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I recieved a phone call from this man who has a very thick indian or pakistani accent and went by the name: robert jones. He's stated that he's calling from a law firm for cash net and threatened me with a criminal prosecution, telling me that i have a payday loan that is unpaid. Ok, first of all, i do have a payday loan that was unpaid, so i did my research and found out that i do not own any money from any cash net payday loans, but in a different company. Note: there is only one cash net.. Which is cashnetusa so the other cash net is illegal!
Anyway, he was harrassing me and telling me that there will be a sheriff that will be going to my house or work place to give me warrant of arrest and i would need at least $5000 to solve this issue. He told me that if i don't want to pay that, i mind as well pay him 1, 295. 00 for not paying the $300. 00 loan that i laoned to this company.
So, i did my online research and called ftc and reported them what happened. I gave them the fax number that he gave me.
After a week, he called me back again and i asked him what the company name was and the address with the phone number, but "robert jone'" insisted in giving out information, he was rude to me and told me to shut up and listen to him! How dare!! So i told him to stop calling me and stop the scams, then he hung up on me. ! He left a voicemail at work and gave me a call back number which is: 818 - 333 - 5046, i tried calling this number but the line was busy or an operator that says: your call did not go through.

People! Pls beware if a person with a thick indian or pakistani accent calls you with the name robert jones, stating that he's from a law office and threathening you with all this b. S!! (Because educated people who works at a law firm will never speak to someone like that!) contact the federal trade commision immediately!
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A  21st of Jun, 2009 by    0 Votes
Everyone PLEASE BEWARE!!! That phone call that you're getting is NOT from CashNetUSA.com! There is a scam artist using the company name CashNet.com with a very thick accent that's calling people claiming that they're going to send someone to your workplace to arrest you for fraud unless you make a payment to him RIGHT AWAY!!! I ended up harrassing HIM trying to find out what the hell was he talking about. He would place me on hold for extended amounts of time in the hopes that I would hang up in frustration. I finally contacted CAshNetUSA to find out why they had someone from their company harrassing me, especially since my account had been paid off a long time ago. They said that there is a scam that is going on at this moment and that under NO CIRCUMSTANCES am I to make ANY payments to whomever this person is. They are investigating through legal channels, but until they can catch this fraudulent company, unless they can provide you with LEGAL DOCUMENTATION as to when the loan was originally taken out, or any legal proceding that are being placed against you (which would be hand delivered by your local authorities, ANYWAY), do NOT make the mistake of thinking that this jerk is from CashNet USA or any other loan companies with similar names. IF HE CAN'T PROVE IT, DON'T FALL FOR IT!!!
A  29th of Jun, 2009 by    0 Votes
I got a call at 7:23 this morning from a man with from a wireless call #1-941-961-8518 once again VERY THICK INDIAN OR PAKISTANI ACCENT who's name was"Adam smith", asking for my husbands attorney information saying he had court tomorrow. I was in a panic. I asked why, and he said because my husband owed cash net payday loan. Then i told the man that we have no attorney and that I did not know of any cash loan. That we owed he said that some one would be by to pick him up and take him to court in the morning. i was freaking out at this point and asked him how much was owed. He said "$5484.87 including attorney fees but that was if we went to court." I asked if we could settle, he asked me to please hold he needed to see of we had an oocr{ out of court restitution} then he got back on the phone and said excitedly that we could settle $1095.00. He then asked me to confirm personal information including the last 4 digits of my husbands social security number which they had, on top of that his job information. Then they told me I had 20 min to fax them a lettering saying, " attention to Adam smith I JOHN DOE", then his social security number "authorize creditors of cash net that I am making a payment of $1095.00 by debit with card #" then my card number and then they wanted it signed at the bottom with the social security number again. I was even foolish enough to give him my card number over the phone. He then put me on the phone with another man named "Greg brown" who kept telling me over and over to go and fax that paper that I only had 20 min. I went to the store and was waiting and thought about it. We have received no warning or subpoena for court. He would not tell me on the phone what court we had to go to, just that he would be picked up. So i tried calling the call back number he gave me 1-415-200-0259 and they acted like they could not hear me and hung up. I am guessing this is because they did not know the number and some one screwed up by answering. So i tried calling about 8 more time but it kept saying that the number was no longer in service the ring tone changed after 3 rings. I am guessing they have there phone forwarded to a none working number so by the off chance they catch the call in 3 rings after monitoring the number. So I went and called from my home phone no one answered. So then I tried there fax number 1-714-845-0766 no one answered it was a fax. So I tried to call back the cell number from 7:23 in the morning and it said it was a Verizon phone and it was no longer in service. So I tried to call them again from my home phone, and they picked on the second ring. I then told them that I had spoken with my uncle who works for the police and he wanted me to get some information, like what court do we have to be at, what time should we be there, who is coming to my house to get my husband, I said he worked for the fraud department, as soon as I said fraud they hung up on me. I tried to call back and the number rang once and said it was disconnected.

N  24th of Jun, 2010 by    0 Votes
I had the same thing happening in 2 different cases, I was able to take care of that and now I have another person that is doing the same thing he is african american who is also rude and has no information and says that he is from Southwest Recovery and then when you are trying to get info the think you are dumb. I told him that I took care of everything I needed to take care of and that there is nothing outstanding then he says that he is going to have this taken up with the States Attorney's Office. But will not provide still any information is threat is that the case will be passed on. I am tired and don't have any more money. The indian man did have all information but you would need to get through another person then Robert Jones he just works in there aministrative department and doesn't have the company's infor. This is a company that is out off San Diego but outsourced to India its cheaper for them. Mean while in america millions are without jobs and people are getting more laid off then everyone else. The Indians also provided fax and telephone but because its on west coast you can't get through till later on in the afternoon when they are just getting in in the morning
N  9th of Jul, 2010 by    0 Votes
I recieved a call today just before 6pm from a number that stated on my caller ID "Emergency" when I answered it thinking it was for someone in my own house it was the Indian people again calling me for an account that I took care of in May, when I spoke to the gentleman he stated his name was Scott and that where will I be on Monday because I will be arrested and prosecuted for not paying this advance that I owed. I have explained to him over and over and he still wouldn't listen to me that the account was still outstanding. Don't be fooled I am going to my bank and will open a fraud investigation and then we will see who they are. Hopefully will get my money back, since I do know that if the state is going to prosecute they will send a summons to the home through Sheriff but never in the way that they where informing would happen.
N  16th of Aug, 2010 by    0 Votes
I received this same phone call.. i got another one today from a number 757-512-5559 claiming he was Cash Net also.. told me to have my lawyer contact him. When i told him i was completely aware that his practice was a scam and that the number he was calling me from was listed as a divorce attorney in Virgnina Beach, he told me to just wait to be served.

This guy sounded like an american, the first call had a very thick accent.
N  19th of Aug, 2010 by    0 Votes
Also if a guy name Mark calles with the same accent his number is 347-783-6149. What a bunch of crooks.
A  10th of Sep, 2010 by    0 Votes
Man with heavy Indian accent called me at my place of employment one morning and tried to push me into giving him $200 to settle my $500 collection debt and claimed he was from a third party collection agency. He would not give me any information, instead he claimed he couldn't pull up my file because his computer was overloaded at the time. I said to him that I wouldn't give him any information because he couldn't even tell me where the loan was from. That's when I felt like something shady was going on. He told me it was with a company I indeed had a loan with, but why would a company settle for $300 less in a 3 week period (that soon)? I told him maybe I'd have information the next day and that is when an Indian lady called my work place. I was unable to catch them because at that point the real loan company called and told me THERE IS A BIG SCAM GOING AROUND WITH THESE "INDIAN" PEOPLE MASKING THEIR TELEPHONE NUMBERS ASKING FOR MONEY. SHE STATED THAT SHE HOPED I DIDN'T GIVE THEM ANY INFORMATION, WHICH I NEVER DID. So someone just called and I told them to stop calling my house and job or i'm going to get my lawyer involved because the company is fraudulent and then I hung up. Their advanced telephony system immediately called me back showing a different number of course. The unprofessional woman told me "what did I say she didn't hear me." I then repeated my self. She then threatened me telling me my social security number will be invalid and driver's license would be suspended LOL.. I replied with "Yeah ok!"
A  13th of Sep, 2010 by    0 Votes
I have received the same type of calls from a man with a very heavy Indian accent by the name of "JACOB" with Cash Net Company. The first time this guy called he said I owed $700.00 and then when he called again today he stated that I owed $500.00. The call back number he has given me is 210-519-6785, but everytime they have called my cell number is comes up with some very strange numbers, like +21358683349, +907274039878, 975-120-6872, 905-115-566869. The same type of calls have been coming in for months and I have continued to call them on it and telling them that these are SCAMS, but they are relentless. They have also been calling my work and harassing me. Unfortunately, being at work I can not ignore phone calls that come in to my desk. But when I hear that it is them on the other line, I just hang up on them. They refuse to send any information when you ask for it and are very rude. At this point, let them send a sheriff to my work and or my home with legal documentation, then I will deal with them on a legal standpoint.
A  30th of Sep, 2010 by    0 Votes
Yes. same thing here. I am retired cop so know of these scams. But played along to see what they had to say. Caller said I owed Cash. net money. When I told him I didn't he said then that someone must have stole my ID and got money from them. That the money had been deposited into my acount back in July, now it is Sept. I knew then that it was indeed a scam as I check my bank account each day and know no such deposit had been made. When I refused to go along with him he got much more aggressive stating that I would not be getting anymore Soc. Sec. checks or other benefits. That I should immediately get an attorney as his company was going to sue me. In addition he has my SS# and knows the bank I bank at. How he got this information I don't know. He called on my cell phone and the caller ID said the # he called from was: 000-000-0000. Why it would come up like that I have no idea. He called three time and each was the same. I will be more prepared the next time he calls, if he does.
A  5th of Oct, 2010 by    0 Votes
I have been getting harrassed by this fake company, for about 2 years. Now they have English speaking ppl that sound like they might be American callling me. they tell me that the police is coming for me and yell at me on the phone and they never want to give me information about the company, they keep switching their numbers and even asking for random ppl. I have been really stressed out with this because they are calling my job non stop and its really stressing me out. Its not just one call its several with in mintues in one day. I hope this will come to an end, I am really afaid of losing my job because of these ppl.
N  6th of Oct, 2010 by    0 Votes
the # that shows on my caller Id when these [censor]s call is 052543511/unknown name...these people had my complete address, and full social security number also they knew where I bank. They call all the time saying I will be picked up in the morning and taken to court and I just tell them to send someone here...I've recieved these kinda phone calls before but they have always had just the last 4 of my ss# never the full ss# which these people had so that does worries me. HAS ANYONE ELSE WHOM REALLY DOES NOT OWE MONEY RECIEVED A CALL AND THEY HAD YOUR FULL SS#?
N  6th of Oct, 2010 by    0 Votes
I got a call last night, the man's name is Kenny Spencer, he's from Cashnet's legal department, but when I called Cashnet USA they told me they would never have someone contact me like that. The number on the caller id came in as 1000, the call back number they left for me was 760-331-2049, I've gotten calls like this before, and filed a complaint with the FTC, and when the joker called me to extort money from me I told him I reported him to the FTC and he said, ok, this is a scam, we are scamming people out of money, don't call this number anymore. So, just beware. If you ever took out a payday loan, one of those companies sold your information to these extortionists and they will continue to contact you, with different names, numbers and such, just stay one step ahead of them. If they cannot provide proof of debt, which they can't, they have no leg to stand on per the FTC. These people are sharks and don't care about you or your credit or your sanity.
N  2nd of Nov, 2010 by    0 Votes
Well, obviously CashNet nor the FTC has made any progress. I noticed that some of these posts were done back in 2009. I received a call while at work today from a man with a heavy middle eastern accent he said that I was being charged with Cyber-Fraud. I asked him what this was about he kept repeating that his boss was at lunch and that he would call me back when he returned in about 20min. Little did the idiot know that there is such a thing as caller ID now. I waited approx 20 min and dialed the # back (425-906-4918) the supervisor's name was Mr. Green (how original). He claimed that I owed money to CashNet from along time ago. He had my employer's name, my address and two references, as well as my banks name. I told him that I did not owe cashnet anything and had never done any business with them. He started screaming that the money had been deposited into my account a long time ago and that I had not paid it back. First he claimed that I had to be in court tomorrow. I said where, CA? (I am on the east coast). Then he said that I would be arrested on Monday by "the law". I asked him for the amount that was allegedly deposited into my account as well as the date. He REALLY started screaming, called me a [censor] and hung up on me. Now anyone that knows me, can tell you that NOBODY speaks to me that way, and to be hung up on! OH HELL NO! I called the number back again and with the sweetest and most professional of voices I said, "now why would you curse me and hang up on me, I have been nothing but nice to you". He says, "don't call this number anymore! If you call again I will have more charges on you. You will be charged with harassment!" I didn't mean to laugh, but I did emit a slight chuckle. He lost it, cursed some more and hung up. I have a nice cup of coffee, now I am going to file a complaint with as many agencies as possible and wait for more calls. Just like the telemarketers, I try and sell THEM something. Good luck guys, don't take this crap lying down. It's just another form of terrorism! This is America and we should do our part to protect Her all around!
N  9th of Dec, 2010 by    +1 Votes
This also just happen to my wife. The phone number Is (515)598-2227. Mr. brown was his name. He told my wife that she had to put $325 In a pay pal or she would be take to jail In the a.m. His exact words were. The cops will pull you out of your house In front of your family like a dog and drag you to jail. NOBODY, please fall for this crap. Its B.S. and somebody needs to do something about this. We are also doing everything we can to help stop this.
N  14th of Jan, 2011 by    0 Votes
Ok so I just got a similar phone call only HER name was Jessica Smith and transfered me to a guy (with deep Indian accent) who asked me if I was S... S... and I said yes. And then he asked me (this is what scares me) if I was S... S... with the last four digits of social security number 1234 only he actually had the last four digits of my social!!! First how did he get that information? And second if he has the last four digits does he have the first five? And he stated he was a officer in a law office who was representing CASHNET. And I asked him where the money was deposited? He proceeded to tell me it was deposited in a Wachovia acct and he gave me a acct number. Well I never took a payday loan nor have I ever had a bank acct. with Wachovia. But I still decided to investigate in the case of identity theft. So I called Wachovia which is now Wells Fargo here in Arizona, where I am and they checked and put my mind at ease a little. So they told me not to worry cause they have no record of any acct. now or ever being opened in their bank!!! Whew I was worried someone stole my identity. But then I thought maybe someone took out a Payday loan under my name. So I then call CASHNET. And they was very nice and polite. I was worried cause the man I spoke with when I asked him for contact info for CASHNET he told me they not want to talk to me and they would not!! But when I informed them what had happened they told me they would help me any way they could. (In regards to finding out if a payday loan was taken out in my name) After a short conversation and a bit of info from me he tells me no payday loan in my name or with my social security number has ever been taken out with their company!!! Whewwwwww!!! Thank heavens I not a victim of identity theft. Not yet cause there is still the issue as to the man who called (Who ever he is) has the last four digits of my social security number. That is something I never use online so the question is WHERE and HOW did this man get that info and does he have my entire social security number????? The phone number that this man gave me as a return call number is 760-933-8136. When I called this number back I told them that I needed to know where the money was deposited cause Wachovia has no record of me having a acct. And guess what he hung up and when I called back HMMMM it says that noone available to take my call and the message box is full. GO FIGURE!!! What people will do to scam the hard working man or in my case woman!!!
A  18th of Jan, 2011 by    0 Votes
They have been harrassing me for weeks now. the guy named Robert called first for about 2 days then a Mr. Austin called me from a 7609338136 and got really rude with me then i hung up on him. he called me back this morning at 8. I kept on asking him for dates and he couldnt give them to me it was always an excuse. [censor]
A  19th of Jan, 2011 by    0 Votes
I also, just had a call from a person with a thick accent. He told me that he was representing CashNet and that I owed that company $300.00. He said that his name was Gary Thomas. The first clue that he was a scammer should have been when he told me his name. What a person with a name like Thomas be doing with such a thick accent? I tried to get him to tell me when I got this money and he said sometime in October 2010. I told him that I didn't remember any such transaction. Then he became a little beligerent. He said to me, "Have you never had a loan"? I said yes and that I always remember what I owe and I didn't think that I owed this company any money. I then told him that I thought that he was scamming me and he then said goodbye. I don't think that I will hear from him again. I hope that no one else has to go through the scare of what most of us has gone through. Oh, one other thing, he told me that I should get a lawyer because I would be taken to court. Good luck to anyone else who receives this type of call.
N  29th of Jan, 2011 by    0 Votes
Wow this is crazy I also received a call from these people at work today. The person that called me said his name was Officer Flecther (really) and that he worked for the U.S Government(are u serious) that was the first red flag. Next the accent was so heavy I could barely understand what he was saying and then I could tell he was reading from a scripted paper. Officer Flecther told me that if i didnt settle this matter with him that he would download mylawsuit (really) and I would have to pay $2000.00 in fees for a $400.00 loan I never acciqured. I told him dont ever call me again or my job again or I will report him because I knew it was a scam...How many people have paid these liars money?...Good luck all
N  1st of Feb, 2011 by    0 Votes
OMG!! If i would not have found this post I think I would have gone crazy! I paid my payday loan back in fullllll and didn't know of a cashnet.net. Thick accent guy left a message with no number no contact info but i knew when he called it was a 0000 on my caller ID. I answered it and he yelled at me and told me that I needed to resolve it right now. I told him I paid my loan and if he could give me a date that the loan was given I would prove it with my bank statements!!! He asked for my banking info so he could verify it!!! I think not... the number he gave was 707-348-0036 but then again..i couldn't understand him so I am not sure. ... He told me he was a lawyer!!
N  5th of Feb, 2011 by    0 Votes
I can't believe what I am reading, it seems like we are all living the same nightmare. The first one was on Monday 1/31/11. The man by the name of Sean Marsh left a message on my daughters cell trying to contact me, a message was left on my cell from Calvin Collins and they also called a family friend trying to find me. When I returned the call, 520-330-9103 he claimed that a lawsuit had been filed concerning financial fraud against Cash America. When I pushed the issue he hung up on me. I proceeded to call him back, requesting court document case #'s, location of the court, county and state. He became angry and vulgar with me, hanging up on me again. Concerned that he had way to much of my information I called him back again. (At this time, I am the one that is playing with them). He said that I had to stop harrassing him like this and then sent me to his supervisor Mark Johnson (same person) do they think I am stupid. Never did get any details from them other than what sexual things they could do to me. After I hung up I had my husband call them claiming to be my daughter's husband and the minute he mentioned my name they told him that everything had been cleared up.
Now here it is 2/4/11 and I have another message on my cell phone this time from the same man on his name is Officer Jonathan Lloyd with the FBI's department of investigations. When I returned THIS message 720-213-1869 it concerned a loan owed to Cash Net. Just as before I double checked that he was with the FBI (he confirmed) and gave me my case # CFI-150781 filed in State County, Missouri court. I advised him that there is no such county in Missouri and I needed more information. He rattled off my SSN and DOB and bank information wanting confirmation. I told him that the information that he had was not mine, doesn't matter if it is or not I wasn't going to give him any information. After much arguing with this man he turned me over to an Officer Austin Jones. I again confirmed that he to was with the FBI. At this point I am tired, told him that it is against the law to impersonate an officer and that I would be calling my local FBI office with his information and that he should not call me again. I am sure tomorrow John Smith will be calling again. My next website is the FTC and the Attorney Generals Office. By the way I did call the FBI and they took all the information, where it goes from here who know. Good Luck to those of you who get the next phone call. DON'T GIVE THEM A DIME AND KEEP HOUNDING THEM FOR INFORMATION. They will get tired and hang up.

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