Carquest Auto Parts / Mr. Tom Martin

4200 SW 21st ST, Topeka, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 785-272-7818

In April of 2014, I had 2 years service with Carquest Auto Parts, Topeka, Kansas as a delivery driver of auto parts to various vendors.

On Wednesday April 30th, 2014 I reported for work and proceeded to discuss my anniversary pay raise with Mr. Tom Martin, Manager of the store, one thing led to another, avoiding the raise conversation. Mr. Martin stated, he had me on the schedule for working this coming Saturday. In talking with Mr. Martin reminded him he had just told me 2 weeks prior that I would not be on a Saturday work schedule until May 17th. Mr. Martin had scheduled me for the previous Saturday also, had another driver fill in for me because plans had been made for that weekend. Mr. Martin jumped me about not scheduling that Saturday off either on the
calendar or in the computer which is the procedure. I asked why would I schedule time off when he had already told me I wouldn't be working a Saturday until May 17th. The discussion got rather heated and I told him this was a bunch of ### and that he had my 1 week notice.

Thursday, May 1st was my scheduled day off, came to work Friday May 2nd completed my schedule and he terminated my employment at the end of the shift for inappropriate language during our conversation. This was a smoke screen, due to the annual raise I should have gotten.

Mr Martin's profanity is on a daily basis to fellow employees along with customers using the f-bomb.

In 2 years with Carquest I have never had any kind of evaluation for performance, I believe if they have nothing down in writing you can not prove them wrong. I did get a raise last year which brought my salary to $7.83 per hour.

There is also questions about auto parts being sent out without being paid for by Mr. Martin to a company called Kansasland Westport to a gentleman named Steve, don't have his last name, this can be confirmed by fellow employees at Carquest.

I worked for 35 years with the BNSF Railroad in a management position, 27 years serviced with the Air Force & Army.

I liked my job with Carquest, putting up with the atmosphere, the intimidation, threats, being retired from my previous company & military background do not need the stress. My name is: Stan Lusk [protected]

May 8, 2014

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