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2-5 Website of christian chat, United States Review updated:

There intention to help Christians mature with experience sharing is thoughtful, only mature and much less so of us are allowed in sHARING so does cause lite problems. SOME STRONG ANGER AT TIMES OR CONFUSION WITH A FEW EVEN CRYING ABOUT disagreementsm or other. Even some name calling. It's A true mix so peace is not way possible..but..many stay anyway..for the moderate good.

Apr 1, 2017
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  • Jo
      7th of Jul, 2017
    +3 Votes

    I purchased a 6 month membership. A few weeks later during my first month as a member RoboOP private messaged me asking for money. I donated a few dollars. This month I donated less than last time. Today I get a private message from RoboOp. When I had noticed his private message I logged out of Christian Chat. After what I had experienced I am no longer logging into Christian Chat.

  • Lo
      21st of Nov, 2018
    0 Votes

    @John Paulson RoboOp sends a monthly newsletter out for donations to EVERY member. Just like your church probably takes up donations/offering, or even 'unscriptural tithes'. If people get fed in the Church, they should give to the Church. It's no different with any online ministry or service.

  • Ti
      17th of Jan, 2018
    +3 Votes

    The admins who were involved when I was there, I found to be lacking in Christian love, insensitive and uncaring of how they affect others in my experience to date. I feel sorry for the new Christian, who may lose their faith due to being bounced or banned for no valid reason, no real explanation, no brotherly/sisterly concern or dialogue - nothing. One female admin with initial 'B' I found to be unfeeling and demonstrated a biased judgementalism shown by her actions and non-communication. I could not help but come to the conclusion that RoboOP could not care less - due to non-response, nor any other admin involved with the webmaster emails. I also found double-standards on how some where treated and others not.
    If you want a cold, cruel and heartless experience as I found with the admins, then this is the place to go.

  • Nt
      3rd of Aug, 2018
    +1 Votes

    This site isn't Christian. It's a place for people to take out their angst on actual Christian's that join. And if you donate money, which I wouldn't suggest and especially using PayPal as PP gives your personal legal contact info to the site, you'll be supporting people who are white supremacists and antisemitic.
    It's news to them that Yeshua bin Joseph, also called Jesus the Christ, was a Jew.
    They don't want to hear about that.

    The Administrator is OnceFallen. The telling part about this site is that you don't see the moderators or administrator posting on the forum. But that just isn't normal to just stay as an overseer of a place. Instead of posting their own screen-names as staffers they have sock accounts.
    OnceFallen is 7Seasrekeyed. You can tell because they're into displaying a husky in their profile picture. OnceFallen has a giant blue husky's eye in his. And 7SeasRekeyed has the full figure at a distance husky profile as their avatar. They're also, "HeRoseFromTheDead".

    Then there's the famous many Christian forums Troll that is known at ChristianChat as, JustPassingThrough. He signs off his posts as, JPT.
    But on other Christian forum sites where he has the same posting style, he calls himself JLB. (JustLaidBack)
    He's an atheist. He was found to be on an atheist dating site using the JLB name he's used at Christian sites for years. He's a POE, meaning he poses as a Christian and he loves to garner attention supporting everything that is anti-orthodox.
    His favorite topic to assail is eternal salvation. He doesn't just say he "believes" you can lose your salvation. He says that if you sin even once you lose your salvation. is not the place to go if you have an education in Apologetics, Exegesis, or Soteriology. The "Senior Members", note those who have been there for years, are either sock accounts of the moderators, or family of moderators or the administrator. Or, they're family friends. No one who joins now is ever going to last for years. You'll be banned if you are educated at all in the study area of Theology or Divinity.
    If you do not concur that the Trinity is Biblical, which it is not and it can be proven it is not anything Yeshua taught, you'll be banned. But be aware, Bluto is the brother of the owner. And they'll open a thread inviting people to discuss the forbidden. Which is, Trinity, in that you're aware scripture supports "Oneness".
    You'll be banned. Bluto will remain. Why? Because Bluto is the sock account of CS1. The Administrator. Every now and then Bluto or another of his sock accounts will post to about Trinity.
    This is to get the newest arrivals to show themselves and their allegiance. If they're Oneness they'll be banned in short order.

    It's a twisted little circus really. Why do they do this? Well, money for one. Some people who join join and pay a donation to the site right off. BAD IDEA! If you use PAYPAL be aware. PayPal gives your name, address, phone number, and bank used, to the sites you support. ChristianChat sells your information to junk mailing lists. So you're paying them even once? You'll be paying for that for the rest of your life. Because mail list companies sell mail lists to companies.
    And also, CC sells your email to junk mail companies to SPAM you.
    Here's something that can maybe save your computer. If you join CC or any site for that matter, use a VPN. A proxy!
    CC has a hacker aboard. does too. does also. If one of the top people take a hating to you on those sites, their resident hacker will make your computer suffer for it. hacked my computer five years ago. I've used a VPN or Proxy ever since when I go online.
    Use an email account that you use just for registering on forums too. This way after you confirm your registration to a Christian or any discussion board, you can delete anything else that comes. Don't check the box, receive site emails, on your profile at a site. Don't check the box to receive notices of replies to your posts.
    This keeps your email active on that sites forum stats.

    Basically the net is like life. People can claim to be a Christian but actions speak louder than words.
    At Christianchat not a single member of staff is Christian. They're in it for the money and to mess with people in their own little macrocosmic world of controls.

    If you're educated and join CC they will know this as soon as you post and you'll have a target on your back.

    They're not very bright there. They're just big into making money from gullible people.
    But I tell you what, they're not anywhere near, yet, the hell-hole that is Worthy Christian Forums.
    Now that place is evil!

    And JLB is there too. What a surprise.

  • Be
      25th of Aug, 2018
    +1 Votes

    JLB there is, "JUSTPASSINGTHROUGH". He's at other Christian sites as well pushing the same BS (Bible Sacrilege) . That salvation isn't eternal and you have to work to stay saved. Any sin and God can pull your salvation from you and you're damned and a member of the "Hell-bound" club again.
    There's a real idiot that calls himself Slayer. He's the other account belonging to Nehemiah6. He's also either the moderator or the admin. Can't figure which yet.

    There's a pedophile on the forum according to another review.

    OnceFallen changed his profile picture to a wolf. Interesting if you think of the sheep wolves parables in the bible. I think someone apprised him of this review so that people wouldn't notice his sock account, 7Seasrekeyed has the same profile picture. Though they still keep the husky pic. OnceFallen changed his close up eye of a husky pic to that wolf one. Still the message is there. Wolf playing in sheep's playground.

    This site is twisted. Don't trust anyone there who praises you either. You'll notice they praise you but when the sock account of one of the staffers posts a sarcastic, which is typical there, rebuttal to something you've posted, that same "fan" that praised you before will approve their post. That tells you that the praiser is either a mod or the admin. Or, they're just sucking up to them.

    There are plenty of bait-monkeys there too. They'll post a thread they know the Admin or a Mod will pounce on if certain pov's post.

    There is NOTHING Christian about Christianchat.

  • Lo
      20th of Nov, 2018
    +2 Votes

    I find it interesting that nobody knows who the site Administrator/owner is. They say it's one person and then it's another person and blah blah blah.

    I have been in the chat for over a year, and although there are some friction and heated debates at times, which you will get in ANY CHAT, whether Christian or not, the atmosphere there is better than any other Christian chat that I have been on. There are people with different backgrounds, different theological understandings, and from all over the world. Since when does this NOT invite friction and debate at times? If these people who claim it's so horrible, can do any better, then why are they not starting their very own Christian Chat? The chat is not perfect, but no chat is ever going to be perfect. You do the crime, you pay the time. Sounds like the people who have put the reviews here, and elsewhere, need to get true Christianity in their hearts. They are rude, hateful, arrogant, prideful, and just down right mean in their comments. You sit here and type out how horrible every one is in this chat, but look at your own words from your bitter/sweet, overflowing pompous mouths. You did something worthy of a ban and now you are vindictive haters. Yeah, that's really how Yeshua taught you to be?

    I have learned more in's chat than I have in ANY Church building. There are MANY people with theological, eschatology, Jewish culture, and historical knowledge about the Word of God. There are bible readings most every night, with some bible studies on Saturday and Sunday.

    I love how the "it's all about money" claim is always thrown out there, when, in fact, all these apps are making something. It's ridiculous to think that something like this can be done free of charge, when it's a service and a blessing to tons of people; worldwide. I want to see the previous reviewers do this and tell me how it goes for them.

    Are there some people that have some difference in the biblical understanding? Of course; you find that even in your local churches. Nobody will ever agree 100 percent on anything. I will say this however, that the Trinity IS a Christian biblical foundations truth and most Christians believe in it. So if you are going to a CHRISTIAN website or chat and try and tell everyone they are wrong and being deceived or misled, then what do you think you are going to get? A hooray for you? Oh thank you so much that 90 percent of us are wrong and you somehow know some secret knowledge that Yeshua hasn't told the rest of the 90 percent of the Christians. Are you gnostic or what? Yes, there are some 'sects' of so called Christians that claim the Trinity isn't biblical, but they are 'sects' and should not even associate with the name Christian. True Christians believe in the Trinity; it's a cornerstone foundational belief.

    Are some people rude? Of course they are. People have bad days. We have no idea what happens in these people lives, and if the owner or admins banned everyone for every time they got rude, then I guarantee you that there would be NO members in the chat at all.

    This chat has blessed me, edified me, prayed for me, comforted me, and I've NEVER been banned in the entire time I've been there. If I ever do get banned, it will be because I did something stupid to get banned, and even then, I would just not go back. You wouldn't see me making it a personal vendetta against the chat, as many of you so hatefully are doing. You all think that you are 'warning' others and that it's your 'duty' to tell people how demonic, evil and horrible this place is. You guys need Yeshua if anything.

    Yes, and chat site WILL have problems, but I'm glad there are moderators that know who to remove as the problem makers. It looks like they did a great job removing the previous reviewers, and now I know why. No chat site needs anyone with your attitudes on it. No wonder you were all banned. It some of you weren't banned, that's fine, because the chat usually finds a way to weed out those that won't be beneficial to the site. Praise Yeshua for that. We don't need this attitude in the forums or the chat.

    May Yeshua touch your hearts and minds and truly make a change in you.

  • Be
      20th of Nov, 2018
    +2 Votes

    Wow, I am disappointed at all these reviews. My experience has been quite different. I acknowledge it is not perfect but don't expect it to be. It is a man-made, man-filled site. We all need His Grace, His perfection. I will say this. It has edified my life and my faith greatly. While it has been a blessing with regards to Christian fellowship, what it has done more than anything is point to Christ. Praise the Lord. I see a lot of assumptions and unfounded accusations. What these ppl, ones flawed with humanity, need is prayers and mercy. Online and off we all need Jesus more.

  • Di
      15th of Dec, 2018
    0 Votes

    I wish a half star was possible.
    I lurked at this site for two weeks and spent a couple of hours every day reading the forum I was most interested in entering. Bible Discussion Forum.
    What a Hell hole.
    It is easy to forget you are reading a Christian community forum. Because the majority of people that discuss the bible there have the most appalling mannerisms and language. And it isn't hard to figure how their site works either.
    Just go there and read in BDF. The people that act the ass and are assaulting in their remarks to people, pejorative laden, sarcasm, condescending types. If you click on their name a little box drops down that has part of their profile posted. But if you can click their profile you'll see without exception they've all been members there for years.
    I do believe this is a fact. Those people are the accounts that the administrators and the moderators use. Because the language those individuals use is worthy of banning in other forums. And from what I've learned from people who join our forum having left CC.COM they were banned for less.
    But the long term vulgar people are never censored.
    So, if you read someone who is a total ass there check their profile and you'll see they're membership has lasted for three, four, even ten years.
    Those same people will accuse new people of being banned members returned. They seem to do this when those age old troll types get mad at the new arrival. How would a regular member know who was banned in order to make the accusation? Banned members don't have that label under their account name. "Banned". Their membership status doesn't change if they're banned. Our new members who were banned there told us that.

    This site is also found on You Tube. Just look for in the YT search box.

    This site should promote itself as an Atheist site Satirizing Christianity. Then all that goes on there would make sense.

  • An
      16th of Dec, 2018
    0 Votes is dedicated to Satire and Parody against Christianity. Period.

    This is how you find that out. Go to the worst forum there; Bible Discussion Forum.
    Read any thread that calls into question basic tenets of the faith. Like, "not by works". Or OSAS, once saved always saved, is bad doctrine.
    Read the hate filled remarks and name callers posts. Then click that idiot's member name. You'll see they've been there for years!
    Each and every post you find in BDF, and you'll see those same hate filled satirists never ever post in the prayer forum, because being atheists they think praying is begging. But you will see them all over BDF acting the same way. And if you call any one of them out their buddies come to the rescue attacking you too.
    Each and every one of those accounts is the sock account of each and every moderator and administrator there. That's why you can get banned for calling one of them a Satanist. While they can call you the worst names in the book and still post non-stop.

    If you want to find out how deep the angst goes over this parody site that could teach Landover Baptist some tricks, check out YOU TUBE. Search, "". Lots of expose videos there.
    One thing those video's inform about is NEVER download the sites chat app.
    I'd recommend you never give them money either. They find out your real name and personal details due to the bank that sends them your cash. And one of those videos @ YT tells you about Robo-OP's predisposition to borrowing money from members and never paying it back. While his supposed sock accounts then contact the one owed so as to talk them into, get this, "Christian charity", by forgiving him the debt.

    Seriously, this site is parody, satire, so as to make the faith look really bad by the example of the most vile people there portraying themselves as members of the faith of Christ. They could teach Landover a few tricks but Landover isn't even in the ballpark of hateful the way these people are.

    Pass the word. Don't take 'em serious. Maybe their sick humor will die a slow quiet death. Notice too that new members that arrive rarely stick around.
    The site sells your registration info to emailers. Use a disposable address that isn't popular because they're on to that method. And whatever you do use a proxy mask. You DO NOT want these people to see your computer.

    Who knew there were computers in Hell to amuse the damned till now. And with a server that spits out an address,
    Now, YOU do.

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