Chevron Corporationfraud transaction

On 11/2 I went to the la mirada blvd, la mirada gas station. I put in my card in the outside machine. Then got a msg to go see the teller. I go inside and pay using my card. The cashier said we fixed that machine already. I said ok, i guess its still broken. When i was paying inside, i noticed the machine asked for my 3 digit code in the back of the card. Didn't really think of it and when i asked the cashier oh is this new?? She just nodded. Stupid me i went ahead and entered since i needed the gas. Then not knowing my bank was notifying me for fraud alert few minutes after. From then on i kept getting weird transaction from different places. Since I've been notifying the bank i thought everything was good but I guess one transaction went through and took my money. I dont know how chevron la mirada and chevron inglewood charged me at the same time on the same day.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in La Mirada, CA In La mirada i know I authorized for $10 and I have no idea how inglewood was able to charge me $100 that same day and that same time. And how inglewood was able to provide proof of purchase to my bank since I am disputing this $100 transaction. I am requesting a copy from my bank will file for police report for fraud. I guess chevron have been known for this kind of incident and not sure if ever been resolved. Especially here in la mirada chevron. They need to be investigated and sad to say but close it down. Im very dissappointed since I like going to chevron but now will have to go somewhere esle. All I want is to get my $100 back. It was never authorized nor I was at inglewood on that same day. I've been disputing this to my bank and now i have to handle this on my own. I'm still trying to understand how this happened. Its fraud and its not fair!!! From $10 charge, i was hacked for $100. This is wrong and again I just want my $100 back.

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