Circle K Stores / false advertising red bull

Ep Jan 03, 2019 Review updated:

There are signs literally EVERYWHERE advertising
1. 3/8 oz Red Bull's for $5. Go to register he says ok $7.31. I'm like huh. The other cashier huffs and puffs and says "that sale is over!!" Like it's my fault there are 2 signs. Ok I go and return the 3 5oz Red Bull's and grad 2 of the 12 oz that says 2/$5.35. Again go to register and the cashier says $7.31. I'm like come on. There's signs hanging on the cooler. The other lady cashier walks over to the cooker and points like I'm stupid "Lady the 12 oz are on sale!!" I say yes ma'am I grabbed the 12 oz when you said the 8oz aren't on sale anymore. She RIPS the sign off the cooler and rips it in pieces in front of me. I'm like wow. Just cause your having a bad day don't take your crap out on me. I go there EVERY day and to be rude to me like that. It's total bs. I will NEVER step foot in that store again. Smh

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