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I have alarm with cms, in 2013 october i had a brake in at my house nothing was discovered. In 2014 october also i had a break in at my house the alarm was on and it never rang while they where busy inside my house stealing, once again nothing was discovered. I layed a complain to cms asking why the alarm never rang because it was armed? I told them to replace evrything since their alarm did not work, they told me they are not responsible for anything, i called asking them to come and check their system they never came on that week they came the week after, after so many calls i made to them. On tuesday the 17th of feb 2015 i tested the alarm they did not call they didn't send a patrol vehicle nothing & sometimes when the alarm ring they do not jump the wall to get in the yard but i saw them one time jumping the gate at the white peoples house, and i pay them every month their service it's just poor, sometimes if they do send a vehicle it will come after 20 to 30minutes, that's how long it will take and that's the kind of service i get from cms which i'm not happy with it. What's the point of having a security at your home when everytime tugs keep breaking in your house? They can't find them or let alone preventing tsotsi's from entering your home. Peter please help me with this i'm starting to get the feeling that maybe this tsotsi's work with them and the police because crystal park police are also useless, they doing nothing into stoping this crime they don't even care wether there was a breakin in your house or not.

Feb 18, 2015

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