, to soar with boundless strength
    To dream reality
    Approach, repose, reflect at length
    Enthused vitality

    To recognize that you are great
    Find your humility
    Find balance and appreciate
    Your wealthy vibrancy

    To find the truth amongst the lies
    Seek help and listen well
    See what you see through others eyes
    Decide, move on, don’t dwell

    To do what’s right and meaningful
    Use passionate control
    Be clear, sincere, and credible
    Find your creative role

    To suffer loss and bear the pain
    To have to tough it out
    With time the hurt becomes arcane
    Within becomes without

    To have some fun, to sing and dance
    Yet not break all the rules
    Don’t be afraid to take a chance
    You’ll find we all are fools

    To find a peace, complete and whole
    That will not come apart
    You must dance deep, within your soul
    And sing within your heart

  • +3 Votes

    I agree with Raggedy Ann. I work at cora and am waiting to be paid many weeks of pay. I am disabled and cora got $3500 from my voc. rehab. person and I havent even made back that money before cora cut my job after my 90 days were up. how many people really got jobs that lasted more then 90 days or stable jobs after cora got all this money for over 400 plus employees as said in the webinars. I am afraid of losing my job because I need to buy my medicine. Thanks RaggedyAnn, you said the truth.

  • Ti
      15th of Aug, 2009
    +4 Votes

    Found this late at night and am very tired, and I am still involved with Cora, ...But not much longer!!! When I get my pay, if I ever do, I will be gone. I will be back to share my, not so good views, but yes, I am behind Raggedy Ann 110%. You said it just like it is, good for you, I will be back here to tell my story, that is pretty much all on the same lines as Raggedy Ann. I hope others just like us follow and share their complaints also.

  • 2d
      16th of Aug, 2009
    +3 Votes

    CORA really sucks. Management will say that because all of them have jobs and all they do is kiss IMS's ###.

    I still work for CORA, I have never seen or worked for a more backward and disorganized company before.

    For all of you that disagree with Raggedy Ann, you really are sick. Get your head out of your ### or out of IMS's.

    If CORA is having payroll issues, WHY are they still hiring new employees each week??? They can't afford to finish paying the employees on furlough. I have still yet to receive 3 paychecks from them. Where is all the money that she is getting from DVR?? In her own pockets? It sure as hell not coming to us.

    Since my experience with CORA, I have been moved from dept to dept, room to room (all in the same week) and never in the same dept each week. So if you learned it one way, you sure as hell learned it differently the next day or the next week. Talk about confusing and very frustrating.

    For the personnal that disagreed. I did take excellent notes, listened well, never once said anything negative to employees at work, got along great with my co-workers, followed directions well, applied for jobs (that I don't even believe are even exist) did everything I was told. I then was told by two persons in management lets just say "negativity and others things that were really bad and then they denied it" pretty sad when I have it in writing. They said that they would never say that or be that mean or cruel - yeah right.

    If it doesn't concern them, they do not care. I have issues and concerns and brought it to there attention through emails, chat rooms and QB and nothing.

    I have attended the meetings and it is bull. IMS should not be spreading all that negativity ### about employees or employees saying negative feedback to their counselor that we should be going to CORA first. ###.

    CORA sign an agreement with DVR and they are probably in violation.

    We may work at CORA but if it wasn't for the employees and the DVR there would be NO CORA.

    When we start with the DVR we have to tell them the truth about everything. If we don't we get pulled from the DVR. I am not going to risk my involvement with DVR (I had to wait 2 years before they could get to me that is how long the waiting period is for me) for CORA. DVR has done more for me than CORA has ever done.

    IMS has said that we have to stop the negative feedback about CORA and she will even consider putting everyone on furlough. I really think she better consider the source. The real world companies have even treated me better than she has. That's saying a lot.

  • Wo
      18th of Aug, 2009
    -5 Votes

    wow, to be honest, i can understand why people that are complaining aren't willing to share their names, so i'm not gonna harp on that, i understand they have no desire to incur the wrath IF what they say is true, and to be honest, they may be liable if their words are scrutinized closely, because it almost sounds like they are accusing CORA of running a PONZI scheme, and that, (if insinuated, and untrue), may have serious repercussions! The only other problem i have with the concealment of names, is it does make it difficult to know if the postings are one person, re-registering over, and over, just to add credence by number, or truly a number of separate people. I am concerned, as i have recently been hired by CORA, and before i went this route, i carefully researched the company for complaints like this, and found none, so i can see how these remarks CAN affect, and cause harm to this company, since i "probably" wouldn't have continued to pursue this organization with these postings. I am hopeful that this is exaggerated, and or cleared up quickly, and the company succeeds, as few things would make me happier! My own personal, (although admittedly limited exposure) with this company, has thus far been pleasant, and problem free, and i hope it continues this way.

  • Tr
      18th of Aug, 2009
    +5 Votes

    I agree 100 percent with Raggedy Ann. CORA took advantage of me and many other disabled people, plus they took tax payer money and abused it. Further, they treated us all terribly. If I were spoken to in a real rather than virtual workplace, in the same manner as I was at CORA, I feel it would have been considered discrimination and workplace harassment as well as creating a toxic work envirnoment. Let me explain. I was spoken to as if I were a child, because I am disabled. I was spoken to as if I were just "lucky" to have anyone willing to employ me, because I am disabled. I was told that I should be grateful and that I would never succeed with out CORA, because I am disabled. I was spoken to by managers who used foul and offensive language. I was put down over and over again. I was shamed in front of other employees as were many others. We were even told these words by a manager WHO HAS POSTED COMMENTS ON THIS SITE defending CORA- "Sit Down and Shut Up!" Further, let me say that it has absolutely nothing to do with employee performance, as managers have insinuated on this site. Disabled people are paid for by tax payer money through each state, in the amount of approx. $3, 500 per person which is paid to CORA usually in installments, and then CORA keeps us for 90 days so they make sure to receive all of their money from the governemt, then they cut us all loose and even refuse to pay us the money we earned while working. Our questions about this are either answered with anger and shaming tactics, or just not answered at all. I am owed many checks for many hours of work. Also, let me clarify that I personaly know the people who have posted complaints about CORA here, and it IS NOT one person posting is all indeviduals who are fed up. CORA is continueing the "people mill" as we speak. They hire new people all the time. Taking tax payer money for each one. They will use and abuse them too, I have no doubt of this. I would NEVER post this unless I felt it is absolutely true and necissary. Because I am the little guy, and have no real way to fight this big company, I am doing my part by notifying others to what the real deal is on CORA. I fully expect to be torn apart by CORA management for what I have said here, but be advised all who read time it could be YOU who are penalized for being a whistle blower.

  • Ad
      18th of Aug, 2009
    +3 Votes

    While a few of these posts have mentioned managers I do want to say a couple managers I worked with did a great job and if not them Cora would have had alot more people quit.

    I personally worked with Jeff Muilenburg whos posted here. He was very respectful and treated our room well and helped us. He never talked bad to us or treated us badly. I found him someone who had MUCH better people skills then the CEO. He had to change rooms alot but his helping was to me a example of a manager. Why thats important is the CEO ran everything and all of us were on tiny little ropes. I felt at times people like Jeff (who I had to ask questions) was limited in answers cause the CEO always had to be asked EVERYTHING. Its like he didnt have any say in anything. While I know he wont say it here or even talk about it period, I know this was a problem when I would talk to him on several issues and it wasnt him trying to cover his butt.

    Also Matthew (dont remember his last name) is another one who was very respectful and trested us very well. We were able to email and even talk to him at most hours of the day. He's the one that kept me from leaving so many times. I can remember him talking to us and telling people in the rooms who were gone what happened the day before. He even had notes for us when we were absent. Again I remember him needing answers to things and he said "they hadnt got back to him". Seemed like a common trend.

    Again im not here to end Coraworks im here to give my personal experience. I think Cora should look at some of these and think about what people have said.

  • Ra
      18th of Aug, 2009
    +4 Votes

    Thanks to all of you for your support, and to all you puppets, go ahead and run your mouth, immediately after filing complaints I was terminated. For your information I didn't post my name because it's not anyone's business, especially yours. Here's the latest on Ilene opening mouth and inserting foot.

    From IMS:
    There are a few of you that have posted unacceptable remarks about your employer. Let me make it perfectly clear that no employer owes you a living. You earn the right to work for an employer, meaning if you cannot do the work, why would the employer retain you as an employee? Especially if you were openly negative and complained about your employer on a corporate intranet.

    I'm sure the rest of you also earned your pay, just like me. And by the way I've heard so many people are just itching to know who shops at Frederick's of Hollywood, so I'll give up the ghost, it was me, I, who am well endowed, must purchase my brassier at Frederick's of Hollywood, I know I only owned two bras and one broke so it was a very frivolous purchase...

  • Co
      20th of Aug, 2009
    +4 Votes

    I truly believe in the original mission & purpose of Cora, LLC – and still do to this day, even though I am no longer there. I too am very upset by the matters occurring within the company. When I first started I thought it was going to be great to be able to have a little extra money in my pocket to help meet the needs of my family. I spent money to create my office space, and had internet service hooked up – and where did my investment go? Nowhere… it left me further behind in my bills and struggling even harder to survive. It took time away from my family and they became upset when I had nothing to show for it in the form of a paycheck. Most people believe that when you get a job and go to work – you get paid – and you shouldn’t have to ask and beg for your paycheck. It is something you are legally entitled to especially when you have signed agreements and contracts to work for the employer. I find it disturbing to think that the CEO of this company seems to think that “no employer owes you a living” - and they can’t seem to understand why people are so upset and making such negative comments. People are upset because they believed they would have a job and get paid on a weekly basis as in outlined on Cora LLC’s payroll/timecard policy statement, and are told during the interview process. Instead people end up being faced with having to beg for their checks and sending in emails crying hardship and destitution to the payroll department- and many of them have gone unheard – as I have spoken to one individual who is owed over $2000 in paychecks, and another is owed at least $1000, for more than two months of work – they sent in emails – and no one has gotten back to them. Oh and another thing – the CEO had the dandiest of ideas to post the employee’s name of who would be issued a check for the week on the company dashboard – what a great way to breed more hostility amongst the employees, as some would get upset because their name was not on the dashboard, and end up bad mouthing their co-worker receiving a check, no matter how big or small that check was.
    I really don’t want to get into a tangent here and start “bashing” the company – truthfully I really loved it there – but could no longer tolerate the poisonous atmosphere being generated by the fact very few have gotten their checks. It truly is an awful and sad situation for so many great and talented people that have worked there and still work there. I have been wondering about a comment though in the past few days and that is the comment by the CEO written in words across the internal company dashboard… “Your actions have made me realize, my dream will not be accomplished as I once thought.”… Does the CEO expect people to work for free and not abide by the contractual obligations as set forth and advertised through the vocational rehabilitation agencies across this country? I don’t think these agencies have been told the truth as to why they have paid the $3500 fee per person to be “hired” by this company. If they knew they were paying that amount of money to help one person accomplish their “dream” they would be mad too… The “dream” is a great idea, but people need their paychecks.
    My final message here … if you find yourself in the position where you are completely frustrated by Cora LLC, and need some help and don’t know where to turn, I believe I can find help you find the help you need. Don’t become a victim by what has happened here, be strong, and become a survivor… please feel free to email me at . Thank you.

  • St
      23rd of Aug, 2009
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    I agree with those who have discussed the pay and abuse issues CORA management releases upon their employees.

    As far as any purchases made by an employee, management must have received the information of "And by the way I've heard so many people are just itching to know who shops at Frederick's of Hollywood, so I'll give up the ghost, it was me, I, who am well endowed, must purchase my brassier at Frederick's of Hollywood, I know I only owned two bras and one broke so it was a very frivolous purchase..." as a personal payroll issue. By no means should this charge have been discussed in a Webinar, used as an example of what CORA feels employees should spend their money on, or given this personal information to "all" employees.

    I for one, shop at Victoria's Secret. I have had my muscles and tendons repaired in the breast area and had a little taken off to relieve the pain in my back. The only bras I can wear (doctor's orders) are wireless, but with much needed support. Sorry, but you don't get that at Walmart. For me too it is a medical issue and no employer has the right to deem what "frivolous spending" may consist of for her employees.

    I have since been "terminated" because I spoke up for myself, defending the horrible treatment by management, and requested my pay.

    I hope the CORA concept continues, but would like to see the abuse stop. Someone or an organization will find the truth and settle all these issues.

  • Al
      24th of Aug, 2009
    Best Best Advice +5 Votes

    Oh my God! I nearly had a cow today when I looked at the site. As a terminated employee with much experience and education, none of the posted services or jobs were offered to employees. How on earth can a company that doesn't pay their disabled employees offer such services to businesses? Who is going to work these jobs? Oh God, I pray the truth comes out.

    Give me a break:

    "Complete List of Services
    Call Center Services

    •Customer Service - Inbound/Outbound
    •Lead Qualification
    •Appointment Setting
    •Customer Care
    •Help Desk
    •Technical Support
    •Answering Service
    •Sales Order Processing
    •Online Chat
    Management Reporting

    •Daily Flash Reports
    •Perform routine Financial Analysis
    •Management Reports
    Vendor and Payment Process

    •Purchasing Card Administration
    •Accounts Payable
    •Freight Payment Processing
    •Travel and Entertainment Expense Processing
    Revenue Process

    •Sales Order-to-Cash Processing
    •Credit and Bad Debt Collection
    •B2B First Party Collections
    •Skip Tracing
    •Customer Invoicing
    •Accounts Receivable
    •Contract Accounting
    •Cash Receipt Application
    General Accounting

    •Maintain Chart of Accounts
    •Maintain General Ledger
    •Bank Reconciliations
    •Establish and Perform Monthly, Quarterly and Year-End Reporting
    •Prepare Consolidations
    •Job Costing
    •Reconcile intercompany accounts and transactions
    Fixed Asset and Capital Accounting

    •Calculate Depreciate Tables and Schedules and Record Depreciation
    •Account For Write-Offs and Valuation Adjustments
    •Maintain Work-in-Progress Accounts
    •Reconcile Fixed Asset Accounts and Ledger Entries
    Special Projects

    •Virtual World Presence - Second Life
    •Account Reconciliations
    •Customer Service Programs
    •Administrative Functions
    •Virtual Shopper
    •A/R Clean-up Projects
    •Management Training
    •Database Cleansing
    •Medical Billing/Collections
    Cost and Inventory Accounting

    •Maintain Inventory Records
    •Develop and Update Costs
    •Perform Variance Analysis
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  • Ti
      25th of Aug, 2009
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    Job/training services offered to the disabled. Complaints - Pay and treatment of employees

    Job/training services offered to the disabled.
    Posted: 2009-08-25 by Ticked Off 2

    Pay and treatment of employees

    I would first like to say that not all of us complaining about CORA are "disgruntled". First of all I will include the meaning of disgruntled: in a state of sulky dissatisfaction-Sulky: sullen or moody, moody or silent because of anger or resentment.

    OK, now I would like to say I am definitely not in a state of sulky...moody or silent because of anger. I am, however, very upset that some of the management I choose to work for has put me or anyone else that they have never come in contact with in this or any other catagory. How can you put a lable on anyone when you have never meet them or on the other hand never even spoken to them? That's what some of the managers within this company want to do and have done on many occasions, is label us. But if you notice, the labels are put on the complaintants because the company doesn't like our opinions and/or questions posed outright to them. If they, the "management team members of Cora" doesn't know the meaning of outright, please let me elaborate: without reservation or exception.

    OK, having stated the above now allow me to elaborate on the statements which will include why I pointed out the above statements.

    Me, moody? NO, PMS was gone years ago, it takes more than the Queen and her royal court to make me moody. Silent because of anger or resentment? NO, not silent, I have plenty to share and it isn't out of anger it's out of disappointment due to this company misrepresenting itself to us as to what the company has to offer me as a disabled person. Resentment? NO, I am not bitter or angry I am mad, hurt and upset... big difference.

    I, am a disabled person also, who is still "on the books with Cora", although I am only there because I too am still awaiting pay from them. However, I am not owed as much as some of the other employees and I feel so badly for those who are soley depending on Cora for employment and payment. Moody, sulky, well no! Pissed and wanting to be treated fairly, well yes!!! Not only does Ilene get extremely defensive and down-right angry when employees ask for their pay but she tries to blame all of us not getting paid on the non-factual statements that it is because of the employees lack of learning or training on projects. So, whose fault is that, Cora's management!!! Oh yes, and the fact that this company is supposed to be filled with management, including the CEO Ilene Sambur, who possess superior knowledge including but not limited to 20 years hands-on executive financial management experience who has returned companies back to profitable operations with her strong leadership and training skills. Well bravo Queen Ilene, so if this is the case how could SHE then allow her own company to work a client project so far into the ground that she stopped any work that was being done on that project and then said that it was because of incompetent persons working it. She claimed that only a contract of two, $200 contracts were written and over $60, ooo in employee pay checks were written. DO THE MATH!!! That did not happen over night. But the matter of fact that the employees were being faulted for this kind of company obliterating, distruction is absolutely appalling to me. If you are surrounded by top level executives who have extensive business reputations including but not limited to: marketing, communications, financial management, payroll and much much more. then it is, shame on you for allowing yourself to get into this mess and for bringing those who are depending on you for work down and then belittling them. Yes, we all know that there is financial problems everywhere but Queen Ilene was not blaming the problem on that, when she would address us as a company, she was belittling people that was working on the project, doing what they were told and how they were taught to do it. It was not their fault that the project was not "holding its own" no, it was the fault of those who were supposed to be keeping an eye on the developement, workings and outcome of that and other projects. The only thing that Queen Ilene was consistent in saying was "you must follow directions, how do you think you can get anywhere if you don't follow directions"? What directions??? They would put you on a project and say you are writing email scripts, calling scripts or just what ever she had you doing that day and would then say you have 15 minutes to complete, aaaannnnndddd go! Well ain't that a good way to have your company presented to other companies. I and many many others felt as though we were back in grade school and our hands were going to be smacked with the ruler if we didn't get on the starting line and jump when the bell went off. And for the ones saying just go on with your life, let it go, well that's quiet an attitude to have. I for one am concerned about others and the impact all this putting off, denying, unanswered questions, feelings and the impact, yet again, of not having a job and being blamed for it is affecting others; it needs to be stopped!! OK, it's late again, will be back. All have a good night. By the way, I would to be glad to attach proof but Queen Ilene has shut down all forms of communication in the database and has taken away all the sites that we had to communicate on, so the proof has went "poof" we no longer have access of anything anyone has asked, commented to, answers (or the lack thereof) or anything else. Some of the employees started asking the "hard questions" to the management team and voicing their honest opinions and like I said "poof" it was all taken away. They sure did put a stop to employees communicating with each other because some were agreeing with the comments and voicing their own opinions and it was stopped in its tracks. Ok, have a good night.

  • St
      25th of Aug, 2009
    +3 Votes

    I want to first start by saying that I do not want to bash CORA LLC, but I do want to state some facts and truths as I know them. I have been working for CORA LLC for almost one year now. Currently, CORA is experiencing a mass furlough. I am one of those Employees who have been furloughed.

    I want to start off by letting you know something about me. I am a hard worker who suffers with a physical disability and severe depression. During my employment with CORA, I met all requirements such as quotas and attendance. I even held an internal staff position. I truly believed in the mission of CORA to employ disabled Americans. I had not worked for almost 10 years before I became an employee of CORA. CORA had given me my self-worth, dignity, and pride back. I felt like a person again that was no longer defined by my disabilities, but rather by my job skill. I loved coming to work every day. I may have missed only a total of 3 days of work on my end during my employment with CORA. I honestly and truthfully would consider myself a model employee.

    CORA in February of 2009 furloughed its employees for two weeks, because there were serious issues of production. It was said at the time by the CEO and owner of CORA, Ilene Morris Sambur, that approximately 90% of the company was not meeting the minimum production standards that were set. The furlough was imposed in order to revamp CORA's training of employees. I personally agreed that the furlough at that time was necessary. I am happy to report that the furlough produced some wonderful uniform changes in CORA's training that did improve the functioning of the company.

    The current situations in CORA are: 1) Employees are furloughed indefinitely, 2) A very high percentage of Employees are owed paychecks from as late as June 2009 to the present, and 3) Many employees have been terminated or have quit due to reasons of being whistle blowers and complainers to being disgusted with CORA.

    Many employees in May 2009 were not aware of the impending money crises that CORA was beginning to experience at that time. Employees up to that point in time had been receiving direct deposits every Friday on time. Then, one day, paychecks were not deposited on that Friday. Many employees had automated bank drafts set up for personal reasons. They expected their checks to be there like they were there every Friday. Lo and behold, they were not. CORA's employees are only scheduled to work M-F at minimum wage for no more than 15 hours a week. Now, it was a Saturday, and employees were horrified to find that their checks had not been deposited. This caused many employees to overdraw their accounts, and also caused them to miss scheduled payments for automated bank drafts. It was not until sometime later that evening, if my memory serves me right, that employees could go to the company communications board to view a message posted by Management that stated something to the effect of there being some type of major power outage in the west where CORA's bank was located that caused paychecks to not be deposited on time. I do not think at the time that any Employees were able to see what was coming next. I know that I sure didn’t. CORA's CEO promised to reimburse those employees who had incurred ISF fees once the Employee provided proof of the fees. That was a noble thing for CORA to do, but it did not address the fact that the Employee whose automated payments were bounced also had their credit damaged by a late payment. Business as usual continued in CORA. Then, the next week there was a notice posted either the day before payday, or the same day as payday on the internal communications board again. It warned that paychecks would be late again. Unfortunately for many, the notice came too late to stop automated payments. Once again, CORA stepped up and offered to pay ISF fees for those employees affected. The next week, a companywide webinar was held on a Wednesday where employees were told by the CEO that direct deposits would be discontinued indefinitely until they could find a new payment processor. It was explained that the company that CORA hired to handle payroll was not able to timely process paychecks due to their company’s size and resources. Employees were given a schedule as to when they should expect to receive their paychecks in the mail. The new schedule was just shy of 2 weeks. That seemed reasonable to most employees, because it was like being paid every two weeks instead of being paid weekly. By the end of May, the true payroll issues became apparent to many employees when their paychecks were not received around the time stated by the CEO. Very soon after that, a particular client project that was being worked on by many employees was abruptly terminated which caused those employees not to be able to work. Then, the CEO held another webinar stating that the client project was terminated, because the client bounced a very large check, and also that the employees who were working the project were not producing according to standards set for that particular job. Employees were told that paychecks would now be released at certain times. We were not well into June when this was happening. Stories starting flying around by Employees who stated that they received paper paychecks that had bounced. The CEO then proceeded to tell the employees that the paychecks would have to be released as money came into CORA so that no checks would bounce again. That is when the verbal abuse started on both sides of the issue. Employees were angry now, because they were not receiving regular paychecks even though many of them were working on new client assignments. Tentative pay schedules were now being posted on the internal communications board. Unfortunately, these schedules were constantly pushed further and further back. By this time, some employees began to complain to their VR Counselors about working and not being paid on time. Ilene and her Management staff became infuriated about this. They began to hold sometimes daily webinars on the subject of employees going to counselors to complain and how wrong that was to do. I do agree to some extent with CORA on this issue. Some of those employees did not speak with management about the payroll situation before going to their counselors. The tone of the webinars began to be very negative in a way that caused employees to become even more angry, or afraid to say anything about the paychecks crises. I say this because contrary to what CORA management believed, they were not satisfying its employees with the things that they were saying at the time about the fiasco. They started threatening termination for those employees who had gone to VR counselors. Management also made statements, and I am not quoting, like you (employees) should be lucky that someone wants to employ you because you are disabled. It is a privilege to work for CORA, and that CORA does not owe you anything. How wrong management is. CORA owed its employees valid explanations, its plan on how it was going to fix the problem, and more importantly the money that had already been earned by the employees. As management held these webinars, they did talk about the paycheck crisis, but it began to be in a blaming tone. It was stated by the CEO that those who had run to their VR Counselors to complain were causing further financial issues for CORA that would impact CORA paying it employees. Management began saying things like, those people did not think first about their actions before they went to their counselors. Now, many states are withholding payments to CORA for employees that CORA has hired. CORA receives approximately $3, 500 from a state VR programs to train disabled individuals so that the employee will be able to work directly or indirectly for clients through CORA. That brings up the question of CORA's financial stability. Is CORA that dependent on states to be able to pay its employees? Where is the revenue that is supposed to be generated from CORA's employees working on client projects?

    Now, in June, CORA's CEO decided to furlough the majority of CORA's employees in order to catch up on paychecks. Sadly, it is now the end of August, and I am still owed roughly $680 from the last week in June to now. I am in dire need of my pay since I do receive SSI and SSA takes away $1 for every $2 that I earn. My earnings in a month effects what I will receive from the SSA two months later. This means that I am short monthly since June money that I need to support myself and my family. I will not receive a full SSI check until October. In the mean time, I have been asking relatives to assist me in helping to pay my rent, electricity, car note, phone and internet bill, and insurance. I had to go around my area to stand in long lines for free school supplies for my two children, because I could not afford to buy school supplies. I have a vehicle that I cannot drive right now not because it is not insured, but because I do not have gas money to put in my tank. Thank God for food stamps. CORA encouraged employees who were experiencing hardships to write to payroll explaining and/or proving their need for their paychecks at the time. Some employees began to lie to management, because they wanted what was rightfully theirs….their paychecks. That is a low, sad, sorry state of affairs when an employee feels the need to lie just to get a paycheck that they earned. CORA encouraged its employees to apply for unemployment, but I do not qualify because I cannot do just any work. I am severely limited in the type of work that I can do. During this furlough, CORA continues to employ new employees and accept payments from state VR programs for new employees while those who have been with CORA for over 90 days continue to wait to be called back to work a new client project, and to receive outstanding paychecks. Why is CORA still bringing in new employees when it cannot afford to pay its current employees? Ilene has now decided as of August 1st not to pay new employees for on the job training even though CORA is being paid money for training these employees. This can be rationalized by saying that now the money that is coming in from VR can be used to pay outstanding paychecks to current furloughed employees. I am wondering what happens to the people who are now completing training. Are they instantly also put into the furlough group without an opportunity to earn wages?

    Neil Romano, is the President of CORA. Does the name sound familiar? If it does it is because he is the Assistant Secretary for Disability Employment Policy and a former Assistant U.S. Secretary of Labor. I do not understand why as CORA is going through this financial crises, has he not address the employees? Does the right hand know what the left hand is going? I challenge Mr. Romano to address CORA’s employees on these issues instead of participating in magazine interviews about CORA such as the one he completed in Ability Magazine.

    Management needs to refrain from making fun/insulting its employees during companywide webinars. It is very humiliating to a damaged person’s feelings such as mines. I had the CEO say some negative things about me in webinars. Even though she did not call out my name, it was just as hurtful. I feel that you do not have to make examples out of people to get your point across. It causes a division and mistrust between management and the employee. Threatening employees is never a good idea. You can anger a person so much, that they can become hell bent on breaking down CORA out of anger. Ilene needs to realize that many of her employees do have issues in self esteem because of their disabilities. Instead of blaming and threatening others, try to be more understanding. My grandmother told me that you can get more bees with honey. What you give is what you should expect. I do not mean this for all of CORA management. There are some really decent and considerate kind managers in CORA that are sincere. This was directed mainly to Ilene and those managers who “fit the shoe.” To this day, I have yet to hear Ilene apologize to her employees for the current situation of things at CORA. Apologizing does not mean that you are weak. It means that you are strong. You would be amazed Ilene of how an apology can begin to heal your company. Making threats and firing people just continues to add fuel to the fire. Excuses like Ilene gave such as what CORA is going through now is a normal course of business is not cutting it. I refuse to believe that this is a result of “normal courses of business.” Telling people to sit down and shut up and if you do not like CORA you can leave has got to stop now. I know that you have a business to run, but you can’t run a business without valued employees. Stop the finger pointing and blaming and “man up.” Enough is enough. Both sides in this issue continue to hurt each other. I encourage all employees who have been affected by these crises to get help and talk about your feelings. CORA may not be for you. As for myself, I will continue to hang in there, because I have nothing more to look forward to unfortunately. I have completed my assessment, uploaded my resume’, and applied for at least 3 positions. I haven’t heard anything yet on my personal situation. I am slowly losing hope. If I lose hope, what am I left with? Call me crazy, but despite all of CORA’s current crises, I still truly love and believe in CORA.

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