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Chicken Express / deplorable quality & customer service

Dk Jan 16, 2019
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On January 16, 2019 I received cold tenders for the 2nd time at the chicken express located at 904 W. Eldorado Pkwy. The first time it occurred the individual responded by promptly providing me with a hot fresh order replacement. However, the 2nd time the employee was combative. He stated, "I just barely cooked those!" Surely they wouldn't have been lukewarm as they were if that were indeed true. He then reluctantly replaced them with tenders that were drenched in grease. Obviously dumped into the fryer from the previous same lukewarm batch to warm them over. It's ridiculous to receive that type of service & quality of product with their prices. I'd like a full refund and an apology for wasting my time and money with this company on more than one occasion. I'm an Expert level local guide (via Google) and I will be writing a unfavorable review as I'm awaiting an expeditious response. My company provides office luncheons and various events. One thing we know for sure is... WE'RE NEVER SPENDING ANOTHER DIME WITH THIS COMPANY!

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