Clare Wiese Lauren Fine Cape TownLauren Fine

Clare you are a bully!!! I want to to tell you what we did to your friend Lauren Fine. We lied to her and told her that her boyfriend cheated on her. She was so stupid she just believed everthing that she was told!! We couldnt take a chance of her talking to her boyfreind so we told her that he was a bad man and that he was stalking her!!! Then Laurens stupid mother went and told him what was going on so we got a restraining order against him to make him look like a bad man and so that Lauren wouldnt want to talk to him!!! Then Danielle didnt pay her lawyer so he gave the story to Noseweek magazine. After the story came out we called Lauren and told her that the story in Noseweek was all her boyfreinds idea and she believed it!!! She believed every word that she was told!!! We did send the letters to Lauren!!! We used her to try and find her boyfriend guilty!!! We made LAuren use the police to search his parents home and then we used LAuren again to try and find him guilty in the court!!! If Lauren had won in court we would have sent one more letter and then she would have had to have him arrested!!! She would have arrested the man who was innocent!!! We played Lauren like the fool that she is!!! We made Lauren attack him over and over and over again!!!

Apr 30, 2017

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