Circle K Stores / overcharge for cigarettes

7201 Fegenbush Lane Louisville Kentucky 40228-1507, United States

I requested a price quote for a carton of Marlboro cigarettes as they had a promotional sign in the window $4.21/pack if you purchase 2 packs. Ruth was serving me, she started babbling making no sense and never gave me a quote. Instead she proceeded to tell me I couldn't order 20 packs, I had to buy by carton - snatched my coupon from my hand ( I don't always use them if the promotion is better and they won't accept it, they always have in the past) - rang up two cartons giving me instructions on what to do along the way. She was very rude and intimidating, that transaction cost me an additional $30 and I can't reach anyone at the store to report her or get my money back. This all happened at 5:18:19 2-7-19, I've tried 3 times to reach management with no success. I can't believe customers are treated this way, I'm an older woman and disabled. It's intimidating to be out alone at all but it should be safe enough to travel a block in your car, don't you think?

Feb 8, 2019

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