Circle K Storespurchasing cigarettes

On 12/6/18 at 5pm ..I live just down the street, my daughter and I stopped for gas and she went inside for me to get cigarettes. She just received a temporary license because she lost her driver's license and they wouldnt accept her temporary. She was then being considerate and told then I would be right in then to purchase them, the cashier then proceeded to tell here now I wouldn't be allowed to purchase them because it's considered a secondary sale rather snotty.
I went inside with my drivers license, I get all my cigarettes and gas there multiple times a week, and the cashier refused me sale saying it's a secondary sale.
I said I wanted the manager, the cashier then got a snotty attitude with me, stating, oh he will get him.. the manager stated he couldn't sell to me being it's a secondary sale. I told him im in all the time, im 53 and she's 30..See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Woodhaven, MIshe doesnt look that young for her age to be under the age limit of 18 yrs old. The manager said hes tired of repeating it 50 times aday, with an attitude.
I told him he didnt need to worry about me ever again, I will never set foot there again, I will never purchase anything from Circle K ever.
I wanted the corporate number and the little girl working there also then got an attitude and was oh I'll show her where it is on the door outside.
Yes I'm angry, I can understand when the store was busted SELLING TO A MINOR CIGARETTES.. but this is bad judgement, bad relations, bad business.. I plan on going to the many local trenton and woodhaven FB pages and letting everyone know locally that Circle K does NOT CARE ABOUT ITS NEIGHBORHOOD RESIDENTS, THAT THE RUDENESS AND RIDICULE AND TOTAL INCONVENIENCE ISNT WORTH IT.
Vickie Carlson

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