CenturyLink / high speed internet

2477 Oak Mill Dr, Kissimmee, FL, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 4075343957

Why am i paying for supposedly "High Speed Internet" when i'm only getting 226kb Per Second !! This is outrageous . it says that I should be getting around 20 Mbs when in reality i'm getting 10x lower than that. I have no idea why it says 1.8Mbs next to 226kbs, but in reality i get around 200kbs on almost every download, and around in the daytime it hits around 20kbs. Even if i did get 1.8Mbs that's still nowhere near 20Mbs where i'm supposedly advertised to be at. You guys should stay away from CenturyLink, and avoid waisting money. If this doesn't get fixed soon i'll be moving to Bright House like i had before, and i at least got 3Mbs in the day and usually around 6Mbs at night.


Jun 8, 2015

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