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I bought a set of pans from CopperChef back in 2016 and received my order pretty fast but had to send everything back. Unfortunately all the pans were in a poor condition and looked used. I contacted CopperChef and told them how disappointed I was and even sent them pictures. They agreed for a replacement. Of course I tried to get a refund, but they said "no" over and over again and in the end I had to agree. Replacement was better than nothing.
It is now March 2017 and I still haven't received anything. According to their promises I was supposed to get my pans a long time ago but that was only a lie. I sent a refund request but was ignored. All they said was that I had to be more patient and that my order was on its way. I really doubt that they shipped my replacement, I don't believe them. Please, stay far away from this terrible company!

Mar 14, 2017
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      Jun 21, 2017

    They are very quick debiting your credit card account, but that is where their fast service ends. They do not want to hear about your problems, and it is very doubtful if they will try to resolve your problem. First the pans are not as good as they advertise! If you burn something in their pans, the burn area will not "Wipe out" as advertised, it will leave a burn mark or area. The pans DO NOT Heat evenly. Proof, put water in the pan and then bring it to a boil. As the water boils, you will see a round circle of bubbles which is the same as the aluminum ring on the bottom of the pans! If they really heated evenly, the entire bottom of the pan would have bubbles as the water comes to a boil. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THESE PANS! THEY ARE NOT WORTH THE PRICE!

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  • Ve
      Sep 10, 2017

    these are the worst pans ever I was told even after the 60 days warrenty they would stay behind there product they HAVE NOT THEY WILL DO NOTHING ABOUT THEM I returned them now I cant get my money back DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY

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