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Convergys / poorly run company

1 6302 E M.L.K. Jr Blvd #200, Tampa, FL 33619Tampa, FL, United States

I recently, and briefly worked for this company as a Seasonal CSR. As others have pointed out, this place is extremely GHETTO!

I'm talking, HOODRAT CENTRAL! The very worst that East Tampa has to offer!

Although Convergys/Concentix (whichever they call themselves) claims to have a dress code, it's not enforced at all. The vast majority of the employees come to work dressed like they either spent the night hanging out on a street corner selling drugs, or just rolled out of bed without bathing or properly grooming themselves.

Individuals go outside and smoke weed, then, they come back inside the building smelling just like it. The parking lot is full of trash, and physical altercations happen just about every single day!

While I was in training, I could never concentrate due to all of the noise being made by several of the young, immature, attention seeking, ignorant, obnoxious, clowns. They used profanity, spoke about sexual acts, and had constant outbursts!

I could go on, and on with these descriptions.

The trainer could not control them, and sometimes, seemed as if he wasn't even trying. Let's face it, they acted like buffoons because they could.

Since I wasn't permitted to learn anything, at times, I would sit there and simply observe their behavior. All I could think to myself was, "Someone definitely failed these people during their formative years."

To some degree, I actually felt sorry for them. 9 times out of 10, most will never change. Every place they go, trouble will follow, because of the lack of love they received as children, and the negative/evil spirits living within them. It's really sad.

Unfortunately, management could care less, and will continue to hire these characters with absolutely no home training! Not to mention, no morals and values. These types of individuals do not respect others, or themselves. It's painfully obvious.

As a result, decent human beings like myself, that may see the potential in Convergys/Concentrix, will continue to quit and seek employment with companies that promote a safer, healthier and more positive working environment, that is conducive to professional growth.

The main issue with this company is incorporating rules and regulations that look and sound good on paper, but NEVER GET ENFORCED! Unless, it's convenient for them.

Five things I found very strange:

1. For "Security Reasons", it's mandatory that all employees use LOCKERS to store personal belongings such, as purses. Still, there are several individuals that manage to hide them on the floor.

2. Again, for "Security Reasons", there's a NO PAPER policy on the production floor. This includes the nesting period, when you first begin taking calls in a noisy training room. So, I was given a login to the phone system that I was unable to write down alongside my other logins, for future reference. Guess I had to memorize it...

3. NO SALTY/MESSY FOOD or DRINKS WITHOUT SPILL PROOF TOPS ALLOWED. Yet, each day in training, the Ghetto class that came in after mine, left behind crumbs and other crap that we had to clean up!

4. There are NO CELL PHONES ALLOWED IN THE BUILDING. Yet, everyone still brings them. Even if they get caught, it only results in a slap on the wrist.

5. Useless Security Guards (aka Flashlight Cops) give you a hard time about using your phone to call your ride, and standing outside in front of the building, while waiting for your ride. Yet, they allow people to stand outside smoking weed, and possibly committing other criminal acts, that are overlooked! They only take their little jobs seriously when people are not causing a problem that should involve Real Law Enforcement.

CEO, Management, HR, Training Dept.:

You all really need to grow a spine. I understand you may fear retaliation from these delinquents, but in the long run, you're hurting the success of the organization by turning a blind eye to all of the misconduct. Clean house by weeding out all of the undesirables, while retaining the few good employees you have. Otherwise, keep throwing good money away on bad.

Jan 6, 2019

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