SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / Bait and switch

Unknown, United States

I used their website, value stated was $107 for my iPhone 4S.
They sent the shipping box and I remitted my phone. A week later I received an email stating the value was $15.
There was nothing non operational on the phone, the body and the screen were both flawless without any scratches.
I emailed in return that I reject their offer and wish to have my phone returned. I have also called their [protected] number to get assistance. The customer service folks there will not speak to me, and immediately transfer me to their purchasing department for further discussion. That transfer never goes through, holding on the line for 15minutes and then drops the call.
So, my phone is STOLEN unless it is returned. I intend to report that they have done so to authorities and see if I gain any action for return of the phone.
This is unbelievable behavior, and these appear to be scam artists.
Recommend not doing business with them, period.

Jan 13, 2015

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