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Chase Finance/lbps Mortgage / unfair foreclosure on our home

1 3902 11th Ave. W.Bradenton, FL, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 941-746-1014

In Sept.2006 we applied for a loan using equity from our home. This loan went ok. Next we by accident found a house for sale close to ours that we thought would work for our kids coming of age soon. Our son with roommates was to live in the 2nd home and eventually our daughter as well. Kids agreed this would work well. We got the house price down to where it was doable and went for the loan. All was well until our son decided he may want to leave the neighborhood we contacted the loan officer at CTX mortgage, informed him that we no longer could afford the 2nd home and wanted to cancel the loan/purchase, he in turn informed us the owner of the property said he would sue us if we didn't go thru with the purchase. We in a panic went thru with it. Naturally we ran into problems with covering the 2 house payments when I lost my job. We have depleted all our savings as well as money we planned on using to finish renovations on our primary home. We fell behind in payments and Chase contacted us in concern we explained of my job loss as well as not qualifying for the 2nd loan to begin with as we were paying over $3000.00 dollars a month plus living expenses. They turned us over to this LBPS where we then applied for a modification which we sent in the papers by fax and within 5 days we were denied assistance. No further info, just denied. We continued to attempt to get assistance thru the various agencys advertising help, to no avail. We continued to send request to Chase and LBPS for assistance in lowering the payments and interest rates on the loans or at least our primary home loan. Months have gone past, we were trying to finish the house floors so things could be put back in. I got a horrible lung infection from the dust the floor sanding made, so my husband was trying to do it all. The air conditioner broke, then the toilet in the only bathroom actually stopped filling so we stayed at the other house with our daughter.We decided we needed to try and save up enough to get those things fixed, so we clothing and personal need items to the other house had to turn water and electric off because the house would be empty of people and last thing we needed was a fire or flood. We thought we were doing the right things ya know, protecting the house. Our son found out of the troubles and came back offered us the money to fix a/c and buy a new toilet, when we got home we were locked out by one of those lock box things. We again called Chase and LBPS were told someone would return our calls. We never got any call back. A couple days later the Sheriff was at the door telling me the house was going into foreclosure. We have at least 16 or 17 copies of the letters we sent asking them to work with us then in February this year we rec'd a notice saying the house was sold to someone eles! The house we had owned for nearly 18 years!! I have researched more and more and trying to figure out how this could happen and how to reverse it. I found something about the banks not having clear title to sell the house out from under us. Have you any knowledge of this? We just want our house back, we rec'd the notice of wrong doing by the lenders, but we want the home we loved for so long no amount of money returned will make up for not being to go home!! We should be able to get our home back since it was taken in the most underhanded way!! We left personal belongings there that have disappeared as well. We sincerely hope you can direct us somewhere that can help us finally it will be more then appreciated please. Matt and Debbi Green-Curtis27fda

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