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I am a foster parent that has a child with severe medical conditions. I ordered this product with the understanding that if her doctor gave the okay then we would proceed. I canceled the product after getting the notification from her doctor that the product was not good for a child that has bowel OBSTRUCTION and a neo bladder constructed from her colon. The Dr. at John Hopkins felt that the contents would provide major discomfort for the child and that the dosage that is recommended is NOT a one size fits all. I called and spoke to the rep at Colon flow and they stated no problem. They provided me a mailing address to return ( empty or used bottles); at my expense and assured me i would not be charged. The company gave you 7 days to receive the product back or they would charge you. Due to a family emergency ( 3rd day after consult with rep we had to leave out of town, the product was not returned within the 7 days and they charged me the 90.00 ( 2 bottles). I called them ( on the 7th day) and they WOULD NOT make any exceptions ...even after i offered to send them the funeral announcement and obituary. THIS COMPANY IS UNETHICAL AND THEY REFERRED BACK TO THE ORIGINAL PHONE INQUIRY AS TO THEIR REASONINGS BEHIND THE CHARGE. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THE ENDORSEMENT OF THIS PRODUCT. HOW CAN YOU PLAN FOR A SUDDEN DEATH...ALL THE REP SAID IS THAT I SHOULD HAVE RETURNED THE PRODUCT WITHIN 7 DAYS . Senna tea ( natural medicinals); you can buy at the store is a GREAT product and you dont have to deal with the over rated ( tv commercial) and over priced product, such as colon flow.


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  • Li
      Mar 30, 2011
    Colon Flow - Returned product,company keeps pullicountng from my acc
    Colon Flow
    United States

    They will not answer the phone when I call to discuss this matter, so today I am rtying to get to them online. This product is not worth the cost and does not work for me. i returned the product, i want my money back!!

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  • Cj
      Apr 19, 2011

    i ordered it they tried to have me supersize it first, then after i said no we settled on the 11.80 deal from the television ad and the man said cancell after 30 days send it back of coarsse at my expense so what i didnt use packaged it up ready to go called them first guy why dont you try it alittle longer i said no not for me then why dont you let someone else in your family use it i said no they all dont have my problems.He hung up on me, I called back a nasty lady answered the phone i told her i wanted to send it back same speal the first one gave out then after no no no she gave me a rma number i took ALL THIER CRAP and sent it back the way they wanted me to do costed me 6.18 delivery confirmation i sent it back and that was that right they got back into my acount 15 days latter to charge me 79.99 they messed my acct up all right tried to deal with my bank get this overdraft i wasnt expecting them to do that then call the bank the day of major surgery for my daughter and explained all this ok the charge was gone ok well i had such a bad day i left my bank card with my cell phone after talking to the bank about this at the hospital well got my card as lost then got my acct even then they come in and do it again to me now i have to show the bank all these similar complaints so i could get my account right again i have spent over 4 hours waiting to talk to someone their just to hear a radio staion in california i am pissed off because i was pissed on my wife says thats what you get for buying this stupid S IT here is the H anyone else have this problem please blog me on this board i am going to the bank 2morrow and i could use more help

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  • Mo
      May 06, 2011
    Best Best Advice

    Refund aside, honestly...leave the doctoring to the doctors. The colon, much like the ears, are self cleaning.

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  • Jk
      May 06, 2011

    The product was not returned within the 7 days.
    As Molliewollie said: leave the doctoring to the doctors.

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  • Copied straight from the Colon Flow Website: Colon Flow is made from natural ingredients. However, we recommend you consult a competent health care provider if you are taking prescription medications at the time you would like to start using Colon Flow. Make sure your health care provider is educated in natural products as well as prescription medications.

    If your child has severe medical conditions, you should be consulting your doctor first ANYWAY before ordering any kind of product. Regardless of that though, for any consumer: Read your terms BEFORE providing your credit card. It'll make your life that much easier when you're trying to get your "free sample" that doesn't exist.

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  • Bu
      Sep 17, 2012

    i am having THE exact same problem please post if u have any success

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  • Ja
      Dec 23, 2013

    I agree with everything here. First off, the colon is self cleaning. The advert is scaremongering, telling you how much fecal matter one may be holding. The TV companies should be prosecuted for allowing misleading adverse to be broadcasted. Secondly, there is NO such thing as a free sample. One is already scammed by the shipping and handling!
    I never buy products I see on TV unless it's available in local stores.

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