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Comp USA - Melbourne, FL / Warranties misrepresentation

1 United States

We purchased a Compaq Presario laptop pc from Comp USA at 2400 W. Newhaven Ave. Melbourne, Fl. 32904 on 1-17-05. At the time of purchase we also decided to purchase a 2 year extended warranty. I asked the sale associate at that time if the two year extended warranty started after the one year manufacturers warranty expired, and was told yes. So I clarified and said ' so, if I buy the extra 2 year warranty then it will be covered for a total of 3 years, correct?' To which I was told yes, that is correct.

Needless to say the pc started having problems a week ago, and I called today 8-1-07 to get it serviced and much to my surprise was told, the warranty was expired. I was told the reason for this was that the 2 year extended warranty started the day we purchased the pc. Now, if the manufacturer warranty covered the pc for the first year, why would I spend $250 dollars for a 2 year extended warranty that was only good for an additional 1-year. Basically, I spent $250 for a 1 year extended warranty. I called Public Relations for COMP USA and was rudely told that I had a two year extended warranty that ran for one year after the manufacturer's warranty had expired. We discussed it again to make sure I was understanding their reasoning 'which made no sense!', and I told her I was going to seek legal advice, She advised me to get an attorney then. I asked to speak to her supervisor, to which she told me, 'I am in a supervisory position.' I told her' mam, everyone has a supervisor, she said she would connect me, and then I was switched to someone's voicemail. CLICK! GEE some public relations office.

This is false advertising to tell someone that something will be covered a total of 3 years (1-yr manuf, and 2-yr. extended) and then 2 years later 'sorry your warranty has expired!'

I spent 1429.99 plus tax for a laptop computer and 2-year extended warranty for my handicapped daughter ,and now she has nothing! Please stop the misrepresentations on warranties and make COMP USA stand behind their warranty program.

Sincerely, Mrs. Wells

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