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Charter Spectrum / Spectrum e-mail bugs

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Last week I switched to the Charter Spectrum suite, which has a new e-mail implementation. It is TERRIBLE. There are numerous known bugs that are not being resolved. First, the contact list allows groups. My groups were converted over to the new system, but they came over UNPOPULATED -- they were empty, without any of the contacts in the groups they were supposed to be in. I called Tech Support and was told I needed manually to repopulate the groups, and that this was a known bug. I asked if they could electronically retrieve my groups, but they could not. I asked for a hard copy of the contacts in each group, but they could not provide that either.
Next, I set about repopulating the contacts. They have a setting controlling how many contacts appear on a page, which is fine. They also have a search mechanism for contacts, which is fine. But the search only searches the page displayed, not the full contact list. So if you're looking for Allan, it will find it on the first page displayed, but it can't find Tom, because he's on page 3. Apparently, this is another known bug.
Then I began looking more carefully at my existing e-mails. They sort in date order, which is fine, although there is no mechanism to select another sort order (as there was in the old system). Further, if you have 150 e-mails and choose to display 50 per page, only the first page sorts correctly. When you pull up the next page, the sort order is random. As with the contacts, the search mechanism works only for the page displayed, not the full list of e-mails.
The speed is remarkably slow, far slower (on the same computer, using the same high-speed access) than the old system.
Lastly, the "Remember me" function to store sign-on information does not work, although it worked fine on the old system.
Also, the display is very unhelpful; it may be esthetically more pleasing, but is far less practically useful; in the old system, you could see 20 - 30 e-mail listings on one page, whereas now you can see only 2 or 3 because of the bulky, multi-line display allotted to each e-mail.
Charter is apparently forcing all users to convert to Spectrum. My advice -- wait until the very last second. This initial app is incredibly BUGGY and utterly unready for production use (in my opinion as a former IT manager -- I would have lost my job if I rolled out a system like this one).

Aug 1, 2015
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  • Ro
      2nd of Aug, 2015
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      2nd of Aug, 2015
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  • Ke
      22nd of Aug, 2015
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    I could not agree more about your feedback. I could not believe anyone, much less a firm and IT staff this large, would even think of rolling out something as critical as an email system in this condition. It is worse than amateurish. Someone, probably multiple someones, should get fired over this. There is no acceptable excuse. I was forced on it one day and could not send or receive for a couple weeks. Now I have that minimal capacity but so much more is either missing or not working. Although I have been able to read new email, once it is moved to another folder, the message disappears. I have no spell check. I have no links showing up in emails. If I use a larger dpi for the display, the whole thing goes wacky. They told me to try increasing the dpi to see if that would eliminate a problem I was having with how many messages would display. They don't even know what works. It is trial and error.
    The red "feedback" box in the bottom left corner worked well for a week or two but now when I try to click on it to report problems, it just disappears. It's like they are getting too many problems to keep up with and shutting off feedback allows them to catch up. This is weeks after the rollout. This initiative has to be among Charter's biggest flops. It certainly ticked off most of their customers.

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