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Consumer Health Benefits Association / Fraud and lies

1 United States

Just a few minutes ago a man named Gary from Consumer Health Benefits Association contacted me over the phone trying to sell me what he said was a health insurance plan. It was in response to an inquiry I filled out online. He was somewhat pushy and wanted me to make a decision on the spot and pay over the phone. He said this was a special deal only made available to the public once a year and today was the last day of the offer. I first asked very clearly if this was a HEALTH INSURANCE plan or a MEDICAL DISCOUNT plan. He said this was most definately a HEALTH INSURANCE PPO. I then asked if there was a website I could go to to review the details of the plan benefits. He said it was under construction and there wasn't one right now.He asked if I had access to a fax machine, and only after i told him I did not, he said too bad because he could have faxed me some information. I asked if he could please e mail the same information, he said it it would take to much of his time. Strange, wouldn't someone trying to sell a policy want to make the sale by taking a little time to email someone details. He then wanted to talk to my husband because in his words, ' I really need to speak to the decision maker' I had already told him we make decisions together, as if he thought a woman wasn't capable of doing it. He said well if you don't want this or need it I guess... ok give me your number I said, I will call you back. My husband is still asleep from working night shift. We'll talk it over when he gets up.He gave me the phone number. But I came straight downstairs to my computer and did a search for this company. What I found didn't surprise me. There are lots of complaints on many sites. I also found through the consumer complaints that this is most definately NOT a health insurance plan but a discount program. I'm just glad I checked it out for my self and didn't let this man push me into buying anything. If something sounds to good to be true it probably is, like the $129.95 monthly premium they were offering for our family of 6 with preexisting conditions. He also told me that they have worked with somelarge national companies like SC JOhnson and some others I cant remember( not sure if he was trying to insinuate they provide coverage for them or what). Frankly if I was on of these large companies I would be very upset to know my company name was being used in this guys sales pitch. So please check out all details before you buy anything. I will not be doing any kind of business with Consumer Health Products Association.


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