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Cinemark 16 Grand Prairie TX / poor service by theater sr. manager, mr. brown and no response from area manager, mr. whitehead. cenimark 16 grand prairie, tx.

1 220 East Westchester, Grand Prairie, TX, United States

Here is my email to the area manager sent on 12/23/18. I have yet to receive a response. Thanks for your attention:

I'm very sorry to bother you Mr. Whitehead, but I felt compelled to express my feelings about how rudely and how poorly my wife and I were treated by Mr. Brown on a recent visit to Cinemark 16 (Grand Prairie on 12/23/2018). Rushing to finish our meals at a nearby restaurant, my wife took a small to-go-bag with a small portion of her dinner that she was unable to finish timely. She was unaware of your policy regarding bringing any non-Cinemark purchases into the theater when she forgot and entered the building with her small to-go-bag. We first stood in line for 2 minutes to purchase other items from the concession stand without notice of this policy. Immediately upon approaching the ticketing stand, Mr. Brown abruptly and loudly approached us as follows (and I Quote): "Uh, what's in the bag ma'am" No you can not bring that into the theater! You have the following choices, eat it in the lobby area or return to your car and eat!" Being loudly embarrassed in front of the entire lobby and all who where in the line behind us, we simply returned to our vehicle, allowed my wife to finish her food and returned to the ticketing stand without further incident. Following, our movie I asked if I could speak with Mr. Brown. I informed him that I was also a Manager who worked in customer service. I explained that I was a loyal frequent attendee at the theater attending for most new releases. I also explained how disappointed and embarrassed we were with how Mr. Brown handled the situation. I explained that we had no problem with the policy and offered some feedback regarding how rudely we felt that he treated us. I also reminded Mr. Brown that he never once apologized for the misunderstanding and the inconvenience, even if it resulted from my wife not knowing this policy. Mr Brown laughed at my suggestion of softening his approach and handling of our situation and was very sarcastic in his responses. Realizing that he clearly did not care about our experience, I have decided to reach out to you and to the Better Business Bureau. Lastly I will be sending a formal complaint to Cinemark Head Quarters. I will await your response and hope to hear from you soon.
Thank you.

Brett Polite

Dec 26, 2018

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