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Carl's Jr. Restaurant in Kennewick, WA. / unethical behavior, foul language, disrespectful behavior on more than one occasion by 1 particular mgr.

1 2804 W Kennewick Ave., Kennewick, WA, United States

Hi. I am contacting you in regards to several less than pleasant in store visits at the closest Carl's Jr.'s to my residence. Beginning early last summer my friends, family & myself noticed the quality of food diminish. Somewhere around mid-summer 2018 I went into eat dinner there. It was a little after 9:30PM and all the patron chairs were turned upside down & floor was partially mopped. The only seats open were the 3-4 booths on the southern most area of dining area. There was only one of the booths open & I preferred to eat away from others. I moved a couple chairs that blocked all other seating in the dining room & sat down. I then left my drink on the table & quickly went to the restroom. When I returned roughly 1 min. later my drink had been moved & was now sitting on the front counter next to the register & the food I had ordered. The stool that I had moved was moved back blocking me & anyone else from sitting down in there & where I was just sitting moments before. I asked the Mgr. Lady why she had done this. She said only that the section was closed with no further explanation. I quickly & respectfully briefed her on proper customer service & the ethics one must have in customer service industry. She interrupted me sharply & apologized sarcastically. I decided this was a waste of time & left immediately. As I was walking out she mumbled foul language & profanities in Spanish which I just so happen to speak fairly fluently for a white guy... I begged her pardon, she turned & walked away like I had said nothing, &/or was never there. I went ahead & left the restaurant.
Since then I'd been thru the drive thru at the same store many times without incident, - but as most of my family and friends agree, try to only go when the day shift is working, or go to the other Carl's Jr. on Columbia Center Blvd. If ordering in the evening...
Last night I went in and ordered over $60.00 worth of food & drinks. The same large female Mgr. was working. She seemed to not remember our incident, or acted as though she didn't until I went to leave. Just before I got to the doors to leave I remembered my mother & sister had requested for me to remember to ask for some sauces. I went back to the counter, asked for some sauce packs. This same main Mgr. Asked me to wait a minute while rolling her eye's. The other young lady immediately & politely asked me which ones I would like. I told her, received the sauce packs & turned to walk away when that Mgr. Lady she said under her breath, but loudly enough to clearly hear her say:- Quote: "Pinche Pendeko"- (excuse spelling)- Unquote. Translation:* (Fu* Jerk or similar.)- I turned around as I was leaving and just starred at her for a few seconds as she obviously was very surprised I understood her... I bit my tongue, said nothing & once again just walked out... I might note that the whole time I was there they spoke only Spanish to one another except for another female in the back cursing like a sailor to a young white kid either on the fryer, or the line, - whichever - Telling him "Move your Ass, - You're Worthless!" & "Move faster stupid," "Fu* [censored]," &: other slanderous phrases several times repeatedly... None of us waiting for our food should hear that garbage. She spoke loudly too... Another patron & I just kept shaking our heads in disbelief, another guy was laughing hysterically as we & others waited for our food... Something has to change down there & we will not go there until it does. I, We love your food but will not tolerate being treated this way. Send someone in there as a spy or whatever to see for themselves. Oh, on top of all that they forgot one of the fried zucchini side orders we paid for & food was only luke warm after driving it home only 5-6min. away... Very frustrating... Can someone please confirm that this email did reach someone that cares & will take some sort of action? Thank you, Scott Sylvester & Family, / Loyal Patron's
1617 W 5th place - Apt B
Kennewick, WA. 99336

Jan 14, 2019

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