Circle Kmanager being a racist

Fo Jan 12, 2015 Glendale Arizona

Iginated from a store In Ahwatukee, phoenix. I worked there for two years. I decided to v mive up north to save money. I transferred to the Circle k on 47th and Olive. The first day there one of the regular employees was already sensitive to something i said which was not meant to hurt her feelings. Ever since that day the manager literally on my case all the time. The corporate offices were literally down the street where i originated from. So i am at this new store and company policies and expectations on how the store is supposed to look has been compromised. I literally scrubbed out disgusting built up cappacino mix in the cappaccino machine. I refused to run under someone elses numbers to run a register.once i started refusing that, that was when i stated getting the write ups, counsels, etc. I was the only one getting in trouble for everything her current employees dont do. They always are on their cell phones and sometimes refuse to do certain duties that are required of all of us. But i get writbecaep. I feel that i was terminated because i am a BLACK WOMAN. Im not rude, though i have been written up for supposedly being rude. I dont argue with customers, though i have been written up for that also..I have been written up for not selling customers cigarettes that we did not have at that present moment. I have been threatened to be written up for not working for an hour which is totally false because when we sat down and watched the camera together I always had customers in front of manager to threatened to write me and my other black co worker up for that reason. Then all of a sudden we get 3 new hires and I get fired the day after my birthday. And this is 4 days after I complained about my hours being cut. When I worked in south Phoenix I was used to getting 40 hours a week and working overnight shift. I was never lacking in money. Ever since I have transfer to the store I have not worked a 40 hour week. The most this manager has ever given me is 39 hours. my regular customers are very nice to me and I am very nice to them. So for my manager to consistently tell me I get customer complaints is confusing to me. I get along with everyone. Even when she wrote me up I did not argue with her, I was not insubordinate with her, I never yelled not one time. I would walk away every single time. When I got my last and final write up I refused to sign the write up and clock out and walked out the door. I know how to contain my composure. So for her to say that I Andrew to customers, I argue with customers, I throw things around when I'm upset is contradictory to how I react when I get a write up if I act that way why would I act that way in front of her. I am NOT a fake person. I would never jeopardize my job for a customer that's being irritable. Or a racist. I have never dealt with such racism since I came to the store.I've never been so unhappy since I transferred to this store. I was happier when I was in south Phoenix. I did not get write ups for customer complaints, arguing with customers or management, or not doing my job. That just seems weird all of a sudden I change when I transfer to a different store that doesn't look suspicious to you? I am very irate, livid, and pissed off. I think the manager at the store was upset that I told her I am used to doing things a certain way. I literally worked down the street from corporate offices. So someone from corporate was always in our stores. I tried but she didn't listen so I would like you all to know that this may be the worst or to go to one of the worst stores. The manager is mean she's always on her cell phone talking about situations that have nothing to do with work. Her child children whatever are always calling and asking her for money how would I know this because she told me. But we have a strict confidentiality rule. While we only have constant nagging and begging for her. Managers are supposed to be respectful in order to get respect. This manager always talk down to me never not want have I felt like I was welcomed in the store. I already knew she was going to fire me before she even did it. So anyone who wants to get a job at the store on 47th avenue and olive do not apply there because the manager is a racist evil person. by the way her name is edie baird

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