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Comfort Rooms Of Florida / Idiocy

1 Sanford, FL, United States Review updated:

Mr. Fernando,

You're a ###. We, in the past 3 days or so, have received numerous phone calls about your attacking my husband on this board. Apparently, you think he's "Mr. Lovin It"...I read the complaint, there's nothing to indicate that the writer is a MR to begin with.

Just to inform you, when Ed has something to say to you, or about you, he will say it directly to you, as you well know from personal experience.

I shall address the issues as you have written them. By the tax thing has nothing to do with business of any sort, so you're just spewing crap, as you are so prone to doing.

1: "All your property and bank accounts were seized by the IRS for failing to pay $250, 000 in back taxes because you filed false tax returns for 7 years. They threatened to put you in jail until you gave up all your buddies that worked with you. Where is your integrity "Mr lovin it"?

Okay, NONE of our property were siezed by the IRS ever, for any reason. They DID take $500 out of our personal account as a down payment on a written plan. Nobody threatened to put him in jail, the tax problems are with our personal accounts. Sooooo, the part about him giving up buddies that worked with him is pure ###. Why would the IRS want to arrest his employees for a personal tax issue? [censored].

2.) "You begged Comfort Rooms of Florida, Inc for a loan to bail you out and we refused"

My husband doesn't beg. He's a man of integrity, and we've been down before. You know, I take that back...he HAS begged you to pay him on time, and for the amount of the bill, but, hey, you have your own agenda.

3.) "we got stung several times with your inferior workmanship and screwed up materials that we purchased with your incorrect measurements. We ended up paying other Subs to correct your work and rebuy the materials."

Yeah, right. My husband ran around fixing your ### ups from day one. He's torn shingles off roofs to repair your crap. My husband is a MASTER CARPENTER whom has been building custom homes in Fl since 1978.
The original name of our business was Ed Crownover Custom Framer, it was a dba. The incorporated name is the same, with Inc. behind it. The business was incorporated in 1997. Check the BBB, how many complaints were filed against this corp? NONE EVER.

The incorrect measurement statement is laughable, anyone that knows him, understands that he's slightly obsessive compulsive, and it shows predominately in his work. He cannot stand for anything to be incorrect, even here at home, which annoys the devil out of me.

4) " You are also trying to collect "Full Disablity" at the taxpayers expense(the ones who actually pay their taxes). While you work (your back is just fine for that) under the table without workmens comp or liability and again not paying your taxes. Again, where is the integrity in that?

Buddy, if you'd go ahead and mention his name, I'll sue your ### for liablis. First of all, (and you can check with the social security division [censored]) Ed has NEVER filed for disability in his LIFE. He should, seven doctors have advised him to go out on total disability. Ed won't take charity. Neither will I. I work 2 jobs and he works all the time, both of us in pain management.

Oh, and Ed is EXEMPT from comp, he's an officer of his corp.

You're a real little ### Steve. Eddie has only heard from your former clients (his new clients) what you've assumed was his writing on here.

Eddie refuses to learn to use a computer, he sees it as a terrible waste of his time (like I consider the time he spent trying to teach you how to treat people, hell, you couldn't even get a permit in Oviedo without Ed standing there. The freaking building dept hates you.).

I'll tell you, Ed's a better person than I am. He thinks it's funny, I wouldn't put you out if you were on fire.


Deanna Crownover

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  • Ti
      7th of Feb, 2010
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  • Fe
      15th of Dec, 2009
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    This company/owner shoud not be allowed to be in any type of business. He's the worst business person and the best con-artist. The quality of work, materials and customer satisfaction provided by this guy is the worst. I hope one of these days authorities get hold of him/his business and apply the law and he lose everything.

  • Fe
      6th of Oct, 2009
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    Steven Ferrando is notorious up here in Charlotte/Huntersville/Mooresville, NC. Why do you think he moves so often? He's lived in Casselberry, FL
    Sanford, FL Huntersville, NC Terrell, NC Winter Park, FL Elkin, NC Thurmond, NC State Road, NC Columbia, SC Mooresville, NC Harrisburg, NC Debary, FL Winter Springs, FL Charlotte, NC over the past few years, always one step ahead of the people suing him. Always the same scam, ask for money up front, then won't show up, then does a little work (usually wrong, unless he can con a good sub into working for him), won't pay his subs, etc. He'll whine that he's the victim, then one day (usually after the lawsuits mount or authorities are about to take action) he'll just be gone.

  • Mr
      6th of Apr, 2009
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    Steve, just couldn't get this out of my head...this will be my last post regarding this rediculous junk, however, you mention that Ed has always worked for contractors, thus the contractors would receive the complaints...YOU get YOUR facts straight...

    Ed builds CUSTOM HOMES. Which means he builds directly for the homeowners. A homeowner can pull all of their own permits.

    Again, NEVER a complaint regarding his work. Heck, you should see the gorgeous summer kitchen he built with NO PLANS!!! He sketched it out on the wall, and went to work. He's one fabulous carpenter with a God given talent.

    Please quit blaming your substandard work on a true professional.

    Deanna Crownover

  • Mr
      6th of Apr, 2009
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    Thank you, and I truly apologize if I have offended anyone (with the exception of SF) with my language. You can contact Ed any time to straighten things out.

    I LOVE that you won't post your name! I suppose the Bad Man wants it so he can list his enemies properly (probably has a powerpoint program to track them).

    Things always have a way of working themselves out. Look at how vehemently he defends himself! "Me thinks thou dost protest too much" as it were.

    Again, sorry about going over the top, but like I said, Ed's a much better person than I am, although I try.


  • Mr
      5th of Apr, 2009
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    Blah, Blah, Blah...language??? Buddy, if I had a dick I'd tell you to suck it.

    Biker ###...remember?


  • St
      3rd of Apr, 2009
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    Here we go again with more lies and accusations. You need to get your facts straight. You know nothing about the building department. The fact is we had a dificult time getting your husbands work passed because he did not follow the plans properly. We had to re engineer the framework (as we had to on several jobs that he did) because he did not follow the plans and they would not pass the inspection. You need to know what your talking about before you go on here and write more lies. The building department doesn't hate us. I had to argue with the inspector to get him to pass your husbands work and yes i have all the reports and facts to back that up.

    I never mentioned his name you did. You don't seem to have a problem mentioning my name and some very professional language also i might add.

    In regards to him not having any complaints that's because he always worked for a builder and the builder would be the one to receive the complaints not your husband so that holds no weight. I have facts to prove everything i have said, do you?

    I also have his Sub Contractor Agreement that he signed agreeing to the payscale and pay schedule but out of kindness we tried to accomodate him weekly as this was not the agreement he signed. I have also gone out of my way to drive back to my office after hours to pay your husband, left checks for him under our mat after hours, advanced him money on jobs, drove to job sites to pay him, etc... Boy what a terrible guy I am.

    To The Drama Queen, clarify all you want. You don't have the guts to put your name on here because you know your lies will be brought to light. I don't need to cut and paste I just tell it like it is. The truth to all your false allegations and lies. You just keep telling the same old lies over and over. Get a life would you. Your the drama queen and obviously don't have anything better to do.

  • Dr
      3rd of Apr, 2009
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    Mrs. Crownover, you have my respect and thank you for letting the past, current and future customers know who Mr. Ferrando is all about. I will be contacting Ed to clarify some allegations made by Mr. Ferrando.

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