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I was contacted today by an agent for Consumer Health Benefits Association named Daniel Cintron. I have been searching for health care coverage because I am on Social Security Disability Income and do not qualify for Medicare and Medicaid. I have been denied by several major health care companies due to my disability and the amount of my total prescriptions.
I was thrilled when Daniel Cintron contacted me. He informed me I was approved for "health care benefits". He talked so fast that I had not had time to digest where he had gotten my personal information. I of course accepted without doing any internet research. He informed I could continue to see my current doctors.

When I had a moment, I googled the company's name and well, freaked out. I read so many complaints on-line about this company. Also, I looked through their provider directory. Obviously my current doctors were not listed. I wondered how could I see my current doctors if their not listed. I then decided to call some of these doctors and find out some information. The first doctor's office I called had not heard of Consumer Health Benefits Association and placed me on hold to confirm with the office employee who handled medical claims. She too had not heard of the program or company and wondered why they would be listed as a provider. I called a second number and it was disconnected with no forwarding number. I called a third number and it was too disconnected. I called a fourth and it was a personal residence. I called a fifth and it was a local business not related to health care industry. I called a sixth and it was a doctor's office not even related to the listed doctor. This company is a scam and when I called back to cancel my membership, Daniel informed me that I had to submit in writing that I wanted to cancel, and hung up on me. I didn't get an address and imagine that, they do not have an address listed on their website.


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  • La
      Dec 21, 2007

    A man called my 82 year old widowed mother on Dec.13,2007 representing himself as an employee of her bank and asked her the number of her last check she had written. She gave it to him and he hung up. She became suspicious and immediately went to her bank and reported the phone call. The bank had no employees by the name of the man who called her. The bank immediately froze her checking account. That night an electronic debit was charged against her frozen account by Consumer Health Benefits Association for $399.00. This money never came out of her account due to the fact the bank had stopped all transactions on the account. The bank arranged for her to have a new account with a new number. The bank gave my mother a zerox copy of the attempted debit by Consumer Health Benefits Association with their customer service phone number. I called the number and told the man who answered that I was inquiring about the Consumer Health Benefits Association. He told me that he answered several companies phones and that this was just one of the companies. I told him what had happened to my mother and that the bank had notified the FBI. At that point the man who answered the phone became very agitated and stated that there was no cause to make this a legal thing and wanted my mother's phone number and address.I gave him neither and hung up. I am a retired State Investigator with the Alabama Attorney General's Office and I spent the last 14 years of my career in the White Collar Crime Division. I know a scam when I see one. I believe the appropriate authorities in Florida or wherever should initiate a criminal investigation into the Consumer Health Benefit Association before they take anymore money from elderly ladies who cannot afford to be ripped off.

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  • Di
      Apr 08, 2008

    Hi Michelle:

    I too was taken in by these people, and boy, are they good! I consider myself an intelligent woman, but they gave me the "bum's rush" and also I wasn't feeling well, after having been on antibiotics. So, I was in a weakened state when the sharks moved in "for the kill"!

    To make a long story short, I got my money back. All you need to do is contact the attorney general for your state and foward all the information to that office. Usually, there are online forms you can e-mail to them.

    While I don't know if its totally illegal, the way this company presents itself IS unethical. Within the time of the one phone call I had with them, I was told I was being offered "insurance" and then "health benefits." So, clearly they can't keep the story straight.

    Trust me - if you threaten with action from the state consumer board and the attorney general, you WIll get results and more than likely a complete refund.

    It worked for me, and I wish you success in your efforts.

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