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Cici Pizza Patrick McGovern / patrick m mcgovern

1 5300 Rufe Snow Dr, North Richland Hills, TX, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: (817) 485-4647‎

I used to work at this location and was recently fired because of questioning serving molded ingredients.
The manager Patrick M. McGoven fired me.
Let me tell you about Mr, McGovern
He steals about $100-$300 out of the cash in the drawer every night he works to supplement his income.
When I questioned him about this he said he took change out of his own pocket and he needed to be paid back for it.
im sure this senerio doesnt happen every every night.
He gives away pizzas for his own gain in trade for services or property (Automotive Service, Xbox games for his kids, Local Tabs at Bars just to name a few).

Now on to the food the walk in does not cool properly and the Ingredients spoil quickly but the management forces employees to use the spoiled ingredients,
Several people have complained about being sick after they ate there some childern have beem very sick from eating there.
Management refunds the money and offers fee meals and usually deflects the complaint by saying "we use the freshest ingredients ot must of been something else" What a joke!!!

On top of it all the issues the building was painted with Lead base paint originally, during the remodel patrons were not told about the lead base paint danger.
The lead base paint is still there just painted over.
The kitchen is full of mice and we even have to empty the gum-ball and candy machines every morning to remove the mouse feces.
Wy havent the heath department shut them down who knows.

Don't eat there at all costs

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  • Ri
      29th of Oct, 2008
    0 Votes

    The best revenge would be to call your local health department and your state's consumer affairs department. Don't bother with the theft issues but explain in detail about the health code violations. Do not tell them that you were just fired! Tell them that you have a close friend that works there, or that the manager brags about getting away with the violations (if he does..). Then mention that you are thinking of calling the local TV stations about this. Find out if you can call back and find out how the inspection went. Usually this type of info is public, but you may have to dig for it. Once they do the inspection and you have the information, email it (if it is bad) to your local papers and TV stations. One of my area stations has a news segment called "DIRTY DINING". Check to see if any of yours have something like this or any consumer rights reporters. Also, if you really want to get satisfaction, make copies of the report and place them under the windshield wipers of the cars in the parking lot. You can not be sued by the restaurant if it is correct and public information. (Don't add any accusations about the theft - only health dept info.)
    Then, after this hits the fan, get ready to mail (NOT email) a note containing the health dept info and a general statement about the theft (like "we all know he steals money and gives away free pizzas for trade"). Mail this to the parent company - not to the franchise owner. I've seen owners hire relatives as managers and/or cover up problems so that companies do not fine or pull the franchise. Do not mention too many details and do not complain about specifics or being fired.
    Keep in mind one thing. This may or may not effect your ex coworkers. If you are concerned about this then skip the TV, papers and parking lot notes. Let the company do something about it and if they don't just let it go and have one of your friends pose as your manager on any future applications that you submit for jobs.

  • Ba
      1st of Nov, 2008
    0 Votes

    We are going to file a complant with the heath department we have been sick from eating there.

  • Vg
      21st of Nov, 2008
    0 Votes

    Wow what can I say. a complaint against me with no name from the accuser, and or any basis in reality of fact. The North Richland Hills health department has consistently assigned CiCi's Pizza on Rufe Snow a rating of meeting expectations and or above expectations you can call North Richland Hills Health department and check for yourself. Mystery shops for last year averaged out at 92.5 for service and cleanliness these records are available just ask for the District Manager Dean Breakell. I worked there 8 years and enjoyed my time with CiCi's Pizza. During my time there I was consistently positive in Sales and Food and Labor were there theft issues this would not have been the case. It is frustrating to have some frustrated worker use the Internet to make up lies and deceptions about ones name. If they are so confident of their claims why would you not mention your name and dates that you worked. The demonstration of truthfulness by this claim is I haven't worked for CiCi's pizza since March of 08 yet the complaint was made in October 29th 08. CiCi's Pizza is a fine organization and offers a quality product at a great price.

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