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I've been oging to this school for four months now. The staff is dumb and very unprofessional. I really regret going here, it seems as though they only care or concern when its about your money or donating when theyres some type of "holiday" or event to give them money. Other than that there are not caring. It quite obvious i have also been told from a few other of my friends that they feel favotism from some of the teachers and directors. This school needs to closed down or reinforced some new "SENSIBLE" RULES that apply for ALL this school is a trade school NOT AN UNIVERSITY. This school is a piece of ### excuse me my language..But im really really really dissapointed!!!

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      20th of Jan, 2011

    (LANCASTER LOCATION)This school is not very knowledgable, professional nor honest!
    I've been attending this school for almost four months now, and I'm highly disapointed i choose this path let alone the SCHOOL The teachers are very immature to me. They are in packs both wit co workers and their students as well. during school hours. When ever you want to talk to anyone that arent able to talk.Seems like there scared dont want to come around because they have probaly heard it before.But my thing is CHANGE this school is exspensive..way more then some other schools i have came across that i could have goon to. There rules are a little confusing and somewhat unfair and truly imposible. I BELIEVE THIS SCHOOL OR LOCATION SHOULD BE CLOSED DOWN THAT DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOU SUCCEDING ONLY THE MONEY THEY ARE RECIEVING.

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  • Da
      27th of Jan, 2011

    You need to spend more time in the books, my young friend.

    Your failure to grasp even the most basic usage of the English language completely discredits anything you have to say.

    Thanks anyway...

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      14th of Feb, 2012

    Brandi A. As a student at Charter College in Oxnard, Ca for almost a year now I can completely understand the anger, frustration, and disillusionment Daju seems to be experiencing. The workload is what it is. Accelerated learning warrants massive amounts of homework to complete but review of those assignments is necessary as well and most of the instructors don't grade them and don't return them. Study Guides are given to us for us to complete so come day of Finals, we just turn in our completed study guide as our final. This happens a lot! Fake extra credit assignments are posted on our Engrade to boost grade percentages. Assignments we never did. Students come to class late, leave early, absent more than 20% and still pass with A's. Independent study is a joke. Tutor's and mentors can't be found to assist in completing work so we struggle on our own. I actually only spend 1 hour a week with an instructor for independent study and didn't learn anything new. All we did was review assignments I had done for a similar class a few mods before. I no longer have illusions about the teachers here. I use all the resources available to me at this school to learn on my own because that is basically what this school is. Learning materials to use until I graduate. Instructors take off for half hour breaks, dismiss classes at 12 or 12:30, watch movies in class, or hand out packets to complete and turn in. I am only learning what I am learning because I make the effort to learn on my own. Blatant policy violations that could pull their accreditation but that would only hurt not just me finishing but my fellow students as well. Pass students so the school gets their Title IV funding. If they learn or not is not their concern. Teacher evaluations no longer are handed out due to poor marks given by students. But it is what it is.

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  • An
      26th of Jul, 2012

    Hmmm... seems pretty accurate

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  • Ye
      27th of Apr, 2019

    Yes it’s all True they set you up to fail. And if the don’t like you they won’t even knowledge that you’re there.

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