I went to the Cinnabon in Las Vegas Nevada at the South Premium Outlet mall located on 7400 Las Vegas Blvd on Friday November 23 between 8:30-9am & ordered a Cinnabon with pecans only. The lady behind the counter put extra stuff on my Cinnabon that I did not ask for & I stated that. She acted like she had an attitude about it after I told her I only wanted pecans. Because after I paid for it she didn't offer me a bag or receipt.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Las Vegas, NV And I don't know if I was charged for the extra stuff. I paid $5 for my Cinnabon & I had to ask for a bag. This lady did not have on a name tag, so I did not catch her name or give me a receipt. I love Cinnabons & was disappointed with her lack of customer skills & attitude because she put stuff on my Cinnabon I didn't ask for. She has very poor customer service skills & should not be in the front of Cinnabon serving customers. She was Hispanic tall with curly hair.

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